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Chapter 3  200% Cooldown, Absolute Cooldown

As soon as he finished speaking, a voice came from the system.

"Congratulations, you've chosen an SSS grade talent!"

This terrifying talent shocked Dong Lei, and the system's voice sounded again.

"You have successfully drawn your talent. Do you want to officially enter the game"

Dong Lei could not wait any longer. Without any hesitation, he chose to enter the game.

A ray of light scattered down and disappeared on the spot with Dong Lei.

After a few seconds, they arrived at an empty space.

Dong Lei took a look at the dilapidated house and the gravel floor.

This was the novice village.

In the novice village, many players had already arrived.

"Wow! The scene here is so realistic!"

"It's too realistic. This game must be played!"

"What level of talent did you guys draw I drew an A-level talent, am I awesome"

"A-level talent Damn it! I drew a B-level talent. It's too trashy! I thought I was very lucky!"

"Who cares about his talent Is talent useful I have an S-level talent!"

"Damn it, what are you talking about! You have an S-level talent, what are you talking about I'm jealous of you…"

There were more and more players in the novice village.

There were many discussions about their talent. Some were feeling proud and some were complaining.

Dong Lei opened his personal information interface.

Peak Destroyer

Level: 1

Profession: Mage

HP: 100/100

MP: 40/40

Magic/Physical Attack: 8-12

Defense: 8

Strength: 7

Intelligence: 13

Agility: 8

Constitution: 7

Critical Hit Rate: 3%

Luck: 1

Potential Points: 0

Talent: Passive—Mad Plunderer

Skill: Absolute Cooldown

Inventory: Newbie Gift Box! (Iron)

Gold Coins: 13.5 billion

When Dong Lei saw his Absolute Cooldown, he was stunned.

After opening the detailed explanation of Absolute Cooldown, he started screaming again.

"Hahahaha… That's great!"

"What an amazing skill! Nice!"


It attracted the attention of the other new players.

"Is this person crazy"

"I guess his random talent is not very good. It might be Grade C. He can't take it all!"

"That's right. An identity can only be bound to the game once. It looks too difficult for him…"

"Fortunately, my talent is Grade B. I can still struggle!"


This Absolute Cooldown was supposed to reduce the cooldown by 2%.

It had already made Dong Lei smile. Coupled with Passive—Mad Plunderer, the SSS-level talent, thanks to the random number of hundred-time increase, Absolute Cooldown became a skill with a cooldown reduction of 200%.

In other words, he could release two of his skills at once!

In "Chaos", when the cooldown exceeded 200%, two skills would be automatically released when casting once!

After laughing, Dong Lei looked at his original attributes.

13 Intelligence was not bad.

There was also a Newbie Gift Box! (Iron). He had yet to open it!

Hence, Dong Lei looked at the Newbie Gift Box! (Iron) in his bag.

Every player in the game would have a newbie gift box.

This was a gift from the game Chaos.

From the newbie gift box, some weapons and skills could be obtained.


"You opened the Newbie Gift Box!"

"Congratulations, you have triggered the random 100x amplification. You have obtained Evil Mask (Legendary) and Damage Stacking Skill."

In front of Dong Lei, after a flash of light, two items appeared in front of him.

Evil Mask (Legendary)

Level: 1

Tier: Diamond

Physical/Magic Attack: 1,388 – 1,456

Equipment Bonuses:

1. Intelligence: 199

2. Has a 15% chance of increasing penetration damage by 60% for 20 seconds.

3. Has a 15% chance of increasing critical hit rate by 60% for 10 seconds.

Duration: 2,000/2,000

Function Introduction: Evil Mask, one of the high-level Mage equipment. It has powerful spell penetration…

Damage Stacking Skill

Level: 1

Effect: After using it, you can learn Lv.1 Damage Stacking

Introduction: One of the high-level Mage profession skills…

"This is too abnormal. With the enhancement of random hundred times, the basic magic attack power of the Evil Mask alone is more than 1,300."

The source of this content is n/ov//el/bin[./]net'

"Also, with 199 Intelligence, it's equivalent to close to 400 basic damage!"

"And these two bonuses, too invincible! Hahaha…"

Dong Lei's face was filled with joy. He was laughing so hard that he was about to cry.

He was so excited and touched…

"This Damage Stacking Skill can only be learned after level 40."

"The damage bonus can add buffs to all kinds of equipment. That's great!"

Without thinking too much, Dong Lei put on the Evil Mask (Legendary).

Moreover, he clicked on the Damage Stacking Skill.

A ray of light shone on his body.

A voice sounded beside Dong Lei's ear.

"Congratulations, you've learned the skill Lv.1 Damage Stacking."

Damage Stacking

Level: 1

Effect: Equipment can stack damage and randomly increase the damage ratio for 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Consumption: 30 MP

Proficiency: 0/100

Description: One of the high-level Mage skills…

After learning how to stack damage, he closed the interface in front of him.

Dong Lei was wearing a blue mask that covered his face.

"What a pity. Such a handsome face is covered by this equipment…"

"Otherwise, I wonder how many girls I'll hook up with in this game!"

One's body and appearance in the game were exactly the same as in reality.

The official announcement of Chaos said that it was to increase the sense of reality.

It caused some people who had low self-esteem about their looks to curse…

Suddenly, Dong Lei swung his arm and stacked damage on his Evil Mask.

"Congratulations! Evil Mask (Legendary), under your Lv1 Damage Stacking, you have successfully triggered a random 100x Amplification!"

"Evil Mask (Legendary) equipment bonus: 100% chance of increasing critical hit rate by 200%. Duration is permanent."

"Wow… F*ck! This… SSS-level Passive—Mad Plunderer talent is too abnormal!"

Dong Lei was so shocked that he stuttered.

If it wasn't for the random 100x improvement…

Level 1 Damage Stacking could at most increase the chance of critical hit by 8%.

Instead, it was 100%!

Also, the critical hit rate had increased to 200%. The duration had gone from 10 seconds to permanent.

This SSS-level Passive—Mad Plunderer talent was too awesome!

He had already stacked damage on the Evil Mask.

Next was to quickly increase his level.

Then, he would head to the town as soon as possible and change his profession to become a Mage.

Now, he still had 13.5 billion gold coins in his backpack.

He spent 1.5 billion to obtain the SSS-level Passive—Mad Plunderer.

It was really worth it.

Now, Dong Lei planned to start spending money to level up quickly.



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