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Chapter 10: Dont Forget Me

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“Thank you, hero!”

“Wow! This is actually Geji Grass (Epic).”

“In that case, this Geji Grass (Epic) is enough to cure my father!”

“Youre really too kind. I dont know how to thank you!”

Luo Erlan held the Geji Grass (Epic) that Dong Lei handed over and was unusually excited.

Her dreamy eyes stared at Dong Leis handsome mask as she took another step closer to Dong Lei.

Luo Erlans body was almost touching Dong Leis.

“System Notification: Luo Erlans Fondness increased by 30%.”

“Congratulations, youve triggered a random 100x amplification. Youve gained 5,000% Fondness from Luo Erlan.”

“Luo Erlans Fondness towards you has reached its peak! It cant increase anymore!”

“Luo Erlan will agree to anything that you want to do to her!”

“The system will stop notifying!”

The systems voice came from Dong Leis ear. Only he could hear it.

Immediately after, another system voice sounded.

“Congratulations on completing the Mayors Daughters Plea (SSS) mission.”

“You have received the mission reward. You have triggered a random 100x increase. EXP 56,500,000, Gold Coins 83,400,000, Military Merits 200,000.”

“Also, you have obtained Luo Erlans Gift Box (Legendary).”

From Luo Erlans Gift Box (Diamond) to Luo Erlans Gift Box (Legendary).

Not to mention the random 100x increase in experience points, gold coins, and Military Merits.

However, Dong Lei was no longer paying attention to the rewards for completing the mission.

Instead, he sized up Luo Erlan and listened to the systems voice.

“Luo Erlan will agree to whatever I want to do”

Dong Lei rubbed his chin and smiled slyly. He was a little excited.

It was not bad to experience that kind of thing in the holographic game.

Thinking of this, Dong Lei laughed wildly in his heart...

After being sized up by Dong Lei, Luo Erlan lowered her head. Her face was flushed red and she didnt dare to look into Dong Leis eyes.

With one hand holding the Geji Grass (Epic) that Dong Lei handed over, she picked the leaves of the Geji Grass (Epic) with the other and threw them on the ground.

The effect of the Geji Grass (Epic) was on these leaves. She was really his fathers good daughter!

To throw down every leaf was to look down on her fathers serious illness...

“Luo Erlan!”

Dong Lei shouted at Luo Erlan.


Luo Erlan raised her red face and responded like a mosquito, waiting for Dong Lei to approach...

Dong Lei held Luo Erlans hand and said to her, “Lets go! Well pluck all the Geji Grass in the entire Taro Canyon!”

“The leaves of the Geji Grass (Epic) I gave you have been removed by you. Do you want to save your father!”

“Ah! Ah... Geji Grass (Epic) Why did I take off its leaves!”

“Also, were going to pluck all the Geji Grass in the entire Taro Canyon”

Luo Erlan was stunned for a moment. This was Dong Leis request.

She thought that Dong Lei was pulling her into the woods...

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In the end, she was a little disappointed when she was asked to pick up the Geji Grass from the Taro Canyon...

The slightly expectant expression on her face instantly changed back. She nodded and listened to Dong Leis arrangements.

After all, Luo Erlans Fondness of Dong Lei had reached its peak.

She had completely obeyed Dong Leis orders.

If Dong Lei told her to go east, she would not dare to go west!

After that, Dong Lei and Luo Erlan first plucked all the Geji Grass outside the Taro Canyon.

Just the outer edge of the Taro Canyon alone was enough for him to pick at least tens of thousands of Geji Grass.

Dong Lei and Luo Erlan were exhausted.

Both of them were panting. Dong Lei looked at Luo Erlan who was wiping her sweat and asked with a smile.

“Does it feel good Its been a long time since you exercised like this, right”

Luo Erlans face was red and she was panting. As she plucked the Gage Grass, she responded.

“Mm! You plucked the grass too quickly!...”

Next, Dong Lei touched the thousands of Geji Grasses that Luo Erlan had given him.


Then, under the random amplification of 100 times, the Geji Grass became Geji Grass (Epic).

Dong Lei took out a handful of Geji Grass (Epic), which was about a hundred pieces, and handed them to Luo Erlan.

“Here! This handful of Geji Grass (Epic) is enough for your father to fall seriously ill many times!”

“Youre welcome. Tell me if you need anything else!”

Hm Luo Erlan found that the Geji Grasses Dong Lei handed over were all Gage Grass (Epic)”

Luo Erlan stared at Dong Lei in confusion. How did he do it

Why didnt she get a single Geji Grass (Epic) after plucking so many

Dong Lei, on the other hand, gave her a handful of Geji Grass (Epic).

Not only was he handsome, but he was also amazing!

Luo Erlan looked at Dong Lei with admiration, as if she wanted to eat him up...

Her body was already pressed against Dong Leis arm, and she wanted to hold Dong Leis arm again.


“Dong Lei, thank you! Enough, enough! My father can be seriously ill many times and can be cured... Youre so amazing!”

Luo Erlan nodded and took a handful of Geji Grass (Epic).

Dong Lei smiled and patted Luo Erlans shoulder.

“Luo Erlan, hurry back to Naza Town and save your father!”

“The Taro Canyon is very dangerous! Its not suitable for you to enter!”

“Now, you already have at least a hundred pieces of Geji Grass (Epic). Its enough to save your father!”

“You can go back first!”

Dong Lei knew about the situation in the Taro Canyon in his previous life.

Level 15 Luo Erlan couldnt withstand it.

After all, there might be Gold-tier mutated beasts in the Taro Canyon.

In that case, he had no problem.

However, he did not want Luo Erlan to become a burden to him.

Besides, didnt Luo Erlan want to save her father, Luo Donggui

If she didnt save him now, he might lose his life...

He had completed Luo Erlans quest Mayors Daughters Plea (SSS).

Luo Erlan had also successfully obtained Geji Grass (Epic).

Since the matter had been resolved, he had to complete his Search for the Lightning Lion Army of the Wind Lightning Empire that has disappeared! (SSS).

He did not know the exact danger.

At that time, if Luo Erlan died, he would be killing two people!

It was not that Luo Erlan was pregnant. Only her father would die too!


Dong Lei knew this very well. He didnt want to kill two people...

From Luo Erlans point of view, Dong Lei was concerned about her and did not want her to be hurt.

He was still concerned about her father, Luo Donggui...

In Luo Erlans opinion, if her father, Luo Donggui, knew this, the next mayor would probably be Dong Lei...

Luo Erlan nodded and bid farewell to Dong Lei with a handful of Geji Grass (Epic).

Before leaving, Luo Erlan took the initiative to go to Dong Leis side. She kissed the Evil Mask Dong Lei was wearing and said, “Dont forget me!”

After that, Luo Erlan left the Taro Canyon in large strides.

Dong Lei muttered as he watched Luo Erlan leave.

“This little vixen almost gave up her fathers life for me...”



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