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The Righteous Player s Chapter 25: Thank You

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Chapter 25: Thank You


Annan narrowed his eyes slightly with his heart clear as a mirror.

He knew it very well that he had not offended anyone since he came to this world.

If it was for revenge, it could only be from one person.

Viscount Alvin Barber from Roseburg.

Although Annan did not know the viscounts purpose, this person had been blatantly hostile to Freezing Water Port ever since the beginning.

When the viscount first sent thosemercenaries to rob this place, the original Don Juan Geraint had no intention of coming to this place.

Hence, the old viscounts hostility was not directed at Don Juan.

In theory, Roseburg also belonged to the North Sea Territory. At the same time, this place was Count Geraints fief. The viscount was the vassal of Don Juans father.

Forget about Viscount Alvin Barbers intention…

“As a vassal, he dares to burn his feudal lords ship.”

Annan let out a cold and majestic reprimand with a frosty face, “Im curious. Where did he get the courage Who gave him the confidence”

For such a piece of news, Annan must be-

…very glad to hear it.

This old man was stupid enough to send people to burn the boat, which was equivalent to destroying all the evidence. The information about how many things were left on the entire ship, how many people had been there, and the battle traces all disappeared.

The whole ship was burned clean.

This meant that no one would no longer be able to find evidence that Annan was not Don Juan Geraint at all.

Of course, Annan must appear infuriated. After all, he needed to show his stance, merely setting a stage play.

With Annans status, no one would request him to rush over to the opponent base directly.

At this moment, only Don Juans dead body would expose Annan. The corpse should still be near the ship. Perhaps the corpse would still be discernible within three or four days.

As for Johns dead body, Annan left it on board deliberately to mislead the others – a clue intentionally left for certain people.

After all, he should have died in the “The Tongue in the Mirror” ritual, which the guard captain triggered. Annan believed that at least the church should be able to inspect the traces of such a ritual. Otherwise, ritual utilization would inevitably be closely monitored.

“Is anyone dying near there”

So, Annan pondered for a while and asked Salvatore, “Or, perhaps are there any bodies on the ship”

“I dont know. I dont know. I cant see it.”

Salvatore shook his head, poured himself a glass of water, and drank it all.

Then, he breathed a sigh of relief and explained, “Because its not just the boat that was burned. Even the surrounding water was on fire…”


“En, thats a special kind of fuel. The Alteration wizard of our Black Tower in the swamp used the gas stored in the swamp to make a liquid fuel. Its a stable product that can be supplied for civilian use. We call it the Green Fire. Most of it is sold as a fuel barrel for city defense. It is adherent. Some called it the Black Fire.”

Salvatore sat down across from Annan and glanced at the book Annan was reading. He drank another glass of water before gritted his teeth and said, “I did some sampling. It was so hot. Those idiots will pay the price! After I analyze it, Ill know which damn idiot sold these things to them.”

“You look furious, senior.”

Annan looked at Salvatore with the corner of his mouth raised slightly, showing a delightful smile.

He raised his eyebrows, returned to his plain expression again, and said coldly, “Have you accidentally burned yourself”

“Im not weak enough to be burned by this kind of thing.”

Salvatore snarled, “Don Juan, your father may not have told you about these things. Black Fire are strategic resources. It is not allowed to be sold during the non-war period, and even private trades are not authorized. After all, this thing causes a lot of damage. They can only be sold to the marquis at the frontier during the war. The unused ones had to be recovered after the war because ordinary people did not have the environment to store them.

“At room temperature, as long as the Black Fire encounters a violent impact or encounters a flame after it leaks, it will explode. Once the Black Fire is detonated, an extremely hard-to-extinguish fire will ignite within ten meters of it. People will be burned alive. Other strategic materials placed with it will naturally be burned out.

“So, no matter who was on your boat before or what you put on it, there was nothing left. I put out the Black Fire just recently.”

The young mayor seemed lethargic, with the dark circles under his eyes intensified.

He slammed the table irritably, “Damn it. They are idiots! There is a forest not far away. Are they trying to cause a forest fire!”

“Such a fierce fire.”

Annan frowned slightly and then relaxed again, “Fortunately, I did not leave anyone on the ship. I have sent out my guards already.”

Thank you, old man.

Annan thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

The reason for Annan fabricating guards that had never existed was to give out a legitimate identity for the players. Since Anna was not sure how the players would descend into this world, Annan dared not to give Salvatore a firm statement.

Anyway, Ill find out in a few hours. I got to be patient.

“If you have had dinner, you might as well go to bed first.”

Annan looked at Salvatore with scarlet bloodshot eyes. He could not help but persuade, “I think you are about to pass out.”

“I cant go to bed so early. If I pass out, it will be over.”

Salvatore sighed, “Dont look at me like that. Its not that I want to stay up late. This is my curse binding. I dont want it. Dont ask for details.”


Annan shrugged and said no more.

“Its so annoying lately…”

Salvatore grabbed his unusually soft hair and squatted weakly on the table, “Im so sleepy…

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“Hey, Don Juan. Have you chosen the spell I might be leaving soon.”

“I have.”

Annan replied calmly, “But I dont need your guidance anymore. I have learned it. Just waiting for you to help me advance into a rank.”

His current wizard apprentice profession had progressed:

Wizard Apprentice LV10 (Condition met to advance): [Instant Spells LV2 (Chilling Touch, Slothful Eye)], [Guide Spells LV2 (Impeding Wall, Frost Nova)]

His experience was just enough to raise the wizard apprentice profession to Level 10. Before advancement, this was the highest level of wizard apprentice.

The spell slots on him could hold four spells in total – two Instant Spells, two Guided Spells.

To put it simply, the difference was manipulating the switch at any time—the need to release the spell through guiding it.

[Slothful Eye (Instant): Curse your own eyes so that you can get the ability to infect others spirit through your sight. Everyone who looks at you will immediately become slothful and weaken. The effect of using it on tired people will increase. Every 2 seconds (depending on the total level of the wizard profession/5) will consume 1 Order Power.]

【Impeding Wall (Guided): Passivate the air in the designated area so that any object passing through this area immediately loses its original speed. The effect of using it upon inanimate objects will increase significantly. The larger the area, the greater the consumption of Order Power. The minimum Order Powers consumption is 1 per second]

[Frost Nova (Guided): The temperature of the designated medium (air/flowing water/earth) around 30 meters drops exceptionally rapidly. It can instantly transmit the curse equivalent to the instant spell “Chilling Touch.” The curse effect on the edge increases. Every two Novas (depending on the total wizard profession level/5), consumes the Order power 8. The spell can be released continuously]

Since Annan did not know whether he could reset his skill points, he chose the most application spells that complement each other in Energy Falteration School.

His fighting power had finally taken shape at this moment.



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