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Chapter 12: Lightning Lion Armys Commander, Daphne

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In the depths of the valley, Dong Lei saw more than ten soldiers from afar.

They were fighting fiercely with the Red-Spotted Tigers that were covered in flames.

Red-Spotted Tiger (Silver)


Tier: Silver

HP: 5,000/5,0

Attack: 1,530-2,5

Skills: Tiger Roar, Iron Claw

Introduction: A powerful Silver-rank Mutated Beast. Its body is filled with flames. Its a gregarious Mutated Beast and doesnt seem to be a beast to be trifled with.

Standing in front was a woman wearing blue armor. Her face was crystal clear.

Her skin was as fair as snow, and she had two dimples. She was beautiful and valiant.

She was definitely a stunning beauty.

Her blue armor was stained with blood and had several dents.

This person was the commander of the Lightning Lion Army of the Wind Lightning Empire, Daphne.

However, the situation she was in now was extremely dangerous.

Daphne was already seriously injured. Her subordinates were facing the attacks of the surrounding Red-Spotted Tigers.

If this continued, she and her subordinates would definitely die here.

“What should we do!”

Daphne gritted her teeth and waved the knife in her hand with an angry expression.

She killed a Red-Spotted Tiger beast that pounced over.

The Red-Spotted Tiger was cut in half by Daphne.

A large amount of blood sprayed out and was burnt by the hot ground.

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Only a large amount of black blood was left behind.

As for the other dozen or so subordinates, they held their sabers and charged towards the Red-Spotted Tiger.

“Commander Daphne, lets fight our way out so that you can charge out!”

“Thats right. If we die, so be it. You have to survive!”

“Kill! Carve a bloody path for Daphne...”


As the Red-Spotted Tigers surrounded them layer by layer, more and more of the tigers appeared.

It became very difficult for Daphnes subordinates to break out.

The soldiers of the Lightning Lion Legion rushed out, only to be surrounded again.

Blood flowed out of Daphnes mouth. After killing another Red-Spotted Tiger, she felt the shadow of death coming at her.

At this moment, Captain Daphne, encountered two Red-Spotted Tigers.

Captain Daphne, raised her saber to block, but she was sent flying by the two Red-Spotted Tigers claws.

She landed heavily on the ground and slid a few meters away.

“Protect her!”

“Protect Captain Daphne!”

“Retreat and block the two Red-Spotted Tigers that are attacking Commander Daphne!”


The remaining dozen or so subordinates of the Lightning Lion Legion came over to help, trying to block the Red-Spotted Tigers that were attacking the commander.

In the end, Daphne heard the voice she least wanted to hear.

If she had been a little stronger, the outcome might not have been like this.

If she was strong enough, her subordinates would not have screamed and died because of her.

Daphne struggled to her feet and spat out another mouthful of blood, as if she was running out of strength.

It was as if she could no longer withstand the attacks of any Red-Spotted Tiger!

At this moment, Daphne looked at her subordinates.

There were only two to three people.

These two subordinates stood in front of her and fought with the Red-Spotted Tigers.

Because of the skill damage of the three Red-Spotted Tigers Tiger Roar, under the influence, the two subordinates lost their minds and were mutilated by the other Red-Spotted Tigers. Their internal organs and intestines were scattered all over the ground...

Now, only the team leader, Daphne, was left.

After killing all the soldiers of the Lightning Lion army, the Red-Spotted Tigers looked at the commander, Daphne.

In an instant, the group of Red-Spotted Tigers roared a few times and more than ten of them attacked Daphne.


Seeing this scene, Daphnes expression was extremely complicated and desperate.

She never thought that she would face such a desperate situation.

She was already seriously injured and could not resist these Red-Spotted Tigers at all.

“Sigh... Im going to die too!”

Daphne sighed, lowered her head, and closed her eyes, waiting for death to come.

Suddenly, beams of intense light shot towards the dozen Red-Spotted Tigers.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every ray of light caused an intense sound and explosion.

It made Daphne immediately open her eyes and look in front of her.

In front of Daphne, more than ten Red-Spotted Tigers fell to the ground, their bodies minced.

Seeing this scene, Daphne suddenly turned her head and looked in the direction of the light.


A masked man wearing Thorn Armor (Legendary) walked towards her.

This man held the Hex Demon Spear (Legendary) in one hand and touched his Evil Mask (Legendary) in the other.

The normal attacks of the two weapons were especially terrifying.

Every Evil Mask (Legendary) attack carried a 100% critical hit.

As for the Hex Demon Spear (Legendary), it was 100% lifestealing.

At this moment, Dong Leis HP was full.

Therefore, the numbers 0 and 0 had always been on Dong Leis head.

Dong Leis attacks included the skills he had just stolen.

When Absolute Cooldown reduced skill cooldown by 200%, it was not just two normal attacks at once.

Every time he used Lv1 Fang, Lv1 Bite, and Lv1 Tail Spike, it was equivalent to releasing two skills at the same time.

He attacked the group of Red-Spotted Tigers, causing terrifying damage values to erupt from their heads.





In a short period of time, Dong Lei had killed all the Red-Spotted Tigers that surrounded him.

Seeing this, Daphne knew that she would not die.

No matter who the other party was, he had killed the Red-Spotted Tigers that came to kill her.

Then, she would not be killed by the Red-Spotted Tigers.

At this moment, Dong Lei walked up to Daphne.

He was still a step late. The soldiers of the Lightning Lion army had all died here.

Only the heavily injured Daphne was left, on the verge of death.

If he did not save her, Daphne would not be able to walk out.

NPCs were different from gamers. If they died, they would really die.

Unlike gamers, they could not return to the novice village or the town to revive.

Dong Lei looked at the beautiful, cold, and long-legged captain, Daphne. On his interface, Daphnes information was displayed.

Lv.19 Daphne (Master) (Low Health)

Introduction: Commander of the Lightning Lion Army


“What Daphne”

Dong Lei was stunned for a moment. He did not expect the person he was looking at to be Daphne.

In the later stages of Chaos, Dong Lei knew very well how terrifying Daphnes strength was.

In Dong Leis memory, Daphne had become the Undead Sage.

She was one of the most terrifying and powerful Sages in the later stages of the game.

With her own strength, she shook the various experts in the game.

She also led the undead army and broke through many towns, slaughtering a large number of players and NPCs.

In the later stages, Daphnes strength was very terrifying, almost invincible.



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