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Hearing Little Huzis words, Li Xiaoran subconsciously looked out of the window.

Sure enough, in a hidden spot nearby, Luo Cheng stood looking around warily, as if he were keeping watch for Little Huzi.

Perhaps realizing that someone was looking in his direction, Luo Cheng also shifted his gaze over, so their gazes met unexpectedly.

Luo Cheng didnt expect their gazes to meet. He was stunned for a moment and nodded at Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran nodded and brought in the food Little Huzi brought with her.

It had to be said that Little Huzi was very meticulous. He knew that Li Xiaorans family definitely didnt have bowls and chopsticks, so he specially brought them bowls and chopsticks.

“Sister Ran, hurry up and eat! Ill come back to collect the things later!” With that, Little Huzi disappeared from the window.

The aroma of the porridge made the already hungry family even hungrier.

Li Xiaoran took out a bowl and chopsticks to scoop a bowl of porridge and then sent it to her father, Li Shun, who was still pretending to be sleeping on the bed.

“Father, get up and eat something! Things have already developed to this point, so its useless to say anything more. Eat something to fill your stomach first! No matter what, you still have to continue living your life. Your health is the most important!” Li Xiaoran placed the porridge and chopsticks by the bed and said.

After saying this, Li Xiaoran pulled her mother and the three of them went to a wooden board at the side and picked up the bowls and chopsticks to eat.

Seeing that her father didnt come for dinner, Li Xiaoqing took out a boiled egg and cracked it before taking a bite.

“This boiled egg is delicious! This is the first time in my life that Ive tasted a boiled egg!”

As soon as she said this, Li Shuns mental defenses collapsed.

What did he get in return for all his hard work over the years

His daughter had never even eaten a boiled egg, but he had seen his mother secretly cook eggs for his nephews and nieces.

At this moment, Li Shun understood many things and sat up.

As he picked up the porridge, Li Shuns eyes reddened.

It was the first time in many years that he had eaten porridge that hadnt been cooked by his own family.

At this moment, Li Shun could no longer hold back. Despite being a grown man, he hugged his head and wailed.

Zhao Xius heart ached when she saw her man crying so sadly.

Over the years, the couple had suffered a lot along the way.

But in the end, they were treated like this. No one would be able to accept it.

Forget it, her man had suffered so much all these years. She should just let him cry!

In the Li familys central room, a group of people who were eating heard the cries that erupted from Li Shuns room. All of them acted as if they didnt hear it and didnt stop eating. They only cared about eating.

Aunt Li had put in a lot of effort today. She had made a table of all the delicious food at home.

On the one hand, she was happy that the old man was going to get a tiger bone.

On the other hand, he also wanted to punish the people in her third brothers family.

His family had really made a scene today. If she didnt teach them a lesson, she wouldnt be able to get over it.

After Li Shun cried, he saw that none of his parents came to ask them to eat. He was completely disappointed.

After picking up the bowl of porridge that was already cold, Li Shun ate it in big mouthfuls.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoran sensed the regret in her fathers heart, so she peeled an egg and took it over.

“Father, the porridge is cold. Eat a boiled egg! Youre the backbone of our family. If you collapse, what will happen to my mother and us sisters in the future Even if I get married, I have to rely on you as my father to not be bullied by others!”

When Li Shun heard his eldest daughters words, his eyes immediately lit up.

Right. He couldnt fall. The family was counting on him.

Even if he followed his eldest daughter to his son-in-laws house in the future, he had to become her pillar of support.

He knew a thing or two about Luo Cheng.

If they married over with their eldest daughter, they wouldnt be mistreated. On the contrary, their family would have a better life than they did here.

At this moment, Li Shun thought it through.

He looked up and took the boiled egg from Li Xiaoran. Then, he said seriously, “Daughter, dont worry. Dad will protect you!”

Li Xiaoran knew that her father had really figured it out, and a smile appeared on her face.

“Its great that you figured it out! Lets quickly eat these porridge and boiled eggs before they discover it!”

Li Shun nodded and put the egg in his mouth to eat.

He had to admit, boiled eggs tasted delicious.

Even if there was no taste, it was a delicacy that Li Shun had never tasted before.

This time, Li Shun ate three in one go and ate two bowls of porridge. His stomach finally felt full.

After he ate and drank his fill, the large bowl of porridge was scraped clean. Only the boiled eggs were left.

“Why dont we save these six boiled eggs for tomorrow morning! From the looks of it, we probably wont have anything to eat in the morning!” Zhao Xiu said worriedly when she saw the boiled eggs.

When Li Xiaoqing heard her mothers words, she subconsciously looked at her sister, Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran nodded and said directly, “We can keep the food for tomorrow, but we cant leave it in our house! Let Little Huzi take all these things away later! There cant be food in our house!”

As soon as he said that, everyone remembered what had happened today.

Didnt what happened today happen because Li Qin and Li Yuan smelled it

“Shes right. We cant leave this behind. Well let Little Huzi take it away later!” After Li Shun thought it through, he no longer looked as dispirited as before. Instead, he looked more energetic. “Lets have a good sleep tonight! When we wake up tomorrow morning, we should ask our parents for the family assets! Since theyre going to marry off the third branch, its time to split this family!”

Li Xiaoran didnt expect that after experiencing these things, her meek father would suddenly be enlightened and even think of splitting up.

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This was good. She didnt have to waste her breath.

“Split up Husband, are you sure Do you think our parents will give us anything in our current situation” Zhao Xiu looked at her husband in surprise and asked.

“We have to split up! I just want to see if I, as their son, still have any weight in their hearts!” Li Shun clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.



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