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Chapter 28: Whats Their Relationship

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Furthermore, only those who had countless battle merits and were famous could be promoted to Legion General.

However, Daphne did not expect Dong Lei to become a Legion General so quickly.

“Yes! Not bad!”

When Dong Lei said this, he looked at the robe, skirt, and elegant black silk stockings that Daphne was wearing.

There was no telling if he was saying that the Legion General position was not bad or he was talking about Daphnes outfit.

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This made Daphne a little shy. She twirled her hands. If not for the fact that people were leaving the meeting room one after another, Daphnes demeanor wouldve surprised everyone who knew her.

At that time, they would definitely have this question!

Was this the Commander Daphne they knew

Daphne looked very good today!

Coupled with her perfect figure and her equipment, she was really curvy and exquisite.

After a few more glances, Dong Lei looked at her face.

“My Military Merits meet the requirement, so Ive been promoted to Legion General!”

Dong Lei looked at the shy Daphne and took the initiative to speak.

“This mission is very dangerous! You must follow me closely!”

“Just like when we went to War Smoke Valley!”

When Dong Lei said these words, it made Daphne even more shy and touched.

It turned out that Dong Lei had always cared about her and was even worried about her safety.

However, Daphne quickly understood everything. She looked up and said in surprise.

“Is it dangerous this time”

It was dangerous even for Dong Lei.

This proved that this SSS-level Legion General mission was not easy to accomplish.

No wonder the dazzling star of the Wind Lightning Empire, Guo Jin, was sent as the commander-in-chief.

Guo Jin was a Level 59 Legendary creature. His strength was extremely terrifying.

This time, the few Legion Generals accompanying them were very valiant and well-equipped.

Even Daphne felt that it was just going over and killing the undead. It wouldnt be too dangerous.

When the time came, she could even advance to a higher level by claiming the Military Merits.

Now, listening to Dong Leis words, it was really possible for danger to appear.

“Master Dong Lei! Are we really in danger this time”

Daphne frowned slightly. A finger appeared on her lips and pressed down.

This finger was the finger that Dong Lei had previously sucked!

However, Daphne had already forgotten that it was the finger she had signed the contract with.

Dong Leis throat moved a few times. He stared at Daphnes lips as if he wanted to return to War Smoke Valley...

At that time, he only cared about saving people.

At this moment, he was indeed starting to want something else...

In the end, Dong Lei suppressed his desire and nodded.

“For me, its easy!”

“However, it might be extremely dangerous for others!”

“So, you must follow me closely when the time comes!”

“Hurry up and get ready! Remember to wait for me at the gathering place!”

Daphne left first. Dong Lei paused to think for a while before walking out of the meeting room.

Suddenly, he was blocked by a Legion General at the door.

That man was wearing gorgeous battle armor. He had a sharp mouth, monkey cheeks, and a small beard.

“What is your relationship with Commander Daphne”

Dong Lei frowned. The person in front of him was the man who had been looking at him with hatred.

This person was Gui Tianlei!

Do I need to tell you about his relationship with Daphne, though

“Why do you care about me and Daphne Do I need to tell you”

Dong Lei looked straight at Gui Tianlei. He pushed Gui Tianleis arm away and walked towards the military mission window.

On the other hand, Gui Tianlei almost fell to the ground after being pushed away by Dong Lei.

Gui Tianlei looked at Dong Leis back and said fiercely with a fierce gaze.

“Alright! Commander Dong Lei, just you wait!”

Gui Tianlei also quickly left this place. Just as he left, some figures walked out with cold smiles.


Those people were none other than Qiu Qianren, Qiu Qianzhang, and Qiu Qianchis commander, Gongsun He!

“Gui Tianlei! You have a love rival, right”

“I wonder when youll come looking for me!”

“Daphne, that bitch, is already flirting with him! What should you do! Hehehehe...”

Gongsun He also participated in this meeting!

In the conference room, even if Daphne and he didnt get along, there wouldnt be any conflicts or battles at the scene.

After all, they were all Legion Generals. They knew the right place where they could have an argument or a duel.

Dong Lei went to the military mission window and asked the female officer he had just met for a mission order.

Without hesitation, Dong Lei began to write the recruitment mission on the mission interface in front of him.

Recruiting Legion Brothers

Mission Level: SSS-Grade


Introduction: Join the Peak Destroyer legion and head to the west of the Empire to carry out an SSS Grade mission. There will be a large number of mission rewards and Military Merits.

Reward: I dont know either! But its distributed according to the points.


1. Pay 30 gold coins.

2. Pay 30 Military Merit points.

Dong Lei felt that he had written enough and handed it to the female officer.

The female officer nodded and asked Dong Lei.

“Are you sure you want to issue this recruitment mission”

Dong Lei answered without hesitation.


After a while, the gamers who joined the military received a mission.

“System Notification: Player Peak Destroyer has issued an SSS Grade mission Recruiting Legion Brothers. Players, please take note!”

When gamers saw this mission, how could they not be tempted

“Hes calling mebrother. I have a Legion General as a soldier! Im going to accept it!”

“This is a mission issued by Peak Destroyer, how can I not accept it Brother, Im here!”

“I cant believe the commander Peak Destroyer can lead me to an SSS Grade mission. Im going to level up by who knows how many levels! Hahaha...”

“30 gold coins and 30 Military Merit points Even if I have to pay 100 gold coins, I want to see what this SSS-rank mission is!”

“The level-up guidance was released yesterday, and the recruitment of brothers was released today. What a good brother! Boohoo...”

“Its my honor to be the brother of Commander Peak Destroyer. Ive already accepted it...”

In an instant, the entire chat channel was filled with discussions about accepting the Recruiting Legion Brothers mission.

Moreover, many gamers quickly accepted missions.

At the same time, Dong Lei heard the systems voice.

“The Recruiting Legion Brothers mission you issued has been accepted by Thank You!”

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x amplification. You have obtained 8,009 Military Merits, 5,220 gold coins!”

“The Recruiting Legion Brothers mission you issued has been accepted by Accompany Me Forever!”



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