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Liang Jiabao was just passing by and saw many people gathered here, so he came over out of curiosity.

In the end, he didnt see the commotion. Instead, he was summoned by the village chief.

Liang Jiabao, who felt that he was unlucky, could only hurry in. If he had known earlier, he would have stayed far away. What was the point of getting involved in the Li familys matters!

Old Master Guo saw his nephews gloomy expression and scolded him jokingly, “You brat, whats wrong with reading to Sr. Li Dont worry, Im here!”

When Liang Jiabao heard this, he looked at the elder in front of him plaintively and could only accept his fate.

Li Xiaorans family also heard the commotion outside. The family stopped what they were doing and walked out together.

Coincidentally, when Liang Jiabao walked in, Li Xiaoran also came to the courtyard with her family.

Liang Jiabao read out the marriage contracts content one by one. The people in the courtyard and those outside listened attentively.

After Liang Jiabao finished reading, the villagers changed their opinion of Luo Cheng.

At least regarding the Li familys matter, Luo Cheng could be considered a fair person.

Tiger bones were really hard to come by. It was already very generous of Luo Cheng to give the tiger bones to the Li family in exchange for a wife and a dowry.

Even Sr. Li, who had been on tenterhooks and worried that Luo Cheng would break his promise, couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief after hearing the contents of the marriage contract.

“Theres no problem with the marriage contract. Give it to me so that I can stamp my fingerprint!” Sr. Li thought that it was better to end it quickly. Anyway, everyone had already seen the Li family make a fool of themselves. It was better to end this matter quickly so that they wouldnt be watched like clowns.

Seeing that the Li family had no objections, Luo Cheng naturally had no objections either.

Therefore, both parties pressed their fingerprints on the document and decided on this matter.

There were three copies. The Li family took one copy, Luo Cheng took one copy, and Old Master Guo took one copy.

After the matter was settled, Luo Cheng took out the tiger bone that he had prepared.

“This is the tiger bone in my hand. Old Master Guo and the other elders, please take a look and make sure that its not fake!”

As soon as he said this, the onlookers immediately craned their necks.

Everyone had seen pig bones and sheep bones, but this was the first time they had seen a tiger bone, so many people were curious.

Luo Cheng handed the tiger bone to Old Master Guo for inspection. Old Master Guo didnt stand on ceremony and took it directly.

Another elder, who had been hunting for several generations, walked over and took a closer look at the tiger bone in Old Master Guos hand.

After a while, the old man nodded at Old Master Guo. “Its indeed a tiger bone. Thats right! Judging from its age, it should be a tiger that has lived for seven or eight years!”

The crowd gasped at the elders words.

One had to know that a seven or eight-year-old tiger bone was considered a top-grade tiger bone!

It didnt seem worth it for Luo Cheng to take it out like this!

At this moment, they wondered if Luo Cheng was stupid!

With this tiger bone around, he could sell it for money. Why did he have to marry the Li familys daughter

At this moment, many people began to feel envious.

A bold woman had an idea and shouted, “Luo Cheng, you dont have to give him two tiger bones! One is enough! My girl is good-looking and capable. Shes much better than Li Xiaoran! Why dont you marry my girl!”

When Luo Cheng heard this, his gaze fell on the woman who spoke.

Sensing the coldness in Luo Chengs eyes, the woman immediately recalled Luo Chengs previous notoriety. She trembled in fear and quickly shrank her neck.

Someone took the lead and suffered a setback. Seeing that the situation wasnt right, the others quickly restrained themselves.

Seeing that the other party had stopped talking, Luo Cheng looked at Old Master Li.

“Ive already given you the tiger bone. Ill take her away!”

With that, Luo Cheng walked towards Li Xiaoran and her family.

“Have you packed” Luo Cheng asked while glancing at the bandaged wound on Li Shuns head.

Li Xiaoran nodded and said, “Our family has split up. Grandpa and Grandma gave us the things in our house and a bag of sprouting wheat seeds. My father said that apart from clothes, we can leave the rest of the things for Grandpa and Grandma as repayment for raising us!”

Mirth flashed across Luo Chengs eyes when he heard Li Xiaorans words.

It seemed that the little girl in front of him understood what he had said yesterday and had handled the matter quite brilliantly.

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“In that case, take your things and leave!” Luo Chengs smile faded. At this moment, he returned to his cold and fierce self and only said this.

Li Xiaoran nodded and led her family back to pick up their luggage before leaving.

After walking to the door, Li Shun looked toward the house he had lived in for many years.

He had lived in this house for many years. Now that he was about to leave, he suddenly felt a sense of melancholy.

When Aunt Li saw Li Shun like this, she immediately rubbed her eyes with her hands and shouted reluctantly, “Dont blame me for being heartless. Youre a good person. I hope your life will get better in the future!”

All of Li Shuns melancholy disappeared after Aunt Li said this.

Turning back to his red-eyed mother, Li Shun suddenly smiled.

“Thats right! Mother, dont worry. Our family will live a better life in the future!”

After saying this, Li Shun knelt down in front of Sr. Li and kowtowed three times.

“Father, Mother, Im unfilial. Well be a part of someone elses family! In the future, I wont be able to take care of you until youre old. I only hope that from now on, everything will go smoothly for Father and Mother, and that you two will live a long and healthy life!”

With that, Li Shun stood up and left.

The people outside could clearly see that some blood was flowing out from the place where Li Shun was injured.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoran felt a little sorry for her old father, but she also knew that this wasnt the time to treat his wound. She could only hold her sister Li Xiaoqings hand and follow Luo Cheng out of the Li familys house.

From now on, he would be free to do whatever he wanted!


Walking forward step by step, Li Xiaorans eyes became more and more determined.

As long as one worked hard in life, one wasnt afraid of not being able to support oneself.

After leaving the Li family, she believed that she could lead her family to live a more prosperous life.



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