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The Hunters Lucky Little Lady Chapter 12

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The Thoughts of Each Family

After they ate their fill, Little Huzi appeared in time to take away the remaining boiled eggs and the washed bowls and chopsticks. The family washed their faces and feet with cold water and fell asleep.

Perhaps he had really figured it out. After Li Shun said that they were splitting up, he didnt think about anything else and lay down to sleep.

Li Xiaoran had also had a tiring day. In addition, she was injured, so she fell asleep in bed.

Perhaps it was because he had a good start or because she saw the hope of a new life in the future, Li Xiaoran slept very soundly that night.

Not only Li Xiaoran, but the others in the third branch also slept very soundly.

On the contrary, after the Li family returned to their house, they started talking.

Aunt Li looked at the third house again and saw that it was still dark. She held back her anger and stomped her feet before turning around to close the door.

There was a bang. Sr. Li, who was sitting on the bed thinking about something, jumped, then glanced at his wife.

“What are you doing You scared me!”

“What am I doing Look at your good sons! Speaking of which, Im filled with anger! Lets not talk about our third son anymore. Today, he went against me. I didnt ask them to eat, so they really didnt eat! If this matter gets out, who knows what others will say behind our backs And look at your other daughters-in-law. Our third sons wife isnt around, so they left their bowls after eating and wanted to return to their house. Did they leave so many bowls and chopsticks for me to wash” Aunt Li said angrily.

When Sr. Li heard this, his head hurt.

“Didnt you ask our eldest daughter-in-law and third daughter-in-law to wash the dishes later”

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“If I didnt call them, they really would have snuck away! All of them are troublesome!” Aunt Li cursed, not afraid that her son and daughter-in-law would hear her.

Li Qiang was lying on the bed. When he heard his mothers words, he sneered and lay down.

Seeing this, Wang Ying also took off her coat and climbed onto the bed.

“Didnt we wash the dishes later Why is she still talking about it now!” Wang Ying said unhappily.

“My mother is such a person. Its not like you dont know! Let her mutter a few words and everything will be fine! However, its really hard to explain this matter in the future. After Third Brothers family leaves, our lives will really be difficult in the future!” Li Qiang thought of something and frowned slightly.

When Wang Ying heard her mans words, she immediately thought of something.

“Hows the job you asked about last time Why dont we move to town and rent a house to live in! That way, we wont have to do any work at home in the future!”

Li Qiang thought about his wifes words.

“Previously, Zhao Laoliu said that he would give me an answer in the next two days. Ill ask him tomorrow! Youre right, we cant stay in the village anymore! Yaner is 16 years old now. Its time for her to go to town and find a good husband. She cant be exchanged for a tiger bone like this time! Forget about everything else, just based on our daughters appearance, she should find a good family! Luo Cheng is nothing!”

“Thats not true. Fortunately, Xiaoran married over. Otherwise, our daughter would have suffered a huge loss! It just so happens that Zhaner is studying in a school. Why dont we let him look around when the time comes I believe he knows more rich and powerful families than us!” Wang Ying thought of something and said.

Li Qiang thought of something and said, “Youre right! Its getting late. Lets sleep first! If anything happens tomorrow, dont rush to the front with all your might. Learn to be smarter. Father and Mother are here to handle everything. Just let them handle it! I think there will still be trouble regarding Third Brothers family!”

When Wang Ying heard her mans words, she wanted to ask why, but she swallowed her words.

No matter how the people from the third branch kicked up a fuss, it was fine as long as it didnt affect their interests.

Thinking of this, Wang Ying lay down to rest.

The same scene happened in the Li familys second branch.

Li Weis legs had been injured in the past. After he recovered, they would hurt every time it rained. Tonight was no exception.

“Looks like its going to rain!” Li Wei said as he endured the pain and applied a hot handkerchief to his leg.

When Li Weis wife, Zhang Hong, heard her husbands words, she said with some heartache, “When I was boiling water previously, Mother glared at me a few times and even said that I was wasting firewood. Later, when I said that your leg pain was acting up, Mother didnt say anything else!”

When Li Wei heard his wifes words, he sighed and said, “In the future, when Third Brother is married off, our lives will be even worse! In A the past, Third Brother took care of us. In the future, Im afraid our family will have to suffer! Eldest Brother looks like hes very responsible, but hes actually an adulterer!”

When Zhang Hong heard this, she was stunned for a moment. Then, she pursed her lips and said, “Cant we think of a way to make Third Brothers family stay To be honest, with Moms personality, I cant stand it! In the past, with Third Sister-in-law rushing ahead, I could barely endure it. In the future, without Third Sister-in-law, since Eldest Sister-in-law is also a sly person, when the time comes, wont I be the one to suffer”

“When you married me back then, you said that you would definitely not let me suffer after marrying me. Now, Im afraid Im going to suffer greatly!” Zhang Hong sat at the side angrily and snorted.

When Li Wei heard his wifes words, he thought for a moment and smiled.

“Its probably impossible to keep Third Brothers family! Think about it, Father is counting on that tiger bone to treat his illness. If Third Brother doesnt marry over, that kid Luo Cheng wont give it to him. However, we might not suffer. Why dont you go to Third Sister-in-law tomorrow and say a few words to remind them that even if they marry over, they should split up!”

When Zhang Hong heard this, her eyes lit up.

“Husband, are you willing to split up”

“Of course Im willing! Didnt Third Brother and his family resist before Its also a good thing for us to silently save some money! But in this situation, we might as well split up and live our own lives! As for splitting up, the two elders should follow Eldest Brother and his family! Let Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law serve the two elders, and we can live our own lives! However, during the New Year, we still have to give up some things to get out!” Li Wei said the plan in his mind.

“You said it! As long as we can split up, we can live our own lives. Im willing to give up some things to go out!” Zhang Hong said happily.

“Alright, go and look for Third Sister-in-law tomorrow to give her some pointers! Ill also try to do some convincing on Third Sisters side!” Li Wei replied.



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