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26 Borrowing Your Bathrobe

“Crystal, hows your fathers health” Usually, James didnt have the chance to speak on such occasions. While June was in a good mood, he asked a few questions.

Crystal smiled. “My father has always been busy with business, but he also pays attention to news about Uncle and Auntie. Especially when Uncle was young-you were very good at devising strategies. Although you are retired now, the younger generation often learns about your past deeds.”

James was also quite happy with her words. “Its a pity that were all old now. In the future, it will definitely be the world of you juniors.”

“Crystal knows how to talk, and shes smart. Her family background is also clean. If she could be my daughter-in-law, that would be great.” June glanced at her son as she spoke, intentionally or otherwise.

However, Wallace was only focused on eating the half-cooked black truffle egg fried rice in front of him. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Sharon carried the freshly cooked green bean sausage stewed rice and went upstairs without looking back.

After dinner, she quickly went to take a shower. She looked like she had just returned from the junk market. She was indeed not as attractive as Crystal while standing beside Wallace.

The warm water flowed down from above her head, and only then did Sharon completely relax. Some thoughts gradually surfaced. I have to admit that Crystals appearance always made me panic. In the past few years, I was going to school and had very little contact with her. But starting from this year, Crystal always seems to be provoking me, be it intentional or not. Is she different now, is she no longer as calm as before, or is she starting to care about Wallace

Sharon changed into her pajamas and had just hung up the towel when she heard knocking on the door.

She glanced at the time-only Wallace would look for her now.

There was no time to dry her hair, so Sharon could only wrap it up with a towel, revealing her fair and slender neck. Her eyes were sparkling and bright, looking very wise.

“Sharon, Im sorry. Do you have any extra bathrobes Wallaces bedroom is full of mens clothes, so its not convenient for me to wear them. If I want a new one, Ill have to trouble the servants to look for it.” Crystal stood at the door with a smile, and her tone was very gentle as she looked harmless.

Sharon was stunned.

June had only told her that Crystal would stay over tonight, but she didnt say that she would stay in the same room as Wallace. Even if it was a side room next to Wallaces room, it was too inappropriate!

“Sharon, whats wrong” At this moment, every word from Crystal was like a knife stabbing Sharons heart. She seemed to know that this would make Sharon even more uncomfortable, so she continued, “I heard that you two had a s*xless marriage. Wallace and I would like to reminisce on some childhood memories, so I stayed over for a night.”

Sharons eyes were calm, without any emotions. She only felt that this woman was very strange. She clearly knows that Wallace is a married man, but she still stirs up trouble here and is insinuating other things. However, wanting to see me suffer is simply a dream.

“Im thinking that youre shorter than me and too skinny. My clothes might not fit you.” Sharon sized up Crystal.

Because Crystal wasnt in good health, she was indeed very thin. Compared to the sexy and voluptuous Sharon, she looked sickly.

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But apart from her pretty face, Sharons figure was also top-notch. She had voluptuous breasts and buttocks, and most importantly, there wasnt any extra flesh on her waist.


“Wait here. Ill go get your bathrobe.” Sharon didnt give the other party a chance to speak and turned to walk into the small room in the study.

In front of the wardrobe, Sharon clenched her fists tightly. She was trembling all over, and the magnanimous front she had shown collapsed completely. Although Wallace goes overboard, he has never brought women home to sleep together. What does the Harris family want now Is he really bullying an orphan girl like me

“This is a new bathrobe; I havent worn it before. Take it.” Sharon adjusted herself and handed a peacock-blue bathrobe to Crystal.

On the other hand, Crystal revealed her signature gentle smile. “Sharon, youre so nice. I wont disturb you anymore. Hurry up and rest.”

Before she left, she didnt forget to turn around and blink at Sharon before quickly returning to Wallaces bedroom.

The room was filled with Wallaces scent, but Crystal didnt look happy at all. Back when I went on a field trip, I thought that I would have a chance to become the princess consort of a country. However, I didnt expect to fail. It was only when I returned that I realized that Wallace was also married, and it was to a wild woman with no reputation!



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