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The Righteous Player s Chapter 11: Visceral Attack (Magic)

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Chapter 11: Visceral Attack (Magic)

[Nightmare has been purified.]

[Purify the nightmare with the designated identity. Final evaluation improved.]

[Ruin the curse: The Tongue in the Mirror. Final evaluation improved.]

[Kill Guard Captain Klaus. Final evaluation improved.]

[Ensure Don Juan will survive until the end of the dungeon instance. Final evaluation improved.]

[Comprehensive Evaluation – A]

[Obtained 32 points in Shared Experience; Perception 1.]

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“Its cleared…”

Annan exhaled deeply and raised his head.

Only then did he wake up from the intense dizziness.

Fortunately, I came to the rescue in the end, committing the upright last hit and snatching the kill accurately. I stopped things from changing for the worse.

It appears that I will have to snatch more kills in the future.

Before he entered the dungeon instance, it was still at sunset.

The sky had turned dim, and the morning mist was getting thinner. It was almost dawn.

The sun had not yet risen. Some complicated runes could be seen slowly rotating at the eastern sea level.

Johns dead body fell beside the rope ladder.

Annan couldnt help but sigh as he watched the familiar injury pierced through his chest.

He already knew how John died.

From this injury, Annan realized that it was the death caused by Klaus redirecting back the attacks. In other words, it was Johns stab attack that killed him.

“You can consider that I have avenged you.”

Annan muttered, “Can you give me this sword”

He took out the guardian sword that belonged to John. Unlike Annans quick temperament, John carried the scabbard with him, so Annan took the scabbard away.

It was a quite handy weapon for John, but it was too big for Annans height now.

Using this sword as a reference, if Johns height was 1.8 meters, Annan was only about 1.5 meters. He wont be comfortable using this sword.

But, Annan merely wanted a weapon.

[Purified Nightmare Fragments.]

[The current purification progress is 1/3. You can enter the dungeon instance again after 71:59 minutes.]

Its status had changed.

The data stream was still slowly passing in front of Annan:

[Obtained dungeon instance clearance reward: Profession (swordsman) rises by 1 level]

Swordsman LV4: [Bodyguard Swordsmanship LV4], [Disarm LV1], [Frost Sword LV1], Free skill point 1

A free skill point

Annan did not hesitate to add a point on [Frost Sword LV1].

Although he didnt know whether there would be any qualitative change from Bodyguard Swordsmanship to LV5, increasing the Frost Sword level would greatly benefit.

Annan only worried about whether this Frost Sword would be a skill he acquired before reaching a particular pre-requisite, stopping him from upgrading it. After all, its strength was beyond the level that an unranked profession could get.

But fortunately, his status template was unique, or this swordsmanship was not quite taboo. After one skill point, his third skill successfully became [Frost Sword LV2].

In terms of the specific rise in effect, he had to find out later.

“Huh What is this”

Annan then saw a prompt popped out:

[Hidden details cracked: 67%]

[You may receive the first stage reward (Obtained when the completion reaches 33%)]

[You may receive the second stage reward (Obtained when the completion reaches 66%)]

“Accept all the wards.”

Annan thought for a moment but decided to receive it directly.

[Obtaining dungeon instance decryption reward: Shared Experience 24 points, Health value restored to 100%]

[Reward for dungeon instance decryption: Profession (wizard apprentice) increases by 1 level]


Annans eyes lit up immediately. Thats pretty good.

He still remembered the scene of the old wizard Benjamin incurring a living natural disaster.

His instinct told him that the old wizard would not be the strongest, but he would not be the weakest.

Following this prompt, he immediately scrolled left on the dense light panel in front of his eyes:

[The mana pool has been acquired.]

[The current order/distortion power ratio is: 12 (depending on Will) / 4 (depending on Erosion)]

[Since the status template is at grade Elite Rare (Gold). Your mana pool is expanded to 48/16]

[Based on your status and mana ratio, you got the Order Magic: Chilling Touch (Instant)]

[Chilling Touch (Instant): Curse your dominant hand, giving it a temporary ability that can instantly freeze objects in contact. Each second (depending on the total level of wizard profession) consumes the Order power by 1]

[At sunrise, you can restore all the Order power.]

[At sunset, you can restore all the Chaotic power.]

[Warning: When the ratio of the mana pool is reversed [1] (the current Order power is less than or equal to 5 points), you will enter a state of Lost Control (Minor) and gradually worsen over time.]

So, this is the wizards power…

Annan looked thoughtfully at the two numbers, one white and one red, appearing on his attribute panel.

The wizard power came from balance. He would need to maintain the balance of the mana pool. The Order power should not fall less than one-third of the Chaos power. This ratio was the ratio of his current Erosion to the Will attribute too.

At least for the current Annan, it was not something difficult. Because he now had a low Erosion and high Will attribute. This made his available Order power rich.

The only drawback was that he had no spells that consume the Chaos power.

So, if the Erosion catches up or even equal to the Will attribute, will I lose the ability to use spells As long as the Order power drops by a few points, it may cause the ratio to be reversed.

What if the Erosion is greater than the Will attribute

Annan decided to experiment with his power to see what it was like to cast spells.

He gently held the mast next to him with his right hand and placed his left hand half an elbow above his right.

He used the newly acquired spell according to the memory that emerged in his mind.

Chilling Touch-

His right hand instantly turned blue-black, like a frozen corpse. Frost traces visible to the naked eye leached on his fingers. Within two or three seconds, he felt the cold in his left hand.

But the mast was not frozen.

Annan got an idea and quickly canceled the spell. The dark blue light instantly receded from his right hand.

“Sorry, brother.”

Annan said casually, then put his right hand on Johns body and used the spell [Chilling Touch] again.

This time, the effect was more pronounced. After about a second or two, a layer of frost was visibly formed on Johns face while Johns skin became hard.

Annan opened Johns mouth. He found out that Johns tongue was also frozen.

He put his hand on Johns belly again and moved away after about a second. He found that the liver was also frozen.

Annan raised his eyebrows.

Although it is an apprentice-level spell, the effect is surprisingly good.

Although the skins external changes were not noticeable, it couldnt directly cause a near-death effect like his Frost Sword. The cold air oozing out of Annans right hand could directly damage the internal organs through the skin.

Johns combat power and physical fitness should be at the top level among the unranked.

This meant that in the face of the same unranked enemy, as long as Annan could touch the opponents chest and abdomen at close range for a second or two, he could directly freeze their internal organs. He could even freeze their joints or something.

This would be his ultimate move.

The attack could be released without a weapon, making it easy to camouflage.

Especially Annan had not yet entered a rank. Perhaps this could become an advantage instead.

He was only twelve or thirteen years old, less than 1.6 meters tall. He appeared like a weak, poor, and helpless child.

Who would be wary of him when he had no weapons on his body and no weird metal ornaments

Then, Annan would show an innocent smile, leaning over, revealing a cold little hand and touching the enemys back.

The opponents waist was gone.

This isnt “Chilling Touch.” It is clearly a “Visceral Attack!”

[1] We know that the initial ratio is 48/16, which equals 3:1. If you go with this ratio of 5/16, it equals 1:3.2. This is what it meant by reverse 3:1 vs 1:3.2.



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