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Ch9 - Wild Congratulation.

Since solving Xing Yun’s cold meal and cold dishes problem, Xue Yingshuang’s stand-in career has been elevated to the next level.

He can earn a few thousand more every month just by the overtime he earns from cooking.



Not only that, he originally ate three meals a day very casually, but now he doesn’t dare to neglect his cooking because of Xing Yun, he pays attention to the nutrition of each meal.

As a result, not only did Xing Yun eat satisfactorily, he accompanied Xing Yun to eat for a while, and his mental strength was much better than before.

He used to be sleepy and dizzy when he was reading.

Now that his work and rest are normal, and his nutrition is up to date, he has more energy when he studies. 

Because of this, Xue Yingshuang has a grateful heart towards Xing Yun.

As long as Xing Yun likes it, he can do anything.


In the evening, Xing Yun complained while eating: “I’ve decided to double the price of all the things I sold to Lu Yan in the future.”

The two have been together for a while now, and Xue Yingshuang has gained a certain understanding of the people around Xing Yun in his work life, so he asked, “What did he do now”

“He always loves to show off the meal his wife brought him in Moments!”


As Xing Yun said this, he handed his phone to Xue Yingshuang.

Xue Yingshuang took it and took a look.

It turned out to be a hand-made meal, put in the lunch box with some decorations.

To be honest, it was not anything special, but the post was a token of appreciation.

Just looking at Xing Yun, although he looked disdainful, his tone was clearly envious.

“What’s so good about it, isn’t it all the same when you eat it And this,” Xing Yun opened another person’s wechat moments to show Xue Yingshuang, “It’s so fancy.

Is this necessary for a meal”


This time, the lunchbox that Xing Yun showed Xue Yingshuang was closer to the Japanese-style bento.

Not only did the person make shapes, they also wrote words.

Even one of the bento boxes was arranged with ingredients to line up and form the portrait of a little girl.

The whole bento is colorful and fits very well together, it looks especially gorgeous. 

The person who sent the Moments was someone Xue Yingshuang had heard Xing Yun say was also one of the young bosses of their office building.

It is said that his lover was a painter.

Sure enough, the painter was different, Xue Yingshuang said from the bottom of his heart: “I think it’s pretty amazing.”

When Xing Yun heard this, he exploded: “What’s so great about it Even an artist doesn’t have to show off like this, right”

Xue Yingshuang was afraid that Xing Yun would go on like this, and the whole building would smell the smell of vinegar, so he said, “I will bring you a meal on Monday.” 

“Who is rare…” Xing Yun, who was still cursing, stopped for a moment and said, “Really”

“I already said, I’ll do everything for you as long as you want.” Xue Yingshuang said, “Isn’t that how our contract was signed”

Anyway, cooking a meal for one person is a meal, cooking a meal for two people is still a meal.

The house isn’t far from Xing Yun’s company.

Consider it as exercise when sending the meal.

The point is that noon is not covered in working hours, so there is overtime pay.. 

Who doesn’t love exercise and overtime pay

On Monday’s, Xue Yingshuang rarely got up later than Xing Yun.


It was not that Xue Yingshuang overslept, but that Xing Yun got up too early.

As soon as Xue Yingshuang opened the door, he saw Xing Yun standing outside the door.

A startled Xue Yingshuang said: “……Morning.” 

Xing Yun nodded coldly at Xue Yingshuang, but did not speak.

Xue Yingshuang went to the kitchen, and Xing Yun followed.

Xue Yingshuang has already figured out Xing Yun’s character, and knows that he must have something else to say.

Sure enough, before going to work, Xing Yun finally said: “You don’t have to please me, just have a simple lunch.”

Xue Yingshuang: “Don’t worry, it’s not something outstanding, I’m not that capable.” 

Xing Yun: “But it can’t be too simple! Understand”

Xue Yingshuang: “……”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Wlcu Tec: “Ktf qblca lr ab yf vlralcmalnf, ab yf jyif ab tlutiluta qfgrbcji rasif, yea jirb ab ajxf lcab jmmbeca atf oijnbg!”

Wef Tlcurtejcu: “Xba la, ab yf vlralcmalnf, mjc jirb tlutiluta atf qfgrbcji rasif, jcv ajxf lcab jmmbeca atf oijnbg.” 

Wef Tlcurtejcu kjr rfmgfais vfilutafv.

