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The Hunters Lucky Little Lady Chapter 24

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After Luo Cheng placed the small stove in the kitchen, he realized that the kitchen seemed to have changed a lot.

The previously deserted kitchen was now filled with many things.

A log was burning in the stove. The fire wasnt big, but it was simmering the contents of the pot.

Because of the lid, Luo Cheng didnt know what was cooking inside.

At this moment, a voice came from the vegetable garden outside.

“Xiao Qing, put these weeds on the rocks in the corner and dry them. They can even attract fire. After youre done, go to Grandma Huangs house in the village with your father. Grandma Huang has the most variety of vegetable seeds. GBring back some vegetable seeds. We can plant them today. We can eat the vegetables in a month!” Zhao Xius voice sounded.

“Got it, Mother! Do you want us to ask Granny Huang to hatch some baby chicks for us” Li Xiaoqing thought of something and asked.

Zhao Xiu hesitated for a moment.

“Lets talk about this when your brother-in-law wakes up! Hatching chicks requires money too!” In the end, Zhao Xiu told her what she was worried about.

Li Shun thought for a moment and said, “I think its fine. We can talk about it first! Incubating chicks isnt something that can be done in a short while. If we mention it in advance, we can get the chicks earlier! As for the money to buy the chicks, Luo Cheng will probably give it to us!”

When Luo Cheng heard this, he walked out.

“How much money do you need Ill give it to you now!”

Li Shun and his family were shocked to see Luo Cheng standing at the back door of the kitchen.

“Son-in-law, are you alright” Li Shun was the first to react, then asked with concern.

“Yes, I took the medicine and Im fine!” Luo Cheng replied simply, not explaining why he had fainted.

“Its good that youre fine!” Li Shun and the others were relieved to hear Luo Chengs words.

Li Xiaoqing seemed to have thought of something. She looked behind Luo Cheng and asked, “Brother-in-law, wheres my sister”

When Luo Cheng heard Li Xiaoqings words, he replied, “Your sister is asleep! Let her rest well!”

With that, Luo Cheng looked at Zhao Xiu.

“I wonder how much it will cost to buy seeds and chicks. Ill give it to you now!”

When Zhao Xiu saw Luo Cheng asking her, she waved her hand.

“No need. Granny Huang is a very good person. Just give us some seeds. Theres no need for money. As for the chicks, why dont we buy 30 of them I see that this orchard is very big and theres nothing to plant. Its just enough to raise chickens. When the chicks hatch, well pay for them! Three copper coins for one chick, and 90 copper coins for 30 chicks!”

When Luo Cheng heard this, he remembered that he had two copper coins with him, so he simply took them out.

“Keep this money for now! If you dont have enough money, just ask me for more!”

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As soon as he said this, Zhao Xiu and Li Xiaoqing looked at Li Shun when they saw the two copper coins that Luo Cheng had taken out.

Li Shun considered for a moment and only accepted one.

“Luo Cheng! I know you have good intentions. Theres no point in us taking too much of this money. Lets take the money first. You can keep the rest! Dont worry, our family wont let you raise us for nothing.”

Seeing this, Luo Cheng nodded and put away the remaining money.

“By the way, its better to pay for those seeds! Other than these, see what else you need. You can buy them back! As you can see, the land around me is very empty. Feel free to plant them!”

Li Shuns eyes lit up when he heard that. He immediately pulled his wife over to discuss.

Speaking of farming, Li Shun felt motivated.

In the past, he had worked hard with his family but still hadnt had enough money to survive on.

Now that he had eaten a lot of good things from Luo Cheng, he had to work hard to make up for it.

After the family discussed, Zhao Xiu brought Li Xiaoqing out with a basket on her back.

Not long after the mother and daughter left, Little Huzi ran in from outside.

“Brother Luo Cheng, Brother Luo Cheng!”

Luo Cheng heard Little Huzis shout and walked out.

“Brother Luo Cheng, I heard youve already brought Xiao Qings family over”

Luo Cheng nodded, then looked at Little Huzi.

“Yes! Whats the matter with you You look so happy!”

When Little Huzi heard Luo Chengs question, he chuckled.

“I got some news and rushed over to tell you! Brother Luo Cheng, fortunately, you took Xiao Qing and her family away early. Otherwise, there would have been trouble today!”

Luo Cheng raised his eyebrows when he heard Little Huzis words, then waited for him to continue.

Li Shun, who had just retracted his hoe, ran out when he heard Little Huzis voice.

“Is something wrong”

When Little Huzi saw Li Shun walk out and ask this question, he immediately replied, “Mr. Li, you dont know, but at noon today, something big happened to the Li family again! Li Zhan was tied up and brought back. They said that he owed the casino 200 taels of silver. Li Zhan couldnt pay it back, so they brought people over!”

Li Shun was stunned when he heard this. His mouth fell open.

When Luo Cheng heard this, he immediately remembered something.

Previously, when he went to town to sell wild animals, he seemed to have seen Li Zhan enter the gambling den. It seemed that he hadnt mistaken him for someone else.

“Two hundred taels of silver How can he owe so much!” Li Shun came back to his senses at this moment, his face pale.

The Li family wouldnt be able to fork out so much money even if they sold everything they had!

Luo Cheng seemed to guess Li Shuns thoughts and sneered.

“Actually, the Li family can also fork out so much money! It just depends on how important Li Zhan is to Sr. Li! Dont forget that the two tiger bones I gave the Li family are worth thousands of gold!”

With Luo Chengs reminder, Li Shun and Little Huzi finally remembered.


“Thats right! Tiger bones are very valuable! But I think the Li family might not be willing to part with them! Anyway, when I left, I didnt see the Li family take out the tiger bones!”

At this moment, Li Shun had mixed feelings. To be honest, he also wanted to know what choice his heartless old father would make.

“He wont give away the tiger bones!” At this moment, a voice came from behind Luo Cheng and Li Shun.

It turned out that Li Xiaoran had woken up at some point and expressed her opinion after hearing about this.

“Daughter, you said that your grandfather cant bear to part with those two tiger bones But your grandfather values your eldest cousin very much!” Li Shun had a different opinion.

“Father, you think too highly of Grandpa and Grandma! Grandpa cant bear to part with those two tiger bones, nor can he bear to see his grandson suffer, so they will still target us! To be precise, they will target you, Father!” Li Xiaoran said.



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