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Ch1.2 - Contract

Editor: Waterlily- Overlord Shay

The more Xue Yingshuang thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

If there was such a good thing, why didn’t he just directly allocate the vehicle to him 

Xue Yingshuang put down his pen: “I’ll just borrow a vehicle from someone.

I won’t buy this vehicle anymore.”

Manager: “This won’t do, it’s not that, that vehicle can’t take orders, there will be no vehicle allowance.”



Xue Yingshuang: “Really I don’t believe it.

I am now going to call to ask if the head office has this rule.”

Xue Yingshuang picked up his phone and was about to make a call.

The manager stretched out his hand to grab him, a change from the earlier amiable mood, and said anxiously: “I can still cheat you, can’t I Just say whether you want to make money or not If you don’t want to make money, get out!” 

Seeing that the manager was extremely angry, Xue Yingshuang understood that this was a car loan scam, and immediately said, “I’m done, and I’ll pay you back the clothes and lunch box.”


“Okay, give it back, but you have to pay a penalty for breach of contract.”

“The employment contract hasn’t even been signed yet, where’s the penalty for breach of contract!”

Xue Yingshuang reached out with his hand, picked up the document with his personal information, and ran away.


In June, it was the rainy season in the south.

The weather was still clear when he went out, but by the time he left the recruitment company, there were dark clouds and large raindrops keep falling.

Xue Yingshuang didn’t bring an umbrella, he was drenched in the rain, and was in a terrible state.

He hurried back to the rental house to change his clothes and then continue to look for work.

However, when he arrived at the rental house, he saw that outside was full of people, and a group of them were yelling and in a mess in the heavy rain.


Xue Yingshuang listened to everyone yelling, and finally understood what was going on, and his face suddenly turned pale. 

They are actually going to demolish the rental house.

“I obviously signed for one year…”

“What’s the use of signing for one year! It was signed by the second landlord, and that person has already run away with the money!”

The real landlord took a group of people to reclaim the house and threw out the tenants’ things directly, the things were thrown all over the floor. 

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Xue Yingshuang didn’t have time to be stunned, he hurriedly squeezed forward and shouted, “I’ll take it myself! Don’t throw away my books!”

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Xue Yingshuang sat in the rain holding his book, watching the people pushing and shoving in front of him, just thinking that this scene was absurd. 

He didn’t expect that he didn’t even have the last resort.

Xue Yingshuang sat in the Internet cafe all night, with only a few clothes barely recovered by his side, as well as books hanging in front of the screen.


The surrounding people played their games loudly, but Xue Yingshuang’s screen was broadcasting a puppy video.

He sat on a chair with his knees up, and stared blankly at the lump of puppies in the video.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated, he came to his senses and checked it.

It was the end of the month, and the debt collector was calling.

He didn’t answer, the vibration stopped, and soon the other party called again.

He still didn’t answer it, because he didn’t have the money to pay it back. 

In the past, his parents coaxed him to borrow a bunch of money in his name, he never spent a dime, but in the end he had to pay back every cent.

He hasn’t had a day off over the years, and he gritted his teeth to hold in all the suffering, because he believes that he will definitely get better and better.

But the successive blows in the past two days just punched holes in his hard shell, and the tiredness that had been suppressed for several years gushed out of the hole, and he couldn’t stop it.

He looked at those puppies, and suddenly he didn’t want to do anything.

He just wanted to have a puppy, give delicious food to the puppy every day, and buy toys for the puppy.

He loves the puppy, and the puppy loves him.

He needs to be rich. 

Xue Yingshuang finally picked up his mobile phone and dialed the overbearing president’s number.

In the office, Xue Yingshuang and the overbearing president sat at both ends of the long table, while the black-clothed bodyguards from the other day guarded the door.

The overbearing president looked serious, he looked at Xue Yingshuang’s face and said plainly: “You can add conditions.”

“I want to be under your company.

