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The Hunters Lucky Little Lady Chapter 3

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Coincidental Encounter

After dinner, Li Xiaoqing told her family and brought Li Xiaoran up the mountain to fish for pine fur.

Seeing that Li Xiaoran was also carrying the basket to work, Aunt Li seemed relieved.

As soon as she reached the foot of the mountain, Li Xiaoqing saw Little Huzi standing there waiting, so she shouted happily.

“Little Huzi, why are you here so early!”

Little Huzi was talking to someone when he heard Li Xiaoqings voice.

At the same time, the other person who was talking to Little Huzi also shifted his gaze over!

It was a cold gaze that immediately landed on Li Xiaoran, who was at the back.

At this moment, Li Xiaorans body stiffened and she didnt know what to do.

At this moment, she seemed to have become the target of a ferocious beast. Any slight movement would attract the other partys attack.

This mental pressure made Li Xiaoran break out in cold sweat.

Under such pressure, Li Xiaoran looked at the other party.

What greeted her eyes was a cold face. His cold eyes carried a pressure that made people involuntarily feel intimidated.

Fortunately, the man stared at Li Xiaoran for a while before retracting his gaze. Then, he looked at Little Huzi and said a few words before turning to leave.

Li Xiaoqing had already run to Little Huzis side. She looked curiously at the departing man and asked, “Little Huzi, who is that person Why dont I know him”

Little Huzi looked at the man and replied, “Oh, youre talking about Luo Cheng! Dont you know him”

When Li Xiaoqing heard Little Huzis words, her smile disappeared.

Li Xiaoran noticed her sisters worry and smiled.

“Didnt you come out to collect pine fur What are you waiting for Hurry up and go up the mountain!”

She finally remembered why she had come out today and nodded.

After that, the three of them walked up the mountain together.

Actually, most of the trees on the mountain were pine trees, so they could easily find a place where no one went.

However, there were more people looking for pine feathers recently, so the three of them walked into the deep forest.

Li Xiaorans head still hurt a little from the collision, but she still gritted her teeth and endured it to help her sister get more fur.

After all, because she came along, they had to collect an additional basket today.

As the initiator, she naturally had to take on her part.

“Sister, youve just injured your head. Sit down and rest first! Its just looking for loose fur. I can do it alone!” Li Xiaoqing was worried about her sister. Seeing that she was helping, she quickly came over and held Li Xiaorans hand.

Li Xiaoran couldnt help but laugh when she saw Li Xiaoqings anxious look.

“Sister, look at you. Your face is pale. You need to rest well. The reason why I asked you to follow me out is that this forest is quieter. Without Grandma and Aunt to pester you, you can rest better, so sit here and rest!” Li Xiaoqing pulled Li Xiaoran to sit down in the lush grass and reminded her with concern.

Li Xiaoran naturally appreciated her sisters kindness.

She knew her own body very well.

Just now, she felt very tired after picking up some loose fur. It was as if she had no strength. At this moment, she really couldnt continue working.

“Dont worry! I know. Ill listen to you and sit here to rest!” Li Xiaoran replied with a smile.

Seeing that her sister was obedient, Li Xiaoqing nodded in satisfaction and began to look for pine fur.

“Thats right. Since youre injured, rest well. Ill help you look for the pine fur you need!” Little Huzi also noticed Li Xiaorans weakness, so he said with concern.

“Alright, thank you, Little Hu!” Li Xiaoran said with a smile.

After that, Little Huzi and Li Xiaoqing got busy.

Li Xiaoran was a little tired. She leaned against the pine tree behind her and closed her eyes to rest.

At this moment, she seemed to be resting, but she was thinking about the person she had seen earlier.

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For some reason, although Luo Cheng looked fierce and intimidated people, Li Xiaoran felt a sort of incongruity.

It was as if the fierce expression on his face was too deliberate and not natural at all.

On this side, Li Xiaoqing and Little Huzi were talking as they scooped up the pine fur.

“Little Huzi, are you very familiar with Luo Cheng Do you know what kind of person he is Is it really as the people in the village say”

“Who said so Brother Luo is a good person! Dont think that Brother Luo is cold to everyone. He has a fierce look on his face but hes kind-hearted. Not long ago, my Grandma fell sick! I brought her to town for treatment. In the end, I fell to the ground because of a slippery road. When Brother Luo Cheng saw this, he carried her on his back and brought us to the town to see a doctor. That time, Brother Luo helped us pay for the treatment!” Little Huzi immediately defended loudly when he heard Li Xiaoqings words.

When Li Xiaoqing heard this, she muttered.

“In that case, Luo Cheng isnt bad!”

“Yes, thats right!” Little Huzi agreed as he scooped up the pine fur.

“Then its not too bad for my sister to marry him!” Li Xiaoqing sighed to herself.

As soon as he said this, the bamboo rake that Little Huzi had picked up fell to the ground. Then, he couldnt help but raise his voice. “What did you say Sister Ran wants to marry Brother Luo”

Little Huzis shout shocked Li Xiaoqing. She quickly gestured for him to keep quiet and looked at her sister.

Fortunately, Li Xiaoran was too weak at this time and had already fallen asleep while leaning against the pine tree, so she wasnt startled by Little Huzi.

However, another person heard his exclamation. After thinking for a moment, he carried the basket containing the herbs and rushed in the direction of the sound.



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