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Chapter 26: The Woman I Havent Seen For A Day

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Under such circumstances, he could obtain the war zone mission he wanted.

This was the power to participate in the battle planning.

In addition to this, Dong Lei could also have his own army, with an upper limit of 800 people.

This was something that Dong Lei needed very much.

Under such circumstances, he could form his own faction.

Now, he didnt have time to take care of the army.

And there was an excellent candidate, the woman he had not seen for a day.


Daphne was also a Legion General, so Dong Lei wanted her to help him train an army.

In that case, when he encountered a war zone battle, he could let the soldiers take care of things.

Just as Dong Lei was thinking, the systems voice sounded in his ear.

“System Notification: Please head to the Military Station for a meeting!”

When Dong Lei heard this voice, he frowned.

Legion General meetings were rarely held unless something big happened.

Thinking of this, Dong Lei directly closed the interface in front of him and walked towards the meeting not far away.

After walking for a while, Dong Lei arrived outside the conference room.

Two well-equipped soldiers stood at the door of the conference room.

After Dong Lei revealed his identity, they immediately saluted and said to Dong Lei.

“Commander! Please come in!”

Generally speaking, every Commanders Medal represented his identity. Dong Lei flashed the Medal of Barbaric Power (Legendary).

The two soldiers immediately knew that Dong Lei was a Legion General.

Therefore, they did not dare to be negligent and quickly saluted and made way.

Dong Lei entered the meeting room.

He realized that several gazes were directed at him.

Dong Lei looked up and saw that there were already a few people sitting there.

There were a total of four people, three men and one woman.

The man sitting in the middle was wearing the uniform of the Wind Lightning Empires army. He had a serious expression and was burly and strong.

He should be the leader of this meeting.

Dong Lei glanced at his information.

Guo Jin (Legendary)

When Dong Lei saw his name, he found it familiar.

However, Dong Lei seemed to be unable to remember him for now.

Guo Jin stood up and said to Dong Lei, “Welcome to this Legion General meeting!”

Guo Jin pointed at Dong Lei and said with a smile.

“Let me introduce you guys. This Legion General is Peak Destroyer, a One-Diamond Legion General who has just been promoted!”

Dong Lei nodded at them and smiled.

After that, Guo Jin pointed at the other people and introduced them to Dong Lei.

“This is Legion General Zhou Botong, this is Legion General Li Mochou, and the last one is Legion General Daphne!”

Of these three people, Zhou Botong was wearing casual clothes, which looked like beggars clothes...

He crossed his legs and swayed his body casually. He smiled kindly at Dong Lei.

On the other hand, Li Mochou had his head lowered. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Li Mochou had an oval face and curved eyebrows. His clothes actually looked a little like a Daoist Priests robe.

He didnt raise his head or greet Dong Lei, looking a little withdrawn and arrogant...

And the last person was the woman Dong Lei had not seen for a day!

This woman was Daphne!

Daphne looked at Dong Lei, her face beaming with joy. Her eyes seemed to be blooming like flowers.

Moreover, Daphnes heart was trembling, and she almost shouted.

It had been a day since she last saw him, and she was so excited and happy to see him here.

Fortunately, Daphne endured it.

However, her eyes were still fixed on Dong Lei. She was very happy.

This caused Zhou Botong to feel surprised. Wasnt this Daphne usually cold and aloof

What was wrong with her today


Daphne also came to attend the meeting of the Legion Generals.

When Dong Lei saw Daphne, he walked to her side and sat down.

After that, Dong Lei hooked Daphnes palm with his little finger before retracting it.

In an instant, Daphnes face was a little shy. Her ears were red, and she lowered her head, not daring to speak.

Looking at Dong Lei who was wearing a mask, her heart was filled with an even greater desire to rush into his embrace...

In a few minutes, a few more Legion Generals arrived in the conference room.

During this time, one of the commanders looked at Dong Lei with a hostile gaze.

That person had well-combed hair, a fierce gaze, an aquiline nose, and was also wearing an army uniform.

Dong Lei frowned slightly. Who was this commander Why was he so hostile the moment they met

Then, Dong Lei saw his personal information.

Gui Tianlei (Epic)


Whats wrong with this Gui Tianlei Why does he hate me so much

Dong Lei did not pay much attention to this man.

After a total of 12 Legion Generals arrived, Guo Jin stood up again and looked at everyone.

“Let me introduce our new Legion General, Peak Destroyer!”

Some of these Legion Generals were expressing their goodwill to Dong Lei, some were looking at him with disdain, and some seemed to be filled with hostility...

“Alright, Ive gathered everyone here today. You should be quite curious, right”

Then, all the commanders present fell silent. No one spoke.

This made Guo Jin feel a little awkward. He didnt say anything else and directly explained the matter.

“Yesterday, some towns in the west of the Wind Lightning Empire were destroyed overnight!”

“All the residents have turned into undead!”

After hearing Guo Jins words, many of the Legion Generals present let out hissing sounds.

Some were surprised, some were shocked, and so on.

But there was still one who looked calm as water!

This person was Dong Lei!

Guo Jin paused for a moment before speaking.

“This incident happened in a very short period of time. There were riots in the Dark Cellar in various places in the west!”

“It turns out that the army that went to eliminate the undead is restricted and cant go there!”

“Now, the Empire has sent an order! I am instructed to command a few troops to deal with it!”

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After Guo Jin finished speaking, everyone present revealed solemn expressions.

Those were undead!

It was a terrifying evil faction.

If the undead continued to advance east, the entire western part of the empire would become a land of dead souls.

At this moment, Dong Lei seemed to remember something.

In an instant, streams of memories surged into Dong Leis mind.

Not long after the game started, something shocking happened.

That was the Wind Lightning Empires unforgettable scar.

The explosion of this matter had turned the dazzling star of the Wind Lightning Empire into an undead.

Moreover, several powerful commanders of the empire had also become undead. A group of elite legions had also become evil.

As for this dazzling star, he was the man in front of him.

Guo Jin!



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