I must have five insurance and one gold.” 

Xue Yingshuang had no experience in this area, so he could only check what others said on the Internet.

The result of a keyword search popped out all the overbearing president’s stand-in novels.

In the novel about an overbearing president, they earn exactly one hundred thousand a month.

Xue Yingshuang knows himself that he is not worth that price.

He would look shameless when the idea money was raised but the asking price can’t be too low, and it doesn’t highlight the dignity of the president.

He calculated that in the past, if he worked overtime for two hundred hours a month and earned nearly 10,000 yuan, now at least he can’t ask for lower than that figure.

“At least 10,000 a month after payroll tax.” 

“Twenty thousand, I presume is good.”

Seeing that the president’s answer was so simple, Xue Yingshuang hurriedly said: “Working hours will be eight hours a day, and overtime has to have overtime pay.

If we have to go out to socialize, you also have to pay for business trips.”

The president in the novel has excess energy, and he is afraid that the overbearing president will always ** him for twelve hours without stopping, so he first said eight hours a day.

The overbearing president agreed, and designated working hours every day from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning, and from 7:00 to 1:00 in the evening. 

“It’s fine to be at your beck and call, but there must be a housing subsidy, and I have to live close enough to your house.” Xue Yingshuang said, “If there is no chauffeur to pick me up, transportation must also be subsidized.”

“You’ll stay in my house.” The president interrupted him, “I will give you an additional food allowance every month.

You can decide what to eat, but you are not allowed to go out if you usually have nothing to do.”


“It’s okay not to go out, but I have to be allowed to freely arrange my time after work.” Xue Yingshuang said, “And I have to be allowed to go out once a week to let off steam.”

The president nodded, a single day off, choosing one day off on weekdays, and no vacation on weekends. 

“I don’t like having servants at home.

You have to do housework when you stay there.

This is one of the jobs.”

“Yes.” Xue Yingshuang agreed, “I will do housework at work.

If you don’t want me to clean in front of you, that’s another price.”

“OK.” The president asked, “What else”

“Oh, I want a full body checkup every year for me and you.” Xue Yingshuang said seriously, “After all, we have to reassure each other.” 

“All right.”

“One year contract with mandatory salary increase for renewal.”

“All right.”

This overbearing president was easier to communicate with than what he thought, so Xue Yingshuang added another thing, “I also want a study allowance.

I can’t just go out, so you have to cover part of the cost of my online class registration at home.” 

“All right.”

Xue Yingshuang breathed a sigh of relief: “My part is over, it’s your turn.”

The president nodded indifferently, casually took a piece of paper in his hand, picked up a pen and lowered his head to write.

He wrote a few points, revised some more, and finally pushed them in front of Xue Yingshuang. 


Don’t smile in front of me.


No interaction or sexual intercourse with others shall take place during the validity period of the contract.


On all the occasions in which I am present, act according to my rules.


The way you dress must match my preferences. 

Xue Yingshuang almost laughed when he read the first rule.

He thought, “you don’t look like him when you smile” only appeared in the novel, he didn’t expect anyone to ask for it.

Xue Yingshuang looked at it twice, and finally held back a laugh, nodding indifferently after learning from the overbearing president’s expression.


After a while, the black-clothed bodyguard knocked on the door and came in, handing over the completed contract to the president.

The president read it once, signed it and handed it to Xue Yingshuang.

Xue Yingshuang took it and read every word carefully, and finally took a deep breath and signed his name. 

On this day, Xue Yingshuang got a new job.

His position is an assistant, with a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan, five insurance and one gold, single leave, eight hours of work a day, and 20 days of paid annual leave per year.

Accommodation, food allowance, transportation allowance and study allowance are provided, as well as a full body checkup once a year.

And his new boss is called Xing Yun. 

The author has something to say:

Stand-in: You’re not going to ** me for 12 hours straight, are you

President: Don’t think too highly of yourself.


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