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Ch12 - Another enlightenment!

Editor: Waterlily- Overlord Shay

After leaving the house, Xing Yun fixed his face and showed the appearance of a tyrant. 

This time he had few tasks to do on his business trip, first to attend a business development forum in B City.

Then he would visit his local branch store and finally, visit a few partners along the way.

The itinerary was packed, there was no room for entertainment, but he has always only worked on business trips.

This time, he only brought his assistant Xiao Zhao.



When they got off the plane and arrived at the venue, there was still some time before the opening.

There were many business elites wearing suits and ties, each individual had a pattern, many of whom were young people of the same age as Xing Yun.

However, while everyone was wearing a suit, Xing Yun was particularly eye-catching. 

He had long legs and a good figure.

He was a walking coat hanger.

In addition, he had been nurtured by Xue Yingshuang recently.

He looked radiant and even more handsome.

Just walking on the red carpet at the venue alone was enough to make him look like a model walking down the runway, attracting the eyes of many people who watch him from the side.


There were a few businessmen who came up to talk and exchange business cards with Xing Yun, in addition to boasting that Xing Yun was “young and promising”, the most common praise was “a good-looking talent”.

An uncle also took a group photo with Xing Yun, saying that he wanted to “show it to his daughter.”

After returning to his seat, Xing Yun received photos from the uncle.

In addition to taking group photos, the uncle also enthusiastically took a few solo photos of Xing Yun.

Despite the uncle’s age, the photos were taken in a decent way.


Xing Yun doesn’t like to take pictures.

It’s rare to have photos and they are well taken.

It’s inevitable that he wants to share them.

His fingers subconsciously wanted to click on Bai Qianyi’s profile picture, but just before he pressed it, he suddenly felt strangely embarrassed.

Finally, he moved his finger and sent it to Xue Yingshuang, while sending Bai Qianyi a photo of the many people in the venue.


After sending the photos, Xing Yun browsed his phone and waited for a reply. 

A few minutes later, Bai Qianyi replied: “Jiayou!”

Xing Yun replied: “Thank you, you too.”

After he finished answering, he clicked on the dialog box between himself and Xue Yingshuang, thinking to himself that it had been five minutes, did this guy fall asleep

He closed the dialog box and after a moment, opened it back up again.

It was six minutes. 

Click on it then close it, click on it and close it… Ten minutes after sending out the photo, Xing Yun sent Xue Yingshuang another photo, which was still his solo photo, but from a different angle.

Fifteen minutes later, Xue Yingshuang finally replied.

Xue Yingshuang: “The organizer is so generous, still inviting male stars to come”

Xue Yingshuang: “Remember to ask for an autograph for me.” 

What the hell, just kissing ass!

Xing Yun replied, “Get lost[Smile]” and coldly put away his cell phone.


For a moment, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but hook up.

There were three days of activities, and as soon as the activities ended, Xing Yun ran to one of his branch stores the next day. 

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Ktfgf kjr cb rtbgajuf bo merabwfgr lc atf rabgf jii vjs.

Those customers were mostly young married couples or young lovers, who came to the store to discuss how to decorate their home.

Xing Yun would always pay attention to what they were saying, paying attention to customer needs, but as he listened, he somehow remembered Xue Yingshuang. 

It was probably the same when he and Xue Yingshuang went to the supermarket.

However, they only buy vegetables, and they don’t need much at home..

Next time, he should take Xue Yingshuang to the store for a walk around.……

The thought of Xue Yingshuang made him hungry.

In the past few days, he had eaten a lot of bentos, Xue Yingshuang had asked him to bear it, and he held it all in.

After enduring for so many days, if there is nothing delicious when he goes home, Xue Yingshuang will be dead. 

Xing Yun stayed at this store until the evening before leaving.

Before leaving, the store manager took out a few bags and said with a smile: “I know you don’t like to bring a bunch of things back, and you don’t want us to prepare things.

But my assistant is new here, and I forgot to remind her.

She prepared these souvenirs without saying a word.

See which one you want, don’t let me put it all away.”

The store manager was right, and Xing Yun is indeed that kind of person.

Although he doesn’t need to mention it, he just thinks they are unsightly.

Who wants them anyway Don’t give it to him.

However, to the surprise of the store manager, this time Xing Yun looked at the bags and stretched out his hand: “Let me take a look.” 

The store manager was taken aback and hurriedly handed them over, while introducing: “They are all famous products here.

This cake belongs to a century-old shop.

There is also this and this, both of which are snacks from the internet celebrity shop.

Boss, do you want them”

Xing Yun looked at it: “Yes.”

After the day he sent the photo, he and Xue Yingshuang have not contacted each other again.

He thought that the little stand-in hadn’t seen him for so many days, and he must be very sad.

He was afraid if he didn’t bring anything back, the little stand-in would be secretly sad again. 

The store manager was an old employee of Xing Yun, and she had already figured out Xing Yun’s temper.

Seeing Xing Yun accepting the things, she said again: “Originally, my assistant’s sister wanted to buy a cake, but the cake shop was very popular, and the queue was long.

I was afraid that it would be inconvenient for you to take it back, so I didn’t buy it first.

If you don’t think it’s too much trouble…”

“What cake” When Xing Yun heard of the cake, his heart moved, “Let me see.”


The store manager hurriedly used her phone to send it to Xing Yun.

The best selling cake in the cake shop was a strawberry cake.

The workmanship was extremely exquisite, and the cakes looked like paintings.

When Xing Yun saw that it was a strawberry cake, he immediately said, “Buy one for me and I will take it back tomorrow.”