Wlcu Tec’r atbeutar mblcmlvfv klat tlr qgfnlber qgfqjgjalbcr.

P’w jogjlv atja Wlcu Tec klii tjnf ab ulnf tlw j gjlrf obg abvjs’r yfcab ktfc tf rffr la!

At noon, Xue Yingshuang arrived on the ground floor of  Xing Yun’s company with the prepared bento and handed the bento to Xing Yun’s serious assistant.

“It’s a bit heavy.” Xue Yingshuang carefully handed it to Xiao Zhao.

“Wow!” Xiao Zhao received it firmly with both hands, “It looks amazing!” 

Xue Yingshuang shook his head in modesty: “No no, just a little thought.”

After all, he didn’t study art, he was just a factory worker on the assembly line.

How could it be possible for him to make a bento with much artistic sense of love for his wife

But a bento is all about the thought.

Although he and Xing Yun have no love between them, he poured all his gratitude to the boss into the bento! 

Upstairs, Xing Yun kept knocking on the table impatiently, staring at the office door.

Where’s the meal Where’s the meal What about his meal that is distinctive, highlights his personal style, and takes into account the flavor


He couldn’t wait, so he stood up and walked quickly to the elevator, staring at the jumping numbers on the elevator screen.

The elevator door opened, and the people inside were startled by a pair of big eyes in front of the elevator door staring at them like a thief. 

Everyone: “”

When Xing Yun saw that it was not his meal, he turned his head and continued to wait for the next elevator.

After finally waiting for the elevator door to open, Xing Yun did not see Xue Yingshuang, but Xiao Zhao.

“Where is he” 

“Assistant Xue went back first…”

Xing Yun snorted, snatched the box from Xiao Zhao’s hand, and stepped into the elevator.

The elevator went downstairs, and this time the elevator stopped on the floor of Lu Yan’s company.

Xing Yun strode into Lu Yan’s office.

Today is the day when he, Xing Yun, wipes away a humiliation! 

Finally someone was willing to help him bring a meal, he had to let Lu Yan see, he also had his own lunch!

When Xu Yun entered Lu Yan’s office, Lu Yan just opened his lunch box.

Lu Yan: “”

Xing Yun: “I’m looking for you to talk about business.” 

“Is that… a material you’re holding” Lu Yan looked at the big box in Xing Yun’s hand.

The bento prepared by Xue Yingshuang for Xing Yun was different from that of others.

Other people’s bento was packed in a small handbag, but Xue Yingshuang prepared a large paperbox.

It was only then that Xing Yun realized that his bento seemed unusual.

It’s not just that the size is unusual, there seems to be light faintly… Regardless, Xing Yun put the carton on Lu Yan’s table and pulled a chair to sit down. 

Lu Yan also realized that the box was not containing materials, so he probed to see.

Seeing that he was curious, Xing Yun hummed triumphantly, and then opened the paperbox.


Suddenly, the office was filled with white mist, and a graceful glow, colorful neon lights shot out enthusiastically!

Xing Yun and Lu Yan: “” 

The colorful light is rotated and emitted, flashing clockwise, counterclockwise, staggered flashes… Various modes are dazzling.

Xing Yun took out the contents of the paperbox against the skyrocketing light.

It turned out that the glowing thing was a pot with a lid.

The lid was attached to a colorful light strip, which was constantly rotating to emit light, while the white smoke came from the dry ice installed under the box.

Under the pot, there is also a portable gas stove. 

In addition, several other bentos were prepared in the paperbox, and Lu Yan’s table was filled with large and small ones.

Lu Yan: “Your lunch… is quite luxurious.”

Xing Yun:“…………hmm.”

Xing Yun figured it out after a while, Xue Yingshuang helped him prepare a single hot pot. 

Xing Yun had a lot to say in his heart, but he didn’t know what to say.

He was usually eloquent when talking about business and scolding people like a machine gun.

At this time, he was as quiet as a chicken.

He silently put the pot on the gas stove and turned on the stove.

Then uncovered the glittering lid.

Uncovering the lid of the pot, he heard a thick male voice and saying solemnly: “Wild Congratulations! XX home furnishing performance hit a new high! Xing Yun was selected as an outstanding young entrepreneur in City A! Climbing to the top! Extraordinary glory!” 

Xing Yun and Lu Yan: “”

Lu Yan: “……Congratulations.”

