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Chapter 673 Espying: The Kingkiller P1

Echidna\'s Authority.

Eren activated the effects of the monster artifact and freed his demon beast Argo at the same time.

Since he did what he did with Har Jahar\'s body while his time-element spells were active, most of the monsters weren\'t caught up to what he had done.


A lion\'s roar was sounded in the surroundings as the monster\'s artifact\'s effects washed over the audience all around Eren.

The latter also spread his mana sense while acting his wrath domain in a unique way.

Eren now had better control over his elements and his abilities than ever before.

He had come to realize that he didn\'t need to stab his heart to activate his wrath domain.

All he needed to do was keep his hand over his heart and mimic the effects of the heart getting stabbed with his newfound control over the heart muscles.

Eren had just kept his hand over his heart to activate the ability.

He soon came to realize the ability\'s effects had increased with his rank up.

Now it didn\'t necessarily need the wrath domain.

He could use the ability to inject his body with wrath mana even without using the domain.

Plus, thanks to his epiphany, he had now found a very peculiar way to use his Sins series ability with his soul sense.

The audience that was gearing up to use an array of spells at their disposal to either watch from the sidelines, run away or towards the abomination suddenly felt like they were in a quagmire.

The first thing to hit the approaching audience was the effect of the monster artifact.

It brought half the number of the audience onto their knees.

The other half was selectively spared from experiencing the effects of the artifact.

Eren could sense the hostility and other emotions projected towards him, thanks to his soul sense.

Therefore, he controlled the artifact\'s effects and channeled them only on those who were coming to get him.

Then, the effects of Eren\'s soul sense aired up when the Sin of Wrath started taking roots in monsters with weak mental fortitude.

Instead of hating their common enemy, they started hating their kith who were beside them.

The chaos that was reaching its peak was immediately killed by a lion\'s roar in the end.

Only then did the spectators realize that something had been changed about their king\'s killer.

Eren had stopped looking like his usual self.

He now had red skin, two horns, and golden eyes.

His stature had increased, close to 9 feet.

He had turned into an Oni Lord that looked very different from Har Jahar while still carrying some of his racial traits.

As soon as the butcher assumed that form, Kirin\'s eyes, which were already fixated on him, shined and the curse mark on the back of her hand radiated a faint light– a sign that the oath was complete.

Ern knew that he didn\'t have to refine his Oni Blood Seed till his B-Rank because the Oni King\'s blood held the capacity for him to assume his evolved forms.

It was just that his current ranking status couldn\'t support those forms yet.

The monsters affected by the artifact and Eren\'s mana sense controlled the emotions of dread, despair, rage, and wrath in their minds and started to process what just had happened.

None of them could believe that there was someone like Eren existing in the land of the faithless.

They had thought that only Echidna was full of anomalies.

Turns out, the biggest anomaly of them all was existing in the world, which some of them had earlier deemed less worthy than their ancestral world.

Eren cranked the effects of the monster artifact as he kept on walking fearlessly in front of his– his stride slow and his steps confident.

His shoulder length white hair waved and cascaded his Oni looking face that still had the features of his other forms.

Just like his every other monster shapeshifting, Eren had assured a divergent Oni form.

Unlike Har Jahar who was bald, he had white hair on his head.

As a result, he carried a certain vibe around him that wasn\'t quite monster-like yet even more intimidating.

The monsters who had been subjected to the artifact\'s effects started falling to their knees once again.

Some of them collectively crashed onto the floor, creating patches of fallen monsters in the flank raised to destroy Eren.

As he observed its effects, Eren came to realize that the monster artifact was not limited to only D-Rank caliber monsters.

It wasn\'t exactly a transcendent artifact.

Yet, all the monsters no matter their race or evolutionary stage were subjected to the artifact\'s suppression.

Eren chuckled when he realized that Tumko and his team had lied about the artifact\'s restrictions along with other facts about it.

They couldn\'t be blamed.

Had it known that the artifact was capable of affecting every monster, it would have provoked Edinburgh to take extreme measures.

Like, mobilizing their Grandmasters and Sages into action.

Something they were wise enough to prevent from happening in the past timeline.


Argo roared once again.

This time it was for Eren.

As the audience quieted down, the roar sounded even more distinctly in the sacred hall.

Eren stopped in his tracks and looked at Argo once again.

No, you can\'t eat the Oni King\'s body, you fat cat.

I might have some use for it.

However, you\'d soon have something else to eat.

Just hold on for a few.

Eren addressed Argo\'s query with stress lines on his forehead.

He pressed his temples and felt his horns with his hands before thinking about something.

\'Alephee., can you cast your spell on Oni King\'s corpse\'


Alephee said and started casting her spell.

This time the first spell she had cast was different from her sealing spell.

The Oni King\'s headless corpse assumed its previous position before the head was chopped off.

The dark purple blood that had spread everywhere was summoned back into its body in the same way it had come out of.

The spell ignored the blood that was too diluted, lost, or changed and focused only on the blood that hadn\'t lost its blood energy.

The Oni King\'s chopped head flew back on his corpse and reattached itself with a distinct bone sound.

The wounds on the Oni King\'s body somewhat started looking as if they were mended as well.

\'Let\'s leave an arm for Argo.\'

Eren said and chopped off the corpse\'s left arm.

He could feel that his beast\'s hunger was at its peak.

Normally, the tamed demon beasts would progress along with their masters because of their connection.

Especially when their elemental attainments were compatible.

But the beast\'s breakthrough would arrive step by step, within a span of a few weeks.

However, Eren knew that the demon beasts he had as his partners were special existences.

Reen was in a league of her own.

Even Argo had his devour ability.

Their connection had allowed Argo to expedite his elemental attainment as well.

And right now, he was hungry and in an urgent need to devour a lot of food.

Argo\'s was trying to break into D-Rank rank as well.

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