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Chapter 3: Transformation of Identity

“Ten billion dollars” Sharon stared at the man in front of her in disbelief.

In the past, she only knew that her grandfathers family was very rich. However, she was too young back then and was very ignorant about money. She didnt even understand what her grandfathers family did.

She had only heard that her mothers family directly controlled a financial reserve system. There was an independent and private central bank, which was the largest holder of organized debt in many countries, including gangs, and kept secrets for the shareholders.

Hence, she didnt know how much money her grandfathers family had, but at this moment, she could make a clear comparison.

Ten billion dollars was the net worth of the entire Harris Group, but Grandpa said it was her pocket money. Therefore, the Xavier Groups market value would probably exceed a trillion dollars!

At this moment, Sharon admitted that she was tempted. But at the thought of her fathers death and her mother changing her name and leading a wandering life, Sharon couldnt forgive her grandfather.

The man seemed to have noticed her hesitation and hurriedly explained, “Miss, you are indeed a member of the Xavier family! You deserve this money and business, and strictly speaking, this money belongs to Miss Lynn, your mother!

“Master also said that if you are willing to go back, the familys financial business, car manufacturing operations, fashion business... are all for your choosing. You will also get a share of the family assets. Master will always be waiting for you. As for this money, its just your living expenses.”

Perhaps because there was too much information, Sharon couldnt react in time.

“Also, the Sullivan Group in New York, which has a market value of over 100 billion dollars, has been bought over by us. You are now the biggest shareholder of this company. As the CEO, you can go to the company and take over at any time.”

Didnt Grandpa hate Father Why did he spend so much money on me Ten billion dollars plus a hundred-billion-dollar company!

Although New York was a place where the rich and powerful gathered, the Sullivan Groups position was unshakeable. Even the Harris Group had to consider whether they could go head to head with it because it had a firm grasp on the New York real estate, cable, and steel business. They were considered an industry giant in all these industries.

Not to mention that the Carter family, who had insulted her today, wasnt even worth mentioning in front of the Sullivan Group.

But now, Ive become the largest shareholder of the company. Is this possible

Just as she was feeling conflicted, the man handed her a business card and said with concern, “Miss, you might need to calm down and think about it seriously. Its not convenient for me to disturb you at this time. This is my business card. My name is John, but you can just call me Uncle John for Masters sake. Ive been in New York for a while now, so if theres anything you need, just tell me.”

With that, John turned around and left, leaving Sharon in a daze, who knew not what to do.

She really didnt know if she should accept the Xavier Groups sponsorship. But on second thought, the pain of her mothers death and the mockery she received when she married into the Harris family over the past ten years of her life were all because of her grandfathers ruthlessness. If he wanted to make it up to her and her mother now, it was understandable for her to accept it.

Furthermore, Uncle Smith had been taking good care of her ever since she entered the Harris family. His health treatment could no longer be delayed. Even if she solved the problem of his liver being damaged, she would still need to pay a considerable sum for future treatment.

At this thought, Sharon picked up the card and took a deep breath. She then gritted her teeth and walked to the payment counter. “Hello, I am here to pay one million dollars for the bill of Smith. He is currently warded in the ICU.”

While shivering, she swiped the card and entered the password. This was the first time Sharon had so much money.

Two hours ago, she was the Cinderella that everyone looked down on. Now, she had become a billionaire.

Before she even entered the villa, she could already hear the sounds of quarrels from within.

Sharon sighed. Its probably not going to be easy today.

They didnt live in the Harris family mansion but in a separate villa. Ever since Sharon married Wallace and Mr. Harris passed away, Madam Harris had found a random reason to send them away.

Other than Wallace, who was often called back, everyone else was busy with their own business.

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At this moment, Wallaces mother was furious and kept cursing. “Sharon, that b*tch! Our eldest branch of the family lost so much face today. If you dont divorce her, will you still have a place in the Harris family”

Wallace closed the book in his hand and said calmly, “I have my own company; I dont need to worry about this.”

“You! Are you stupid Whats so good about that poor woman Hurry up and divorce her!” Wallaces mother said anxiously. “Marry Crystal immediately, and our family will have a better life!”



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