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Chapter 5: Looking for a Job

Wallaces calm gaze was deep and dark, and there was a hint of heaviness in his tone. “The reason why Grandma likes Crystal is that the few casinos under her father are all built by the Sullivan Group. Thus, Grandma just hopes that Crystal can help the Harris Group connect with them.”

He didnt notice that his words seemed to be explaining their relationship to Sharon.

Sharon nodded, a little surprised. So the Harris Group is so eager to collaborate with the Sullivan Group. They never wouldve thought that the Sullivan Group is already mine!

Realizing this, Sharon-who was still hesitating whether she should take over the company-suddenly made a decision. She wanted to help Wallace get the collaboration rights. After all, as the eldest grandson, her husband was under a lot of pressure.

As Wallaces wife, she had the responsibility to solve her husbands problems and raise his status in the family.

From today onward, Sharon was no longer that soft persimmon anyone could crush! She would never let anyone use her to humiliate Wallace again. She would even help Wallace reach the top of the Harris family.

At dawn, Sharon woke up.

After making breakfast, she hopped onto her bicycle and set off. She looked like a female lead in an old movie.

It was past eight oclock when she arrived at the Sullivan Group. It wasnt easy to find a spot to park the bike, and as soon as she had locked it, the Porsche behind her honked impatiently.

Sharon subconsciously looked up and saw a man and a woman walking out of the car aggressively.

The woman was dressed in a suit from the latest season. She looked gorgeous, and she had the aura of a nouveau riche.

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The man was also wearing a suit, and the colors were well matched.

It was actually Louiss fiancée, Cynthia. Why was she here

Sharon didnt know why she was here today, but they had different purposes. In order to avoid trouble, she couldnt afford to offend nor hide from them.

She didnt expect Cynthia to spot her with her sharp eyes and instantly raise her voice. “Yo, look who this is! Didnt you say that the eldest daughter-in-law of the Harris family doesnt leave the house Isnt that right, Sister-in-law”

Cynthia calling hersister-in-law gave Sharon goosebumps all over. It was obvious that the former was being sarcastic, but she still had to make it sound intimate, making her feel uncomfortable.

Out of courtesy, she still stopped.

When Cynthia and the man walked toward her, Sharon smiled and asked, “Miss Cynthia, why are you here”

Cynthia sneered. “My secretary and I are here to meet Mr. Tommy, president of the Sullivan Group. After all, our family business is looking to expand, so we wanted to see if we could work with the Sullivan Group. Not only will this be a good thing for the Carter Group, but it will also benefit the Harris Group.”

Sharon really didnt understand the business layout of New York, nor did she know what collaboration the Carter Group had with the Sullivan Group. After all, the company had just become her business, and she still needed to slowly understand it on her first day of work.

However, she didnt want to say much and only nodded. “Miss Cynthia is beautiful and capable. You and Louis are a perfect match.”

Cynthia rolled her eyes and gazed at Sharon with contempt and pity. This b*tch was scolded badly by Madam Harris yesterday. She walked out like a stray dog, but today, she could still appear in front of everyone with ease. Why would a man like Wallace marry such a woman If Sharon hadnt blocked my way, I definitely wouldnt have gone for the second best and gotten engaged to Louis, who is inferior to Wallace in every aspect.

At the thought of this, Cynthia felt angry and wanted to embarrass Sharon. She asked, “Sister-in-law, what are you doing here Are you cleaning”

Sharon didnt take her words to heart. Instead, she said frankly, “Im here to find a job.”

“Pfft-did I hear wrongly” Cynthia laughed until she bent over. “A person like you wants to work in the Sullivan Group Dont tell me you came to wash the toilet!”

“My job search doesnt affect you.” Sharon was very curious about Cynthias thoughts. Weve only met a few times, so why is Cynthia so sure that I cant do anything

Seeing that Sharon didnt answer, Cynthia continued to mock her. “Whats wrong Did I say something wrong about you Arent housekeepers like you only allowed to wash the toilet

“You need experience-havent you been unemployed for five years Speaking of qualifications, you only have a diploma from a lousy university.

“A piece of garbage like you cant even pass through the door of the Sullivan Group. If you have some self-awareness, you might as well be a stripper at a bar. You can even earn a few thousand dollars a month.”



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