Xing Yun, who is holding the lid of the pot:“…………”

The sound was repeated over and over again.

It turned out to be the sound of a small part stuck to the lid of a pot. 

Xing Yun silently put the lid back on the pot, and the voice stopped.

But he realized that he couldn’t eat like this, so he opened the lid of the pot again.


“Wild Congratulations! XX home furnishing performance hit a new high! Xing Yun was selected as an outstanding young entrepreneur in City A! Climbing to the top! Extraordinary glory!”

Xing Yun put the lid on the pot again. 

Think about it or uncover it.

“Wild Congratulations! XX home furnishing performance hit a new high! Xing Yun was selected as an outstanding young entrepreneur in City A! Climbing to the top! Extraordinary glory!”

Cover it again.

Lu Yan: “You should eat quickly.” 

Xing Yun: “……oh.”

In the end, Xing Yun took the small parts apart, and the lid turned back into a simple lid that only emitted colorful light.

The light was so dazzling that Xing Yun was almost overwhelmed.

He started the fire with the colorful light, and the hot pot that was made with fragrant butter began to bubble. 

The other large boxes contained vegetables, mushrooms, meat and meatballs, while the small boxes contained ramen, dips, eggs, fruits, and a bottle of herbal tea.

Because it had been frozen by_dry ice, the ingredients were all cool and fresh.

There is also a small handwritten card in the paperbox.

The card reminds Xing Yun of the length of time each ingredient should be in the pot, and an ugly stickman is drawn at the bottom.

It’s really a meal that is distinctive, highlights personal style, and takes into account the flavor. 

Xing Yun felt like a breath of air was stuck in his chest, choking and unable to release it.

Lu Yan said, “It takes a lot of effort to do this, right”

Xing Yun heard this sentence, suddenly happy again.

He calmly replied, “Not bad,” but his eyes could not hide his joy.

Xing Yun started to place the material according to the instructions of the small card. 

The freshly cooked beef does not need to be dipped in any sauce and stuffed into the mouth, it melts.The tripe is not mushy after cooking for a long time, and the taste is crisp.

If you eat too much meat, just eat some baby chinese cabbage to get rid of grease, and then add all kinds of mushrooms.

The mushrooms were so plump that they almost beat the meat when they tasted.


If you eat too much meat, just eat some baby chinese cabbage to get rid of grease, and then add all kinds of mushrooms.

The mushrooms were so plump that they almost beat the flavor of the meat when tasted.

Then there is the smooth shrimp, which was made by Xue Yingshuang himself.

After a little scalding, the color suddenly became a tender pink, and then dipped in a special sauce.

The taste is sweet and chewy. 

At this time, the potato slices that had been put into the pot a long time ago had also been soaked in the soup and cooked softly, and immediately spread out when they were put in the mouth.

“Oh, you have nothing to eat now How can this be!” Seeing that Lu Yan’s meal was almost finished, Xing Yun was very kind, “Let me help you rinse some duck blood, this duck blood is tender! Eat something hot and freshly cooked, don’t always eat cold meals!”

Lu Yan: “……”

It’s just a hot pot.

Why are you being so weird 

Lu Yan looked at Xing Yun and thought to himself that maybe the partnership might have something to do with it.

In the end, the two of them ate hotpot together.

They had lunch for two hours, and Xing Yun was satisfied after eating, but suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Oh no! 

He forgot to take a picture! How was he going to show off!

After looking around, the cups and plates were all a mess, and he could only pat the lid of the glowing pot.

Xing Yun looked left and right to adjust the angle to pat the lid, and Lu Yan said, “Who did this for you”

“This is…” Xing Yun was about to answer, but he drew a blank for a moment.

What is he going to say 

The little stand-in I’m looking after Little lover

It’s not right to say his assistant, he’s not someone who would let his assistant help him with such personal matters.

After thinking about it, he really did not know how to answer, and in the end he could only smile.

His brain circuits did not match Lu Yans.

Lu Yan thought he was shy, and said, “It turns out that you are in love.

No wonder you feel different from before.

When other people see you, they also say that you are in love after the first glance.”

Xing Yun: “” 

Lu Yan is not a person to gossip, so he hasn’t said anything so far.

However, these few words were enough to confuse Xing Yun.


In love He’s in love Everyone thinks he’s in love

Are they all blind 

How could he be in love!

He doesn’t need love.


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