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Chapter 24: The Village Chiefs Wife and Aunt Wang Are Cursing

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As Daphne left, Dong Lei heard the systems voice.

“System Notification: You have been online for too long. You have been online for 14 consecutive hours. You are about to be forced offline!”

“Attention, please! The offline countdown begins: 10, 9, 8...”

When Dong Lei heard this voice, he did not think too much and directly chose to go offline.

He took off his game equipment, stretched, and exhaled.

However, he still felt waves of fatigue.

After all, he was still an ordinary person. There was no way he could not eat and drink.

He stood up and walked out of the bedroom to the dining room.

Looking at the menu on the table, there was a touch screen.

After Dong Lei chose something he liked and tapped on it, a few minutes passed.

A chef with a round belly and a smile walked over from the kitchen with the delicacies that Dong Lei had just chosen.

After eating a few mouthfuls to fill his stomach, Dong Lei returned to his room to rest.

Lying on the bed, he took out his phone and read some news from the game forum of Chaos.

Dong Lei read the posts happily.

Shocking! Where is the Porcelain Jar boss All the gamers are waiting at the door, wanting to take down this NPC! Getting rich is not a dream!

The village chief at the entrance of the village has mysteriously disappeared! It turns out that he is hiding in Aunt Wangs house next door to avoid the harassment of gamers. The village chiefs wife is already arguing with Aunt Wang...

Purchasing gold coins at 1:30. High demand! No matter how many gold coins you have, Ill buy them!

Analysis of the various classes in Chaos. Strongly recommended!


Many details of the analysis were wrong.

Furthermore, Dong Lei was a little speechless and laughed when he saw the strange act of attracting NPCs.

Dong Lei thought about it and also released a guide on a class and how to level it up.

At the same time, he set the ticket to 10 dragon coins to view it.

Because the entire Chaos game forum was controlled by the main computer, Heavenly Tyrant, Dong Lei was not worried that his identity would be exposed.

Then, Dong Lei fell asleep.

The next day, when the room became bright, Dong Lei woke up. It was already two in the afternoon.

He slept very comfortably. It had been a long time since he slept so well.

Dong Lei did not expect that entering the Chaos game would go so smoothly.

He went to the dining room again and casually ordered food. This time, it was a beautiful chef who walked over from the kitchen.

Her swaying breasts and long legs... were all covered by the chefs clothes.

These chefs were all chosen by Uncle Yang, and Dong Lei did not manage them.

The kitchen was several hundred square meters. Ten chefs were hired to take turns waiting for Dong Leis order.

Dong Lei watched on his phone as he ate.

After clicking on the Chaos game forum, various messages came. There were more than 999 unread messages.

“Boss, your guide is very good! Awesome...”

“I finally rushed out of the novice village! Hahahaha...”

“Everyone, take a look! This is a big shot! He has the best understanding of the game!”

“Looking at the big shots opinion, Im enlightened...”


There were also a bunch of private messages from gamers that were ignored by Dong Lei.

Dong Lei was quite happy in his heart.

After all, for the sake of the overall situation, he wanted to increase the strength of the war zone players in the Dragon Country.

Dong Lei also took a look at his earnings and counted how many people had read his post.

In the end, Dong Lei was a little surprised and stuck his head out to take a few more glances.

A total of 1 billion Dragon Coins appeared in Dong Leis wallet.

This meant that at least 100 million gamers had read his game guide.

It meant that there were 100 million gamers who could increase by ten levels in a short period of time.

After most of the gamers joined an empire, Dong Lei planned his next step.

After that, Dong Lei made another call and asked the kitchen staff to send him some supplements.

Because it often took a long time in game, Dong Lei could occasionally use supplements to temporarily replenish his stamina.

Immediately after, Dong Lei bought an unlimited game card!

After all, Dong Lei was already an adult. He could use this privilege to buy an unlimited game card...


Unlimited time in Chaos!

To Dong Lei, time was very precious.

Dong Lei entered the game once again after purchasing an unlimited game card.

As soon as Dong Lei entered the game, the systems voice sounded in his ears.

“Welcome to Chaos again!”

“System Notification: Instance Dungeon earnings are collected automatically! Reward obtained: 1 Thunder Flame Tiger (Gold) Mount Egg, 2,000 gold coins.”

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have received 120 Thunder Flame Tiger (Epic) Mount Eggs and 220,000 gold coins.”

“System Notification: The World Rankings are open!”

“Your current ranking is first! Congratulations on obtaining the ranking reward, you have obtained 1,000 gold coins.”

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have received 200,000 gold coins.”

Dong Lei opened the World Rankings. Some players had already advanced to Level 9.


The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'

There were also some gamers who chose their main profession and reached Level 10.

Now, the rewards on the world rankings were not very generous. When there was more and more game time later, as the levels of the players continued to rise, the rewards would become even richer.

After returning to Roya City, Dong Lei summoned his Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tiger.

Instantly, it attracted the attention of a large number of gamers.

“Damn it Whats this Is this a mount”

“Is there a mount in this game Im ignorant... Where did this brother buy it”

“This mount is too cool! Wow! I like it so much!”

“This man, could he be the guy on the world announcement, Peak Destroyer”

“This masked man seems to be very powerful!”


Dong Lei ignored them and rode the Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tiger towards the Military Station.

Currently, Dong Lei had a lot of Military Merits, and he wanted to exchange for a military position.

Also, he would take on some high-level missions.

When Dong Lei arrived at the entrance of the Military Station, the players in the Military Station were shocked.

Dong Lei put the Nine-Star Thunder Flame Tiger back into his Mount 1 column and walked into the Military Station.

The Military Station had long attracted the attention of some players, who discovered that it was a good place to accept missions.

The missions available here ranged from Class C to Class SSS.

At the same time, they could earn experience points, gold coins, equipment, and Military Merits.

Compared to other NPC missions, it was a better place.

At this moment, several top gamers had already entered to look for the missions that suited them.

Dong Lei was about to go to the mission window to accept a mission.

But a man blocked his way.

“Youre Peak Destroyer, right”



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