Xing Yun was in a good mood. 

Bring some sweet back to coax the little stand-in, this time the little stand-in won’t cry anymore, right

In City A, Xue Yingshuang, who had learned to skip his sleep and meals, looked up and found that it was already dark.

He took the fried rice that he hadn’t finished at noon to the table.

The fried rice has been sitting all afternoon.

The rice was already cold and hard, but he quickly put it into his mouth unconsciously, put the plate down, and continued to study.

Xing Yun was happy for a while, but then he woke up again.

How can this little thing be enough to coax Xue Yingshuang 

What Xue Yingshuang can’t get is him.

How can a little biscuit cake replace him

Xing Yun bought clothes and shoes for Xue Yingshuang again, but felt that it still was far from enough.

At night, Xing Yun met with several partners, and a group of people opened a big box in the nightclub.

Speaking of partnerships, in fact, only one or two of them actually had business dealings with Xing Yun.

The others were just people he knew in the business world or people brought along by others.

There were almost twenty of them, and few of them were familiar to him. 

Xing Yun was a reclusive character.

He had little interest in such places and activities.

If it weren’t for the fact that his business was all about connections and peace, he really wanted to go back to his hotel and watch the football game in bed.

But he had come, and he had done all the things he needed to do, drank what he needed to drink, and said what he needed to say.

Several people said that they would let him entertain them next time they arrived in City A, and he agreed.

At half past twelve, the atmosphere reached its climax, all the people who drank a few rounds, tore off their masks one after another, revealing their true nature.

The bosses bragged a lot, each business could make a trillion dollars and jump into the world’s top 500. 

The rich second generation are competing to show off their wealth.

Buying famous watches is like buying vegetables in the northeast, buying them one by one.

And under the catalyst of alcohol, Xing Yun finally became boorish.

He laid on the sofa playing with his phone and refused to talk to anyone, like a dead dog.

He was thinking about Xue Yingshuang again. 

Is Xue Yingshuang still awake now Is he also thinking about him

Why does Xue Yingshuang like him


He looked at the dog video on his phone and thought to himself, Xue Yingshuang can’t get him, so why doesn’t he give Xue Yingshuang a dog

A well-behaved, cute dog who will love his owner for the rest of his life. 

But he immediately dispelled that thought.

Dog How can there be another dog in his house when…

As he was thinking about it, his hand was touched.

He frowned and instantly drew back his hand.

There was a rich second generation sitting next to Xing Yun.

At this time, a hot and gorgeous beauty just squeezed between him and the rich second generation, which caused his hand to be accidentally touched. 

The rich second generation’s tone was surprised: “Why are you here”

The beauty pouted, “Say, how long has it been since you came to see me”

Xing Yun moved aside, and the rich second generation noticed and grinned at him: “I’m sorry, my little love hasn’t seen me for so long, and misses me.”

Xing Yun glanced at the woman, and the rich second generation showed off again: “Is she quite familiar A very popular little internet celebrity.

Quick, say hello to Boss Xing.” 

The beautiful woman smiled delicately at Xing Yun, “Hello, Boss Xing”

Xing Yun didn’t respond, and moved to the side again.

No matter who she was, don’t be beaten by Laozi and dirty my way of browsing the phone.

When the beautiful woman saw that he ignored her, she didn’t talk nonsense, and turned her head to flirt with the rich second generation.

The beauty said, “Will you never come to me again if I don’t come Who do you like again” 

“Can’t you see that I’m busy” The rich second generation said, “I think you just came to me because you were short of money.

Why, what do you want to buy”

The distance was too close, and the conversation between the two entered Xing Yun’s ears, not missing a word.

Xing Yun was originally annoyed listening, but when he heard those words of the rich second generation, he suddenly pricked up his ears.

What do little lovers need He couldn’t figure this out, so this is just a reference.

“Do you think I’m so materialistic Am I the kind of person who came to you for lack of money!” The beauty feigned anger, and the rich second generation quickly coaxed “I was wrong, I was wrong”. 

Then the beautiful woman fell on the rich second generation again, her fingers on his thigh as if playing the piano, and said ambiguously, “Can’t I just miss you”

The rich second-generation smiled wickedly: “You little fairy, be good, go home and wait for me.”


If this were normal, Xing Yun would probably have rolled his eyes into the sky.

However, at this moment, Xing Yun realized. 

He got it, he got it too!

That’s right! He can’t give Xue Yingshuang his heart, but he can give Xue Yingshuang his body!

In City A, Xue Yingshuang, who was working into the night, suddenly sneezed.

He stood up and stretched.

He was a little stiff from not going to work these days. 

It seems it’s time to exercise……

It was already Friday evening when they finished all the trips.

Xing Yun was originally expected to go home on Saturday, but even he didn’t know why he hurriedly booked the earliest flight and went home on Friday.

The moon hung high when Xing Yun returned home. 

He opened the door, and the room was quiet and dark, just like countless days in the past when he returned home at night.

But unlike those years, there was a little light in the crack of one of the doors, becoming the only light in the darkness.

It’s the same light that makes tonight different from the past.

Xing Yun opened the door, and Xue Yingshuang was sitting in front of the desk looking surprised.

Xue Yingshuang put away his surprised expression, but his eyes were smiling. 

“You are back.” Xue Yingshuang said as he got up.

Xing Yun dropped the luggage in his hand and came forward to hug Xue Yingshuang.

That night, Xue Yingshuang worked his first  night overtime.


Editor’s note: And so the dumb cat ate the oblivious canary.

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