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The Righteous Player s Chapter 7: Nullifying the Curse

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Chapter 7: Nullifying the Curse

After the mirror shattered, there were no glass shards splashed.

Many purple-red cracks began to appear on the mirror surface, from which something colorless and intangible overflowed.

Anan could hear whispers in his ears.

Annan barely caught a slight fragrance in the air. But, he couldnt figure out the specific scent it was. After all, he hadnt studied the spices of this world. He could only barely detect it, which seemed to be the smell of either pepper or burnt wood.

Of course, Annan was confident to remember it if he were to reencounter it next time.

Suddenly, a line of blood-red, scribbled characters appeared in front of Annan:

[You have nullified the curse – The Tongue in the Mirror]

At the next moment, a purple-red flame was ignited on the pinned bull tongue above the broken mirror. At the same time, it also emitted a pungent stench, like the smell of dental plaque mixed with blood.

The flame rose instantly, burning the entire bull tongue with practically nothing left.

Then, in the shattered mirror, an intense hurricane suddenly gushed out. The wind even sucked Annan, making him staggered. He almost stepped on the bloodstain in front.

But these bloodstains did not last long.

The invisible hurricane swept through, and the blood on the ground was like having been licked clean by a dog. In just a few seconds, it was sucked clean with no trace of blood remaining. Even the air no longer had the blood stench.

It was like something Annan couldnt see had wiped the floor clean.

Soon, the hurricane subsided.

The blood, dirt, corpses, and ashes of cow tongue in the entire room were all sucked into the mirror.

Only one mirror remained in the center of the room.

The mirror was like ice-cracked porcelain. It was like a phone with a screen protector that fell to the ground. It looked very miserable when it was broken, but no glass fell out.

Annan walked over and touched the mirror.

Sure enough, a light curtain appeared immediately before his eyes:

[The Mirror without Tongue]

[Type: Material/Miscellaneous (Blue)]

[Description: The destroyed cursed item has lost its original function]

[Effect: The curse holder will suffer from curse binding “speak no evil“]

[Speak no evil: If the curse holder is attacked when his sentence is not finished, the attack ignores the defense.]

Looking at the attributes of this mirror, Annan fell into deep confusion.

“How is this useful”

Is this served as a warning not to “act arrogant before delivering the killing blow (last hit)” Or… I have damaged the function “the attack you get when you are not speaking shall be redirected back” Annan thought for a while but decided to find a place to hide the mirror first.

It was a bit scary to carry this thing around.

Annan then found a place to put the mirror, carried the sword, and went out.

As soon as he left the room, he saw Guard Captain Klaus hurriedly approaching. He just passed the last corner.

When Annan saw Klaus, Klaus also raised his head as if he sensed something.

He also happened to see Annan, who had just come out of the room.

When the two saw each other, they stopped their actions immediately.

Annan was silent for a moment, not knowing what to say, just squeezed the long sword in his hand.

Strangely, Klaus did not attack directly either.

When he saw Annan coming out of this room, he looked at Annans mouth immediately. Seeing Annans mouth closed tightly, Klauss pupils shrank. He also closed his mouth to remain silent, reaching out and holding the hilt of the sword. Then, he proceeded to stand motionless.

This detail made Annans heart move slightly, but there was no reaction on his face.

Neither of them moved nor spoke.

Suddenly, there was an ominous silence in the narrow corridor.

The frozen air was thick and cold, surging with unconcealed killing intent and malice.

After a few seconds of silence, Annans vague thoughts became clearer:

Why does Klaus omit from attacking me Does he not want to No, Annan could be certain that Klaus really wanted to kill him. The killing intent in his eyes was boiling. The slightly squinted eyes were flowing with a chill like a reptile.

Just staring into Klauss eyes, Annan could hear a soft, unintelligible whisper in his ear.

In his eyes, Klaus figure gradually became distorted and exaggerated. A purplish-red mist was steaming from his body. But Annan looked carefully again as if it was just an illusion.

Guard Captain Klaus stood still with his mouth closed and said nothing.

Unless… Klaus wants to attack me, but he doesnt dare! Annan immediately came into realization.

Maybe Klaus couldnt see that the mirror was broken, or he didnt have much information. He might think that Annan got the same ability as him – the ability to redirect the attack back in silence!

For example, Annan could have taken out the beef tongue that belonged to Klaus and put the beef tongue he had prepared in advance.

With a guess in his heart, Annan gained confidence.

He was not the kind of person who lacked courage.

