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Dont Worry Anymore

As soon as Li Xiaoqing said this, everyones attention turned to the residence in front of them.

Li Xiaoran sized it up carefully and was quite satisfied with this residence.

Most of the house was built of limestone. The main thing was that the roof was made of tiles.

Not many families in the village had this kind of residence.

“If we stay in such a house, we wont have to worry about the roof beams collapsing when it rains in winter!” Li Xiaoqing thought of something and sighed.

As they spoke, Li Shun and Zhao Xiu thought of something and couldnt help but nod.

Li Xiaoran searched the Hosts memories and found what her sister had said.

That was the year before the last.

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The winter the year before had been particularly cold. The snow had fallen and accumulated in a thick layer.

The beams of the Li familys house had been made of wood of unknown age. As it had fallen into disrepair over the years, the heavy snow that year had crushed the beams of several houses.

Fortunately, the beam of the house where Li Xiaoran and the others lived was relatively sturdy and didnt collapse.

Even so, the family had been on tenterhooks all winter and were worried that the collapsed roof would crush them in their sleep in the middle of the night.

“Stop talking and quickly pack up! Im a little hungry too!” Zhao Xiu recalled something and said.

“Mom, lets go cook breakfast first! We have to eat before we have the strength to work! Brother-in-law said that we have to leave breakfast for him. I think my brother-in-law hasnt eaten anything early in the morning. Lets hurry up and cook!” Li Xiaoqing was also a little hungry and said.

After eating a few taros previously, they were already hungry.

“Wheres the taros Grandma gave us” Li Xiaoran thought of something and asked her sister.

When Li Xiaoqing saw her sister smell it, she stuck out her tongue. “I forgot to take it before. I left it at home!”

Li Shun thought for a moment and said, “Forget it, its fine! Xiuer, go and cook something! Ill go get water and clean some rooms first!”

“Father, let me take a look at your wound first!” Li Xiaoran thought of something and quickly walked to Li Shun.

“Theres no need to look. Im not that fragile. Its just a few kowtows! Didnt you apply some herbs on me Its fine! Lets hurry up and tidy up the room. After we stay here, you can change my medicine!” Li Shun waved his hand and said.

“Your father is right. Lets get down to business first!” Zhao Xiu looked at the condition of her mans wound. At this moment, there was no more blood. The bleeding must have stopped.

Li Xiaoran also carefully observed the place where her father was injured. Seeing that there was no new blood flowing out of the wound, she was relieved.

After that, the family got busy together.

Li Shun and Li Xiaoqing gathered the familys luggage in the house they lived in and went to get water.

Zhao Xiu and Li Xiaoran came to the kitchen to see if there was anything they could cook.

As soon as the mother and daughter came in, they saw the remaining boiled eggs from yesterday on the stove.

In addition, some dried meat hung in a corner of the kitchen.

Upon closer inspection, they were actually some dried pheasants and hares.

In addition, many dried fish were also hanging there.

There were several bags of rice and noodles stored in the cabinet, and they were all high-quality white flour and rice.

The tank was also full to the brim. It had been used, but there was plenty left.

Zhao Xiu hesitated when she saw so many good things.

“Do you think we can really use these things to make food”

Li Xiaoran was looking at the other food stored in the cabinet. When she heard her mothers words, she looked over.

As if understanding her mothers concerns, Li Xiaoran laughed.

“Mom, Luo Cheng said that we can use the ingredients as we please. We just have to cook! As long as the food tastes good, we didnt waste these good things!”

Zhao Xiu thought about it and felt that her daughter was right, so she spoke.

“Why dont I make noodles! We happen to have some leftover eggs from yesterday. Ill make egg noodle soup!”

“Sure! Mother, go and make the noodles. Ill go to the vegetable garden at the back to take a look!” Li Xiaoran felt that this wasnt a bad idea. It was simple and easy to make, so she nodded.

How could they eat noodles without vegetables Therefore, she had to get some vegetable leaves.

When Li Xiaoran saw the vegetable field outside, she finally understood what Luo Cheng meant by planting whatever they wanted to eat in the future.

There were some vegetables growing sparsely on the huge vegetable field. It was obvious that no one had taken care of them.

After finally finding some edible vegetable leaves, Li Xiaoran looked at the vegetable field and couldnt help but shake her head.

Forget it. How could she get her hopes up

As long as there was land, she could grow many fruits and vegetables in the future.

Just as she was about to go back, Li Xiaoran noticed an emerald leek in the corner of the vegetable field.

Thinking that chives tasted good in noodle soup, Li Xiaoran turned around and entered the kitchen. She took a sickle and a bamboo basket and walked out.

After cutting off some of the best-growing leeks, Li Xiaoran happily cleaned up the yellow leaves and fetched water to wash them.

Zhao Xiu, who had just made up the noodles, smiled when she saw the green leeks that Li Xiaoran brought in.

“I didnt expect there to be such good leeks here! Theyll taste even better if I put them in the noodle soup!”

“Yes! I think so too! Mom, I think theres a lot of chives. Why dont you give me some dough Ill make a chives box to eat!” Li Xiaoran thought of a delicacy and said.

“Alright, Ive made too many noodles. I want to put some in for dinner. Since you said so, Ill leave the rest for you!” Zhao Xiu said with a smile.

Li Xiaoran nodded and quickly took out some chives. Then, she cut the chives into pieces.

After that, Li Xiaoran went to get a few more eggs. Then, she started a small stove, put in lard, and fried a plate of eggs.


“Girl, dont you have egg noodle soup here Why are you still making this” Zhao Xiu asked Li Xiaoran.

“Mom, today is my wedding day! Since Luo Cheng let us use it as we please, I have to make something delicious!” Li Xiaoran retorted.

When Zhao Xiu heard this, she was first stunned, and her eyes gradually turned red.

“Youre right. No matter what, today can be considered your big day. Its my fault for not thinking it through! Come, come, come. We wont eat noodle soup today. Ill make you a meatloaf. A round meatloaf. I hope you and Luo Cheng will live a happy and peaceful life in the future.”



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