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Chapter 13: All Just To Save Her

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Hundreds of experts were gathered in the Lightning Dragon Valley of the Wind Lightning Empire to surround and kill Daphne.

Even so, she had killed more than half of the experts before being ambushed by one of them and killed.

Therefore, this Undead Sage left a deep impression on Dong Lei.

He knew how terrifying she would become.

He did not expect to meet Daphne here.

At this moment, Daphne could no longer hold back the blood she had forcefully suppressed. She spat it out again and swayed, as if she might collapse at any moment.

Seeing this, Dong Lei immediately supported Daphnes body and made her sit on the ground.

He took out the Geji Grass (Epic) he had just picked from the systems inventory.

Dong Lei had tens of thousands of them in his bag, so he took out five Geji Grass (Epic).

Geji Grass (Epic) could restore 4,000 HP.

It was enough to save Daphne, who was on the verge of death.

Dong Lei directly stuffed the Geji Grass (Epic) into Daphnes mouth.

He wanted Daphne to chew and swallow it herself...

Because Daphne was unconscious, there was no reaction at all.

Looking at this charming and cold face, Dong Lei did not think too much about it.

He could only do it the other way. He would inject the essence of the Geji Grass (Epic) into her body.

Dong Lei placed the Geji Grass (Epic) in his mouth and crushed it.

After that, Dong Lei bit the essence of the Geji Grass (Epic) and didnt swallow it.

Instead, he slowly moved his mouth closer to Daphnes.

While kissing, he would pour the essence of the Geji Grass (Epic) into Daphnes mouth.

“System Notification: The Geji Grass (Epic) that you fed has increased Daphnes HP by 4000.”

In an instant, Dong Lei crushed another four pieces of Geji Grass (Epic), using up all five of them.

After biting, he opened the unconscious Daphnes mouth and poured it in...

Geji Grass (Epic) was very bitter, making Dong Lei a little unhappy.

However, saving people was the priority. There was no other way.

Dong Lei did not care about the impropriety between men and women.

When they kissed, he did not think of anything. He only cared about saving people.

However, Dong Lei still felt that the cold-faced Daphnes lips were so tender!

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Finally, after five Geji Grass (Epic), Daphne recovered a large amount of HP.

Although there were still external injuries on her body, it was no longer a big deal.

Seeing this, Dong Lei went to search for the dead soldiers belongings.

“Congratulations on obtaining 10 gold coins. You have triggered a random 100x amplification and obtained 3,000 gold coins!”

“Congratulations, you have obtained Repair Powder (Gold). You have triggered a random 100x increase and obtained Repair Powder (Epic).”


Dong Lei plundered a pile of gold coins and Repair Powder from the dead soldiers.

Currently, Dong Lei realized that his experience pool had already reached more than three billion, and he still had a large amount of gold coins.

From 13.4 billion to 15.5 billion.

After paying 15 billion, he had earned more than 500 million.

Dong Lei sighed inwardly. Was he overcharging...

Repair Powder (Epic)


Tier: Legendary

Effect: When applied on the wound, it can stop the bleeding and recover 200 HP every second.

Introduction: Its a special legendary medicine for external injuries...

After looking at the attributes of the Repair Powder (Epic), he looked at the unconscious Daphne.

Blood was still seeping out of her body. The external injuries were still very obvious.

Dong Lei walked to Daphnes side and started taking off her blue armor.

Dong Lei swallowed a few mouthfuls of drools at her dangling body parts and stopped thinking about it.

He only cared about treating Daphnes external injuries.


A few minutes later, Dong Lei had cured Daphnes external injuries.

Daphnes HP had also reached more than half. Warm Guy Dong Lei, from his inventory, took out the robe that he had obtained from the Porcelain Jar (Advanced) and put it on Daphne.


It was inevitable...

After Dong Lei put on Daphnes clothes and equipment for her, he discovered a pair of charming eyes.

As she stared at Dong Lei, Daphne gradually came to her senses.

Dong Lei looked at Daphne in his arms and his expression became a little awkward.

In an instant, the air seemed to freeze.

In the end, Dong Lei took the initiative to ask.

“How do you feel”

“Much better!”

A blush appeared on Daphnes fair face as she replied.

“Just now, I...”

Dong Lei wanted to explain that he did not do it on purpose.


When he kissed her and undid her blue armor just now, in order to apply medicine on her, he also took off her inner armor...

It was all to save her. There were no dirty thoughts.

“I understand... Thank you!”

Daphne looked at Dong Lei, her eyes glazed over.

Dong Lei seemed to have seen this pair of hazy eyes before...

Luo Erlan had stared at him the same way before.

“System Notification: You have gained 2000% Fondness from Daphne.”

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have gained 660,000% Fondness from Luo Erlan.”

“Daphnes Fondness for you has reached the extreme! It cant increase anymore!”

“Whatever you want to do, Daphne will agree!”

Once a cold and aloof woman fell in love, she would completely become the accessory to the one she loved.

Dong Lei smiled inwardly at the systems voice.

Sigh, my charm is too great...

Dong Lei asked Daphne, “Can you stand up now”

Daphne was staring at him, wanting to carve Dong Lei into her bones. She nodded.

Hence, Dong Lei helped Daphne stand up.

Then, he slowly let go and let Daphne stand on her own. It seemed that she was indeed fine.

“Thats good! Im going deeper into the valley now. If you...”

Originally, Dong Lei did not intend to let Daphne follow him deeper.

There was also Luo Erlan. He was more concerned about her fathers life...

Besides, Daphne only had half of her HP left. Dong Lei did not know if he should bring her along.

Hence, he asked Daphne to see what she thought.

After all, Daphne was the commander of the Lightning Lion army. She also had rich combat experience.

“I can help you. There are Silver-level elites of the Red-Spotted Tigers deeper in. They have terrifying strength!”

“Although my current state is not very good, I still have the strength to fight.”

Dong Lei frowned when he heard that.

Help me

I dont need anyones help!

Just the Hex Demon Spear (Legendary) in my hand!

Under the attack!

It had a 100% chance of 200% lifestealing.

Who wouldnt die



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