Whats more He didnt feel fear or panic at all now.

Annan didnt want to give his life in vain.

He immediately stretched out his hand, put his index finger in front of his lips, and made a silent gesture. The honest and straightforward face belonging to John gradually showed a bright and proud smile.

Seeing “John” suddenly making such a frantic expression, Klauss heart trembled.

…Could it be Has John stolen the curse “Dont come.”

Annan closed the door and slowly retreated to the other side of the corridor.

He stretched out his left hand to block his mouth. The words he uttered in his mouth were short but could not be challenged, “Get back.”

Of course, the rune was not engraved on his tongue. He had burned the bull tongue and nullified the curse.

Coincidentally, Klaus chose this fully enclosed windowless room to prevent others from discovering the ritual he arranged in the room. But now, he was trapped by his plot.

He didnt even know that there was nothing left in this room.

As long as Annan blocked his mouth, Klaus didnt dare to attack Annan at all. He couldnt see Annans mouth, so he couldnt judge whether Annan was about to speak, so he couldnt even attack.

Annan could attack him, but he could not attack Annan. Once he guessed the timing wrong, John would kill him instead.

Seeing Klaus still hesitating, Annan immediately revealed the card up his sleeve:

“-The Tongue in the Mirror, right”

It was a critical hit.

Hearing these words, Klauss expression finally moved.

His face showed strong unwillingness. He sighed deeply in the end and withdrew the right hand on the long sword around his waist.

“You won, John. Although I think you probably dont know what you did yourself…”

Klaus sighed and stopped putting up his silent act.

Seeing Annan remain silent, he shook his head. Sticking out his tongue, showing Annan the curse binding that was nullified.

There was a deep and bloody wound on his tongue.

The bloodstain was similar to Don Juans dagger. It was as though someone pierced Klauss tongue with that dagger. The rune he sewed on his tongue with thread was naturally divided into two by this scar.

“Are you satisfied”

Klaus snorted coldly, “Listen well, John. I dont have to kill you, but you must keep it secret for us. This is also for your own good.”

“You dont have to kill me”

Annan repeated Klauss words and couldnt help laughing, “Do you have a saying on this”

Although Annans strength might not allow him to beat Klaus, Annans advantage was that he was fearless.

Because of fearlessness- He was acting cool; he seemed extremely confident.

But looking at Annans confident look, the corner of Klauss mouth suddenly rose, revealing an undisguised sneer:

“Whose order do you think we listened to Why do you think we dared to betray the Three-eyed Crow Do you think we are all as stupid as you”

“The Gerant family is not a generous and kind person. Count Crow only has four children in total. He is incredibly affectionate to Don Juan. He was not sent out because he made a mistake but because the count wanted to save him.

“If it werent for the lords order, we were not crazy enough to murder the young master…”

Klauss eyes were full of sympathetic mockery, “We cant do anything about it. I advise you to stop, silly John. Its already too late. Did you kill everyone under this deck Outstanding skills, join us.

“‘Tongue in the Mirror can only protect you from death on the ship at best. However, if you dare to go ashore, you will be dead. Moreover, even if you stay on the ship and dont get off, the ship itself cant stand the cannon.

“You havent seen what a cannon is, right Im just telling you. As long as a shell hits, the whole ship will be broken in half. Its terrifying.”

“I have killed your men. Can you rest assured”

“Even if you dont kill them, someone will.”

Klaus sneered, “Its just a bunch of disposable. They wont be able to enter the ranks in this life. But, you are different. Since you can steal my ritual, it means you must also have the talent to become Transcended. You pretended to be a fool for so many years. You would not want to be a mere guard, right”

“So, who made the order”

Annan narrowed his eyes and asked in a deep voice, “Who wants to kill the young master You have to tell me this. Otherwise, I cant trust you.”

In terms of this ships craftsmanship, there should not be too many “cannons” in this world.

He was planning to borrow Don Juans identity, which forced him to find out the enemies who Don Juan would be facing. Otherwise, he might die unknowingly.

Of course, if it was too difficult to deal with, it did not rule out the possibility of Annan slipping straight away.

“Since I dared to tell you, I am naturally not afraid of you spreading this.

“Ill be straightforward. Its the Third Prince. Not only the young master will die, but Count Crow will be killed sooner or later. Only the Eldest Young Master in the entire Gerant family can live because he is a wise man.”

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The corner of the guard captains mouth raised, “After all, time is running out now for our esteemed King.”

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