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Ch8 - Paying more.

Editor: Waterlily- Overlord Shay

Xing Yun wanted to see a client in the afternoon, but he hadn’t gone home for a few days, and  had run out of clean clothes.

He didn’t want others to handle his personal affairs, and he didn’t have time to go out to buy clothes, so he had to let Xue Yingshuang bring the clothes. 

Before entering the office, Xing Yun held the doorknob with one hand, but hesitated a little.

He didn’t know what expression to wear when he walked in.

He hadn’t seen Xue Yingshuang for a few days, and he didn’t know if he wanted to see him or not.

The picture of the broken dishes lingered in his mind, and the more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became.



He took a deep breath and opened the door with a scowl on his face.

The office was empty, Xue Yingshuang had already left. 

Xing Yun’s facial expression suddenly relaxed, and he took a long breath.

But then for some reason, he snorted softly again, there was an inexplicably unpleasant feeling.


Where are the clothes

Xing Yun stood at the door and looked around, but did not see the clothes Xue Yingshuang had brought.

At that moment he frowned and immediately called Xue Yingshuang to ask what was going on.

This wasn’t done well, unless he’s done it on purpose waiting for me to call…


Xing Yun picked up his phone, only to find that Xue Yingshuang had sent him a message a long time ago.

“The clothes are in the closet in the lounge, and I took the dirty clothes back to wash them.”

When Xing Yun came to the lounge, he opened the closet and saw his suit neatly hanging in the wardrobe.


He only asked Xue Yingshuang to bring one set, but Xue Yingshuang was very helpful and brought three sets, he even prepared underwear and socks. 

Xing Yun snorted again disapprovingly, but when he took off the clothes and socks he had been wearing for two days and changed into clean clothes, the corners of his mouth curled up unconsciously.

Xing Yun took out his phone and sent a message to Xue Yingshuang: “I’ll come home for dinner today.”

It wasn’t long before Xue Yingshuang replied, “Ok”.

Xing Yun was in a good mood and walked out of the office with a smile on his face. 

Just a few moments later, the smashed dishes from that day appeared in his mind again, and he couldn’t smile anymore.

He actually didn’t really know what he was angry about that day.

Xing Yun went home a little later than usual today, it was almost eight o’clock when he got home.

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“Jbwf jcv fja.” Wef Tlcurtejcu’r nblmf kjr cb vloofgfca ogbw ereji.

Wlcu Tec kjixfv ab atf ajyif jcv atf obbv kjr jigfjvs gfjvs.

Xue Yingshuang put the bowl on the table: “You eat first, I’ll go and reheat the soup.”


Xue Yingshuang doesn’t know if it’s a coincidence or something else, but today’s meal is exactly the same as the day when Xing Yun smashed the dishes.

Seeing that Xing Yun was worried, he was afraid that the inexplicable anger of that day would come again.

Xing Yun took a deep breath, thinking that no matter what, he couldn’t become what he hated. 

His heart is struggling for a while before he sticks out his chopsticks, but when he tasted the dish only to find it very delicious, his frowning brows suddenly evened out.

The same is true for eating the other dishes, no different from before.

Feeling strange, Xue Yingshuang, who brought the soup, sat down next to him and asked, “Have you found anything different”

Xing Yun didn’t understand, until he saw Xue Ying pointing to the tabletop.

Only then did Xing Yun notice that there was an extra long black plate under the bowl.

“This is a food insulation plate.” Xue Yingshuang said, “How is it Does it taste better than that day” 

Before Xing Yun fully understood, Xue Yingshuang said again: “No matter what time you come back in the future, I can give you a hot meal.

If it’s not hot enough, we will increase the temperature of the insulation a little bit, so that there will be no cold meals.”

It was only then that Xing Yun realized he was actually upset about getting a cold meal that day.

He never thought that was the reason, and he never would have thought that would be the reason.……

While thinking about it, Xue Yingshuang helped him scoop another bowl of soup.

He wanted to drink the soup when he took it, but Xue Yingshuang put it farther away and wouldn’t let him take it. 

“It’s okay if you like to eat hot, but don’t eat it too hot, it will hurt your esophagus.

Let it cool for a while before eating.” Xue Yingshuang still didn’t smile when he spoke, but his tone was gentle, giving people a feeling of smiling.

There was an indescribable feeling all over Xing Yun’s body, and when he carefully examined it, it seemed to be apologetic.

After dinner, Xue Yingshuang began to wash the dishes.

Speaking of which, the reason why he discovered that Xing Yun didn’t like cold meals and cold dishes was due to the microwave oven. 

There is nothing excess in Xing Yun’s office, but there is a microwave oven.

Microwave ovens are not office supplies.

Even to say that they are daily necessities, hot water kettles are more of a daily necessity than microwave ovens, but there was none in the office.

It was so strange.

Xue Yingshuang couldn’t really understand it, but looking at the garbage in the trash can, he had some thoughts in his heart.

