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Ch11 - English is too difficult.

Editor: Waterlily- Overlord Shay

Xing Yun observed Xue Yingshuang for a few days and came to the conclusion: 

This guy likes me so much, he is trying to please me at every turn! Just to win my heart!

Do you even know who you are



At night, Xing Yun sat on the sofa, pretended to watch TV with his feet crossed, but in fact secretly observed Xue Yingshuang.

Xue Yingshuang stopped sitting next to him that day, Xing Yun thought Xue Yingshuang was afraid that his intention would be discovered by him. 



The phone rang, and as soon as Xing Yun looked at the screen, he immediately uncrossed his legs and sat upright to answer.

Bai Qianyi’s voice on the other end of the phone was still soft, but showed faint exhaustion: “Off work”

“What time is it Of course I’m off duty.” Xing Yun said, “Isn’t it your office hours Why are you calling”


“It’s nothing, just a little tired, I want to chat with you.”

“Go ahead.”

Xing Yun has never been shy while talking to Bai Qianyi on the phone when Xue Yingshuang was by his side, but today he doesn’t know why he wants to go into another room to talk.


When Xing Yun looked up, he saw Xue Yingshuang glance at him, and then turn away again. 

Xing Yun, who originally wanted to get up, decided to stay in the living room.

“The weather is good today and the sun is also good, but I just don’t want to go to work.” Bai Qianyi sighed, “I don’t want to go to work.”

Xing Yun looked at Xue Yingshuang: “You like going to work the most, how come you don’t want to go to work”

Bai Qianyi: “Xing Yun, if I don’t go to work, do you support it” 

Xing Yun: “You’re such an excellent talent, it’d be too bad if you don’t work, right”

As Xing Yun spoke, his eyes followed Xue Yingshuang.

Xue Yingshuang was wiping down the cabinet, wiping and wiping and suddenly sighed heavily.

After he finished sighing, he glanced at Xing Yun.

The two people met each other’s eyes, and Xue Yingshuang again looked away weakly.

What’s with this little stand-in 

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“Am I excellent” Bai Qianyi said, “My colleague told me today that she is so envious of me.

I can get a high salary at such a young age.

During the same period, the boss values me most.

But do I care about money Do I want fame As long as I am free, I will return home.”

“Ktfgf’r cb kjs sbeg ybrr lr ublcu ab ifa sbe ub.”


“Gbc’a sbe kjca wf ab mbwf yjmx”

“Qtja vb sbe atlcx Qtfcfnfg sbe mbwf yjmx, atf vbbg bo ws tberf lr klvf bqfc obg sbe.” Wlcu Tec rjlv, “Dea vbc’a atlcx rb wemt, ub ab kbgx delmxis, atf wbgf atlcur vgju bc, atf wbgf sbe mjc’a olclrt la.

Ojksfg Djl, pljsbe.” 

Hearing this, Xue Yingshuang sighed heavily again, his voice heavier than the previous time.

Xing Yun squinted his eyes and looked at Xue Yingshuang’s back.

Xue Ying’s back was lonely, his footsteps were drifting, and the constant scrub of cabinets seemed very feeble.

What’s going on 

Xing Yun’s smart brain turned, and he suddenly realized.

Judging from Xue Yingshuang’s repeated glances and sighs, Xue Yingshuang was jealous when he heard him talking to Bai Qianyi.

How dare he be jealous This little stand-in has a lot of nerve.

Xing Yun’s heart is very complicated. 

On his end, Xue Yingshuang unconsciously sighed again.

Why is English so difficult

He did a set of questions before he went to work today, and on average, he got seven out of ten!

He originally wanted to show this fact through work, but once he heard Xing Yun talking to Bai Qianyi, he realized the fact that people like Mr.

Bai can work as a lawyer in the United States, so his English must be very good. 

How to be like him!

It sucks so much!

He has to take English in the self-examination, what should he do!

He sighed when he thought of it, but Xing Yun was right.

The more things dragged on, the more he couldn’t finish it, and the more the book dragged on, the more he couldn’t finish reading. 

After getting off work later, he must understand the ones he got wrong today before he can go to bed.……

The next morning, Xue Yingshuang drifted out of the room with dark circles under his eyes.


He had read until 3:30 am, and he could sort out some of the questions he got wrong, and he seemed to somewhat understand them, but could only memorize them by rote.

As a result, he even had English questions in his sleep, and while half-asleep; asleep or awake, there is no difference. 

Xue Yingshuang was in a daze, walking back and forth, and bumped into something within a few steps, and had to take two steps backwards.

Touch it, it’s hot, look up, it turns out to be Xing Yun.

