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I Will Cooperate

“Wait, I can marry you, but there are conditions!” Li Xiaoran thought of something and suddenly said boldly.

“You actually want to negotiate with me” Luo Chengs gaze wandered around Li Xiaorans face. Instead of being angry, he smiled. “Alright, sit down and tell me what your conditions are! Ill see if I can accept them!”

With that, Luo Cheng sat on the ground and turned to face Li Xiaoran while listening attentively.

Li Xiaoran felt Luo Chengs calmness. She adjusted her emotions slightly and sat down like Luo Cheng.

“I want to use the fact that you want to marry Li Yan to make my grandfather and grandmother agree to split the family! I dont care if the Eldest Uncle and Second Uncles family are separated, but my family has to leave them. My parents have worked for the Li family for so many years. Its time to free them from this! Also, I dont want the Li family to have designs on my sister after I was sold by the Li family. I definitely wont allow this!”

Luo Cheng didnt expect Li Xiaoran to say this.

Luo Cheng turned around and sized up this delicate little girl in front of him. He thought for a moment and suddenly remembered something an elder had said.

Some people had immense audacity in their small bodies.

The little girl in front of him might be such a person!

“Then what can I get” Luo Cheng asked again.

“Sincerity!” Li Xiaoran said firmly. Then, she turned around and looked at Luo Cheng seriously.

“I have no way to guarantee that I can give you the love that one in a marriage should have, but I can guarantee that what I give you is full of sincerity. I will do my best to take care of you. I wont betray you for the rest of my life!”

Luo Cheng, not expecting the answer he received to be this, stared at Li Xiaoran.

“You also know that the Li family doesnt have a good social standing in the village. I dont have anything that others can want. The only thing thats useful and valuable is my sincerity!” Li Xiaoran looked at Luo Cheng and explained.

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When Luo Cheng heard this, a sarcastic smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“Li Xiaoran, are you stupid or do you think Im stupid! Sincerity Is there really such a thing Im not a parasite in your stomach. How do I know if the so-called sincerity you gave me is sincere or not”

When Li Xiaoran saw Luo Cheng like this, she felt heartache and suddenly felt extremely sad.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran understood in her heart that it seemed that the emotional ability she had in the modern world had actually been brought into the Hosts body.

That was why she could empathize with Luo Chengs pain.

What had the man in front of her experienced to be so sad and upset

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoran looked at Luo Cheng and said word by word, “Time can prove it! You just have to watch!”

Facing those clear eyes, Luo Cheng felt his heart flutter.

At the critical moment, Luo Cheng looked away, stood up, and walked deeper into the forest with the basket on his back.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoran also stood up and looked worriedly at Luo Chengs departing figure.

“Do whatever you want! Ill cooperate!”

From afar, he shouted this.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she smiled.

Sure enough, her father hadnt lied to her.

Some people looked very fierce and cold, but he had his own way of being gentle!

On this side, after Luo Cheng left for a while, Li Xiaoran saw Little Huzi and Li Xiaoran excitedly carrying a big bag of things back.

When they saw that Li Xiaoran had woken up, they immediately ran over.

“Sister, Sister, come and see! Little Huzi and I actually saw 30 wild eggs!” Li Xiaoqing said happily.

Little Huzi carefully opened his coat, revealing the round wild eggs inside.

Wild eggs were smaller than domestic eggs, but their nutritional value was about the same.

With so many eggs, Li Xiaoqing, who usually couldnt eat eggs, was naturally overjoyed.

“Sister Ran, Ive discussed this with Xiao Qing. Ill bring all these eggs to my house later! Come to our house with Xiao Qing every day when you come out to work. Ill ask my grandma to give them to you tomorrow. Otherwise, you wont get any food even if you bring them home!” Little Huzi looked at these wild eggs happily and said.

“Yes, Sister, well split it with Little Huzi. Well get 15, and Little Huzi will get 15. When the time comes, well call Father and Mother over too. Well each eat a boiled egg!” Li Xiaoqing said happily.

Li Xiaoran recalled the Hosts memories and suddenly felt her eyes water.

In the Li family, Eldest Uncle and Second Uncles family would be secretly fed a few boiled eggs by Grandma from time to time.

Yet it wasnt easy for their family to have a full meal.

The people in their room often ate the clear and watery porridge that couldnt fill their stomachs at all.

However, the ones who put in the most effort were also from their family.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran was even more determined to help her family leave.

“Alright, lets boil it. Tell Father and Mother to eat it secretly and not let anyone else eat it!”

Seeing that her sister had agreed, Li Xiaoqing smiled happily.

“Sister Ran, take good care of these wild eggs. Xiao Qing and I will pack the pine fur. Then, well go to the nearby stream and start a fire to boil the eggs!” Little Huzi quickly changed the topic.

Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing also came back to their senses. The two sisters went to do their work.

Li Xiaoran carefully took the clothes from Little Huzis hand and placed the wild eggs in her arms to protect them.



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