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―They say that the fruits, when ripe and about to rot, are the most fragrant.


Melissa looked at Rowena and tried to suppress her mother’s words from filling her mind.

Unlike the bustling banquet hall, this floor was quiet.

Instead of going back to her bedroom, Rowena sat down on a chair within the large terrace.


I’m back to life!”

The slightly cool air chilled her warm neck.

Pulling the thick shawl tighter felt pleasant, and she tilted her head up.

Melissa, who was watching her silently, hesitated and said. 

“I’ll get you a thicker blanket.”

“Hmmm, thank you.”

Rowena did not open her eyes.

Melisa turned and started to walk away, but a small call stopped her.




“Was there something you wanted to say to me that day”


“You seemed like you wanted to say something, but the Baron came and stopped you.”


Melissa, who had also turned around, swallowed a dry breath.

“I was just planning to say that I was so happy to see you and that I wanted to meet you again.”

“Oh, I see.”

There was a faint sound that answered her.

Melissa walked out of the terrace as if she were escaping.

At the sound of the glass door closing, Rowena stared at the bracelet on her wrist.

It was a bracelet made of platinum of the purest density, filled with diamonds.

Rowena remembered the lost ring.

The ring she had vaguely worn until the day it had been discarded, and the ring she had kept until the end.

It was a foolish idea that she had tricked herself into believing that she had brought it for money.

Still, it was a trivial piece of regret that she could not throw away.

Between the ages 20 to 23 years old, Rowena Philone was foolish and stupid.

She didn’t even want to know where the ring was anymore, not even knowing when she lost it.

It was satisfying for Killian to see her return to how she was five years ago.

The careful watch over her also loosened up a bit, just a while back, she had people following and watching her every move whenever and wherever she went, and now, as a test, she walked out of the banquet hall with Melissa, but there were no eyes following her right away.

A little more.

If she endures a little longer, she can run away from here.



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