Xing Yun frowned and supported him: “What’s the matter”

Xue Yingshuang turned his head to hold back his yawn, but he still couldn’t help it, and finally yawned a big one.

As he yawned he looked at Xing Yun with tears in his eyes and said, “I’m sorry, I know he doesn’t yawn like this, I yawn unlike him…” 

Xue Yingshuang’s tearful peach blossomed eyes looked at Xing Yun, and  his heart moved slightly.

Didn’t sleep well Were you too jealous to sleep last night

“Wait for me, I’ll go make breakfast.”

Xue Yingshuang bypassed Xing Yun and was about to leave, but was pulled by Xing Yun. 

“Don’t take some things to heart, Thinking too much won’t help.” It’s rare for Xing Yun to have such a gentle tone, “Go back to sleep, I’ll let you take a vacation this morning.”

Is there such a good thing Xue Yingshuang uneasily looked towards Xing Yun: “Really No deduction”

Xing Yun nodded, Xue Yingshuang clenched his fists, and his spirit suddenly came alive.

How can such a good opportunity be used to sleep 

Xue Yingshuang slipped back to his room like a gust of wind and began to study.

In the evening, when Xing Yun came home from work, Xue Yingshuang had become even more haggard, his face was already small, and looked even smaller.

“What’s the matter with you”

Xue Yingshuang wanted to smile a little, but remembered that he couldn’t smile, so he could only shake his head at Xing Yun: “It’s okay, come and eat.” 

He didn’t want to tell Xing Yun that he had studied for a whole day.

As soon as he did the questions, he made more mistakes than last time.

Although Xue Yingshuang was exhausted, he still cooked a table of Xing Yun’s favorite dishes.


At the dinner table, Xue Yingshuang picked out a fishbone for Xing Yun while saying, “I have prepared your luggage for your business trip tomorrow.

You can take a look at what is missing later.”

He put the selected fish in Xing Yun’s bowl, and said, “After going out for so many days, you have to eat a balanced diet.

Don’t keep eating bread.

Bear with it if the food gets cold occasionally.

I’ll cook something delicious for you when you get home.” 

If other people said this, Xing Yun would probably ask “Are you in charge of me” But when Xue Yingshuang said these words, he felt that they sounded strangely pleasing to his ears.

Xing Yun said, “I’m not so spoiled.

In the next few days when I am away.

You can do whatever you want when you’re on leave.”

Xue Yingshuang was once again happy: “Thank you boss!”

This time, Xing Yun was on a business trip for five days and had to leave at six o’clock in the morning. 

Xue Yingshuang got up earlier than Xing Yun.

At half past five, Xue Yingshuang tugged on Xing Yun, who was still in bed.

“Put on your clothes.” Xue Yingshuang put the suit next to Xing Yun.

“What about breakfast” Xing Yun yawned as he sat at the edge of the bed.

“I want chicken noodle soup.”

“There is no time, you can eat when you get on the plane.” 

“I just want to eat, I’ll pay you…”

“If you have the ability to eat noodle soup in the car, I will cook it now.”

Xing Yun didn’t have that ability, so he had to shut up.

He got up and put on his trousers and began to button his shirt.

He was not fully awake so the first button was done wrong.

Xue Yingshuang saw him fumble like this.

Xing Yun would be late sooner or later, so Xue Yingshuang directly went forward and buttoned the shirt for him, and helped him tie his tie as well. 

At this time, Xing Yun was almost fully awake.

Xue Yingshuang was half a head shorter than Xing Yun.

When Xing Yun lowered his eyes, he could see Xue Yingshuang with his head up in front of him.

The distance between the two is very close.

Xing Yun can see Xue Yingshuang’s long eyelashes and very beautiful face… Xue Yingshuang leaned closer, did he want me to kiss him

While Xing Yun’s imagination was running wild, Xue Yingshuang took a step back and looked at Xing Yun from head to toe with satisfaction: “Okay, very handsome.” 

But Xing Yun thought he really likes me and actually thinks I’m handsome.

Assistant Xiao Zhao drove to pick up Xing Yun.

Xue Yingshuang did not leave immediately after Xing Yun got in the car.


Xing Yun noticed that there were tears in Xue Yingshuang’s eyes, and then saw that although Xue Yingshuang was in high spirits, he couldn’t hide his haggardness.

It suddenly became clear in his heart that this little stand-in was afraid that he would be separated from him and couldn’t sleep all night.

As the car drove away, Xue Yingshuang wiped a tear from his eyes as he yawned. 

So sleepy, he stayed up late trying to select a topic or go back to sleep.……

However, Xing Yun inside the car, with great mercy, decided to find a way to coax the poor little stand-in.

Editor’s note: We have all just witnessed the start of the white moonlights fall from grace via misunderstandings.


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