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A Little Painful

Jealousy could give rise to evil thoughts.

After her rebirth, Li Yan disliked Li Xiaoran in every way.

At the thought of the happiness she had, Li Yan was extremely jealous, so she took this opportunity to tamper with it.

Li Yan thought maliciously that if Li Xiaorans face was ruined this time, would her good husband still marry her

Li Xiaoran naturally didnt know Li Yans evil thoughts, so she was also very confused.

She had no idea what all this was about.

At first, Luo Cheng was very angry that Li Xiaoran didnt pay more attention to her bodily health.

But when he saw her sitting there obediently and letting him treat her wounds, his heart softened.

The medicinal residue on the surface had been washed away. Luo Cheng picked up a small knife.

“Your wound has worsened, so Im going to have to treat it. It hurts a little. Bear with me!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she already had a very clear understanding of the situation of her wound worsening.

“Do you have bamboo slices Ill bite them!” Li Xiaoran said very seriously.

Luo Cheng glanced at Li Xiaoran. It was unknown whether he was angry or amused.

“Do you think Im going to scrape your bones You actually want bamboo slices Just endure it a little!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Cheng raised his hand and began to deal with it.

Li Xiaoran almost cried out in pain.

However, just as she was holding it in, Luo Cheng took the knife down and went to get the medicine in another porcelain bottle.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoran asked in surprise, “Thats it”

“Otherwise” Luo Cheng glanced at Li Xiaoran and immediately dug out a transparent liquid with a silver spoon. Then, it dripped onto Li Xiaorans wound.

A cool feeling came over her, and the pain from before disappeared.

“Alright, theres no need to wrap any cloth. After this medicine dries, it will protect your wound! Be careful not to get drenched in the rain for the time being. Dont let your wound touch water. You have to avoid this place when you wash your face. In half a month, your wound will heal. There wont be any scars!” Luo Chengs voice came from above Li Xiaorans head.

Feeling that the pain from before was gone and that her mind was much clearer, Li Xiaoran became happy.

“What kind of medicine is this! It took effect as soon as you applied it!”

When Luo Cheng saw that Li Xiaorans eyes had become lively and energetic, his mood improved a little.

“I made the medicine myself!”

Li Xiaoran was shocked when she heard Luo Chengs words.

“Youre that impressive”

“Of course!” Luo Cheng replied as he took out a small wine bottle. He placed what he had used before on the fire that had been lit with wine and carefully burned it.

After Li Xiaoran smelled the alcohol, she thought for a moment and said, “Actually, you can disinfect it with strong alcohol!”

Luo Cheng, who was grilling the silver soup spoon, paused and then pretended that nothing had happened.

“Where did you hear that from”

“I… Anyway, I just know! This kind of wine wont do. The stronger the wine, the better the disinfecting effect! By the way, you can actually use strong alcohol to wipe the bodies of people who have a high fever. It can reduce the fever!” Li Xiaoran told her some common sense that she knew.

Luo Cheng continued to heat the silver spoon as he listened.

“I really didnt expect a peasant girl like you to know so much! Ive never seen you go out before. Youre either in the village or in the mountains. How did you find out about all this”

“Im not allowed to learn it myself” Li Xiaoran couldnt rashly tell him her background. She thought for a moment and said, “Let me tell you! I often dream of a white-bearded old man. That old man liked me a lot, so he taught me something in my dream! What I just said was taught by that white-bearded old man!”

When Luo Cheng heard Li Xiaorans words, he reached out and knocked Li Xiaorans head again.

“Are you stupid”

Seeing that Luo Cheng didnt believe her, Li Xiaoran snorted and stopped talking.

She had no choice. The man was too clever to be fooled.

The more she said, the more mistakes she would make. She should be careful with her words and actions. Just like the previous Li Xiaoran, she should be quiet.

When Luo Cheng saw Li Xiaoran sitting there angrily without saying anything, he didnt say anything else and started packing up seriously.

After everything was packed and Luo Cheng put the medicine box back, he came back and wiped everything with a rag.

Li Xiaoran ignored him and continued to sit on the bed, but her gaze fell on the window.

She had to admit she hadnt had a good look at the blue sky and white clouds outside for a long time.

Before crossing over, shed been busy every day, and had a lot of work to do.

Back then, she would have used twenty-four hours like forty-eight hours.

It was also because she was so busy that she didnt get enough rest that she missed a step on the way home. Eventually, she blacked out and transmigrated here.

If she had known she was going to cross over because she missed a step, she wouldnt have kept herself so busy. She would have let herself rest.

Unfortunately, no one in this world knew.

She was incredibly lucky to be able to transmigrate to another place and be human again.

Luo Cheng noticed that Li Xiaoran was in a daze and ignored her. Instead, he sped up and cleaned the room.

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After some time, Luo Chengs voice fell into Li Xiaorans ears.

“The room is ready. Go and get your bag! Because it happened so suddenly and I dont have any extra cloth at home, you can only wear your old clothes first. When I go to town to buy some cloth tomorrow, you can make your own clothes!”

“By the way, you know how to make clothes, right”


Li Xiaoran came back to her senses and thought of something. She nodded. “I know how to make clothes!”

“Thats good! Then Ill buy fabric and needles directly. Make some clothes for yourself! It can also kill time while your injuries heal!” When Luo Cheng heard Li Xiaorans words, he said, “By the way, Ill also buy the fabric for your parents and sister!”

Li Xiaoran didnt expect Luo Cheng to be so considerate. She was very grateful.

“Thank you, Luo Cheng!”

When Luo Cheng heard this, he walked straight towards Li Xiaoran.

I dont like people saying thank you or sorry to me! Express it with action!

With that, Luo Cheng placed a thin blanket on the bed and turned to leave.

“Have a good rest today! Ill wake you at lunch! Remember, youre injured. You have to recuperate!”

Li Xiaoran looked at the departing figure and felt Luo Chengs concern. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly.



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