The trash can was under the microwave oven, and the inside was filled with the plastic packs of bread.

It is reasonable to speculate that Xing Yun took the bread out of the plastic pack, the bread was microwaved, and the plastic pack was thrown away. 

Then he opens the microwave to take a look, and sees a small plate inside.

There are still a few bits of breadcrumbs on the plate, confirming Xue Yingshuang’s guess.

Xue Yingshuang himself usually eats cold foods, he does not avoid it.

He can eat hot noodle soup even after it turns cold, let alone bread.

He never thought about heating bread.


Xing Yun even has to heat up a loaf of bread.

How much attention must be paid to hot food for a person

On second thought, these two times Xing Yun was unhappy, they were all the days when he worked late doing overtime. 

On those two occasions, Xing Yun came back too late, and Xue Yingshuang couldn’t match the time for meals, and he always cooked the meal a little earlier.

Although he touched the plate himself before eating and felt that it was hot enough.

It was hot enough for him, but for a person whose bread had to be heated, it was considered a cold meal.

It’s no wonder that Xing Yun had a fit.

As soon as he figured it out, he then bought a meal heating plate directly on the way home. 

Sure enough, he was right.

As soon as the heating plate was used, Xing Yun ate the hot food, his hair was smoothed, and the meal was once again eaten clean.

As he was thinking this, there was suddenly the sound of footsteps behind him.

He looked back and saw Xing Yun standing there, with his hands behind his back, and a weird expression on his face.

Xue Yingshuang asked: “Want to drink some water”

Xing Yun nodded, Xue Yingshuang took a glass of water to him, he stretched out his right hand to take it, but his left hand was still behind him. 

Xing Yun took the water but didn’t drink much,  he just took a light sip.

After a while, he was looking uncomfortable, so he took another sip.

Xue Yingshuang didn’t understand what tricks he was playing, so he continued washing the dishes.

Halfway through the washing, something flashed in the corner of his left eye.

Taking a closer look, it was a new mobile phone that even had the box packaging film still on it.

Xue Yingshuang: “” 

Xing Yun: “Your phone sucks, change it to a new one.”

Xue Yingshuang’s phone is indeed very old, the screen is cracked into a spider web pattern, and it is really strenuous to look at things.

It’s just that he thought it was more important to study, so he asked Xing Yun to buy him a computer at the beginning, but he never thought about changing his mobile phone.

Now that Xing Yun has bought one for him, he is very grateful.


“You’re welcome.”

Xue Yingshuang continued to wash the dishes, but found that Xing Yun was still standing behind him.


Xue Yingshuang: “”

Xing Yun: “Don’t you want to try the new phone” 

After Xing Yun said that, Xue Yingshuang wiped his hands and took the new phone to the dining table to try.

Xing Yun followed him to the dining table and leaned next to him to watch.

Xue Yingshuang didn’t understand why Xing Yun loved to follow him so much tonight, but Xing Yun didn’t speak, so he ignored it.

He leaned over the dining table to set up his new phone and transferred the data of the old phone one by one.

The system of the new phone is different from that of the old one.

Although he has used the same brand of computer for a while, he is still not familiar with the phone system and had to focus on it.

He doesn’t know how long it took, but Xing Yun beside him suddenly said coldly: “When I was a kid, I used to eat cold meals.” 

Xue Yingshuang raised his head, but Xing Yun turned his head aside and refused to let him see.

Xue Yingshuang didn’t understand why he suddenly confessed, but he didn’t interrupt, just listened.

“I don’t get along well with the people in my family… they often give me cold meals.” Xing Yun almost thought that he had already forgotten about the cold meals and cold dishes thrown in front of him, but unexpectedly, his emotional reaction was still so great.

After he finished speaking, he whispered again: “But I like to eat hot meals.”

For some reason, Xing Yun’s last words made Xue Yingshuang think he was cute and pitiful. 

When Xing Yun looked back and saw Xue Yingshuang staring at him, he couldn’t help but move his gaze away, but after a while, he unconsciously looked at Xue Yingshuang again.

He looked at Xue Yingshuang and whispered in a low tone: “So… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t take it to heart.” Xue Yingshuang didn’t really care much.

Just like the dog show said, dogs can’t talk, and owners have to learn to perceive the needs of their dogs.

In fact, people are the same.

“You have to tell me directly what you’re worried about in the future.

If you don’t know either, then you have to give me some time to think of a way.” Xue Yingshuang said, “I will listen to you in whatever you want me to do.” 

A person who is not yet familiar with him is willing to tell him this.

Xing Yun was a little touched in his heart, and he couldn’t help but look at Xue Yingshuang deeply.

Then Xue Yingshuang added another sentence: “But if it’s too much, you have to pay more.”

Xing Yun: “……”

Xue Yingshuang: “Also, going to your company today is considered overtime, and I will report it together with the ticket for the heating plate.” 

Xing Yun: “……”

Xing Yun’s emotional moment was fleeting.


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