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Chapter 2: SSS Grade Talent, Passive-Mad Plunderer

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Uncle Yang held a laptop and reported the exact situation.

“Are there any other businesses in the Dong family”

Dong Lei did not expect his parents to leave him so many inheritances. He could not help but ask.

“Theres still a lot. The market value is about 70 billion. It will take at least half a year.”

“Only then can they all be converted into liquidity!”

“If you give me a little more time, I can turn 70 billion into 90 billion!”

Uncle Yang looked at Dong Lei and said calmly.

After all, the amount sold in a rush was far lower than the actual price.

“Forget it, Ill leave the rest behind!”

Dong Lei no longer planned to sell the rest of the Dong familys assets.

He wanted to keep them in case he needed them in the future!

At that time, he could also use these assets to form a game team and enter the game “Chaos”.

“Uncle Yang, Ive also customized a gaming cabin for you. You can play the game too! Remember to add me as a friend!”

When Uncle Yang heard that Dong Lei was no longer planning to sell anything else, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It would be easier if Young Master Dong wanted something else.

“Yes, Young Master Dong!”

Dong Lei walked into the game cabin first and opened the game.

“Welcome to Chaos.”

Dong Lei had just entered the game when a bugle horn sounded, and the sound of horse hooves rang out.

“Heroes are fearless! They live forever!”

“Slaughter is the law of nature!”

“Your life is in my hands!”

“Sages chanting, all living beings recover!”


Four loud voices could be heard from Dong Leis earpieces.

Dong Lei was a little excited when he heard that!

These were the voices of the four major classes of the Dragon Country.

The first was Warrior, the second was Mage, the third was Assassin, and the fourth was Priest.

At this moment, a system voice sounded.

“Please name your character!”

Dong Lei said without thinking, “Peak Destroyer!”

“Naming successful. Please choose the profession you want!”

After the system finished speaking, four options appeared in front of Dong Lei.

Dong Lei did not even think about it and chose the Mage class.

In his previous life, Dong Lei was also a Mage.

“The character you chose is a Mage!”

As soon as the system finished speaking, a man wearing a robe and holding a staff slowly appeared.

He said to Dong Lei with a deep gaze and a loud voice, “The will of magic destroys the Miracle!”

“This is... the path of a Mage!”

Then, the Mage turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared in front of Dong Lei.

Now, there was only one minute left before the server opened.

He had already wasted four minutes on the scene and the choice of class.

After choosing the Mage class, a system notification suddenly sounded.

“Your character has been chosen. Do you want to begin random talent drawing”

Without thinking, Dong Lei quickly clicked on the purchase panel beside him.

As soon as the purchase panel was opened, Dong Lei quickly transferred 15 billion to his account.

They were all exchanged for gold coins.

“Your purchase amount is too high. Player, please choose carefully... Do you want to exchange 15 billion dragon coins for gold coins”

The notification from the system said slowly.

However, Dong Lei was a little anxious and immediately said, “Yes!”

Just as Dong Lei finished speaking, another system voice sounded.

“Congratulations, player, for successfully charging 15 billion! Youve got 15 billion gold coins!”


Dong Lei heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this voice.

For him, this first step had finally been taken.

Next, it was time to do something big.

After quitting the purchase panel, the system sounded again.

“Your character has been chosen. Do you want to begin random talent drawing”


Dong Lei immediately replied.

The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'

Every player could randomly draw a talent for the character they chose.

There were both good and bad talents. It was all random.

Talents were divided into C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

Dong Leis goal was an SSS talent.


Because... the drawing of this random talent could be constantly repeated by spending gold coins.

As soon as Dong Lei finished speaking, a yellow light landed on Dong Leis body.

“Congratulations, you have obtained an S-rank talent Attack Damage 80%.”

“Do you want to accept this talent!”

“No! Redraw!”

If it was in his previous life, Dong Lei would have immediately agreed.

However, his choice was different now.

He only wanted an SSS-rank talent.

A notification sounded from the Chaos system.

“An S-rank talent is extremely precious!”

“Are you sure you want to draw again It will cost 800,000 gold coins to draw again!”


Dong Lei confirmed without thinking.

As soon as he finished speaking, another white light descended on his body.

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Grade B talent,Intelligence Damage 5%.”


“Draw again!”

Dong Lei spoke very calmly and continued to draw his talent.

What he wanted was very simple... He wanted just the top grade of talent...

With 15 billion, he did not believe that he could not get a god-level talent.

“Congratulations, you have obtained Grade C Magic Damage 1%.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained Grade A Intelligence Damage 10%.

“Congratulations, you have obtained Grade SS Intelligence 300%.


Dong Lei kept drawing random talents.

It was unknown how many gold coins he had spent, but Dong Lei still continued to draw with a calm expression.

Because he knew that if he wanted to obtain an SSS-rank talent, it would take at least 800 million gold coins before having a chance of obtaining an SSS-level talent.

In Chaos, it was impossible to get an SSS-level talent without spending some money.

In his previous life, Dong Lei had only obtained a chance to reset his talent after nine reincarnations.

Every reset of talent required 10 million gold coins.

If he were to draw an SSS-rank talent at that time, he would have to spend tens of billions or even hundreds of billions.

If he was unlucky, he might not even get it.

This was a rare opportunity.

How could Dong Lei give up on this choice!

It was simply a huge profit.

Finally, after he consumed 1.5 billion, a game notification sounded.

Dong Lei was jolted awake and revealed a smile.

“Congratulations, you have obtained an SSS-level talent Passive-Mad Plunderer.”

Effect 1: Every time you kill an Elite Grade and above unit, you will plunder 100% of the units passive skills and talents.

Effect 2: All your passive skills/talents/buffs/equipment will last forever and cannot be removed by any effect.

Effect 3: All your passive skills/talents/buffs/equipment will be increased by a random number of hundred times!

When he heard the systems introduction of the SSS grade talent, Dong Lei was completely dumbfounded.




100% plundering the passive skills and talents of the unit

Duration is permanent and cannot be erased by any effect

Increased by a random number of hundred times A hundred times Two hundred times

What a super buff!

Dong Lei said without hesitation.

“Confirm this talent!”



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