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The Hunters Lucky Little Lady Chapter 7

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News Exposed

Wasnt the reason why Grandma, Eldest Uncle, and Second Uncle dared to bully the people from their third branch so much because of the tacit approval of the head of the Li family

“Li Xiaoran, let go of your grandma! Do you care about your reputation Do you still want to get married in the future” Sr. Li scolded with a straight face.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she immediately laughed.

“Married In that case, youre planning to let Li Yan marry the hunter Theres no need to force me to marry him!”

As soon as she said this, a trace of frustration flashed across Sr. Lis eyes.

He was so angry that he forgot about something like this.

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Li Yan also walked out of the room at this moment and said with a smile, “Little Ran, dont spout nonsense. Arent you the one whos going to marry Luo Cheng Dont spout nonsense! I really didnt expect that you would drag me down with you!”

When Sr. Li heard this, he seemed to have thought of something and said, “Thats right. Youre the one whos going to marry Luo Cheng. Dont talk about others. It seems that your grandma was right just now. Third Brother, you have to educate your two daughters well today. All of them like to lie. If you dont discipline them, theyll ruin the reputation of the Li family in the future!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, he wasnt angry but laughed.

“Great! Youre indeed our good grandpa and grandma! One of you said that my sister was lying right off the bat, and the other falsely accused me. Grandpa, youre good at scheming, but have you forgotten who Luo Cheng wants to marry You all know very well. You can spout nonsense to fool others, but can you fool Luo Cheng How can he not know if Luo Cheng wants Li Yan or me, Li Xiaoran”

The expressions of the Li family changed when they heard this.

Thats right. This was indeed what the Li family was worried about.

The Li family hadnt said anything about this previously because they wanted Li Xiaoran to marry in her place. Anyway, after he married her, the Li family would insist that they heard Luo Cheng say that he wanted to marry Li Xiaoran. At that point, the tiger bone would already be in their hands. It would be useless for Luo Cheng to regret it.

However, they didnt expect Li Xiaoran to hit the wall.

Not only did she hit her head against the wall, but her granddaughter, who was originally taciturn, seemed to have gone crazy and revealed this matter in front of everyone.

How should they fix this now

Thinking of this, Sr. Li glared at Li Shun angrily, his eyes filled with blame.

“Look at you. Your good daughter is so disobedient to her elders! Go discipline her. Today, I have to educate her well so that she wont be obnoxious and embarrass the Li family when she gets married in the future!”

Seeing this situation, Li Xiaoran felt disappointed.

This was a so-called family!

At this moment, Li Xiaoran didnt move. She wanted to see what her biological parents would do.

Seeing that her sister was about to suffer, Li Xiaoqing quickly rushed out.

“You cant hit my sister. My sister just hit her head. Grandpa, are you trying to kill her by hitting her again I know Grandpa and Grandma have never liked the two of us, and dont even like my father and mother, but we really didnt do anything wrong! We just came back from the mountains and havent even taken a break when Li Yuan said that we stole food outside. Everyone, take a look. Do my sister and I look like people who steal food”

When the surrounding onlookers heard Li Xiaoqings words, they carefully sized up the Li familys sisters and then looked at Li Yan, Li Qin, and Li Yuan. All of them laughed.

“Thats right. The person who allegedly stole the food is as thin as a monkey and skin and bones. The person who didnt steal the food is fair and tender, and her complexion is very rosy!” Qin Cui, who had long disliked the Li family, immediately chimed in.

She lived next door to the Li family and knew everything about the Li family!

To be honest, Qin Cui just couldnt stand how biased the Li family was.

The third son of the Li family and his family had been working diligently all day, but in the end, they didnt fare well!

“Isnt that so I might believe it if you say that someone else stole food outside, but I dont believe it if you say that Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing stole food!” At this moment, Little Huzis grandmother also came over and defended them.

Just like that, everyone started discussing.

The Li family couldnt hold it in anymore and hated Li Xiaorans family.

If not for these two girls causing a ruckus, they wouldnt have been criticized today.

At this moment, Sr. Li looked at Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing with an even more unfriendly gaze. He thought about how he would punish such unfilial descendants after this matter was over.

“The children are insensible and have made a fool of themselves! Which familys children arent naughty at times Everyone, disperse! After all, this is the Li familys matter!” Sr. Li said to the surrounding onlookers with a straight face.

“Is that so Why dont I feel that this is the Li familys matter” At this moment, Luo Chengs voice sounded.

When everyone saw that the person in question was here and there was drama to watch, they immediately made way for Luo Cheng.

At this moment, Luo Cheng pushed open the courtyard door of the Li family with a cold expression and walked in.

“Old Master Li, shouldnt the Li family give me an explanation for this Or is the Li family planning to give up on this tiger bone!”

Li Xiaoran stared at Luo Cheng in surprise, not understanding why he was here.

After Luo Cheng came in, he didnt look at Li Xiaoran but stared at Sr. Li and questioned him.

“This is a misunderstanding!” Sr. Li felt that several parts of his body were hurting even more.

He had to get the tiger bone, so this marriage had to go through.

“Oh, so your family doesnt plan to let Li Xiaoran marry in place of Li Yan Im relieved!” Luo Cheng stopped Sr. Li from talking.



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