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Chapter 679 Lasha and Luna*

\'Lady Sharog, we have arrived.\'

Two Orcinans waited in front of an opaque energy barrier as one of them reported their status to their superior Sharog.

The barrier was securing a corridor that led to Sharog\'s private chamber.

\'Come… aaaah… come in.\'

The orcina that had contacted Sharog smiled when she heard her voice through her voice communication.

The fact that their superior was speaking in a not-so-normal manner could only mean one thing.

Their lord had decided to bless them with his presence.

The barrier was dispersed in the next moment, allowing the twin Orcinas to enter.

And it was raised again when they got in.

The first thing the twin Orcinas saw was that Sharog was in a compromising position.

They bowed their heads before speaking in unison.

My Lord.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Eren was standing near the bed while Sharog was sleeping at the edge of the bed with her legs spread apart.

He had pinned Sharog on the bed– her arms above her head with his one hand.

He had used his other hand to support her stretched leg up in the air as he plowed her vigorously.

The two pillows he had kept under her hips had given him a better angle to pleasure the Orc Lord.

Not that the angle mattered to him much as he could use his half-blood powers to adjust to any situation.

Eren decreased his strokes inside Sharog when he heard the two Orcinas speak and looked back.

They were the same twins who had healed him once after his injury inflicted by Durbag acting as Borul.

Lasha and Luna.

Eren smiled and observed them keenly while he continued driving his dick deep into Sharog.

He observed that they wore the same gold-like jewelry he had them wearing previously.

Both the girls looked similar in their features with slight changes in their overall appearances.

Except for their light green skin, Lasha and Luna were just like human girls in their early 20s.

Luna had shoulder-length mint green hair and eyes the color of unripened lime.

Her resin-colored lips were soft and luscious.

Her big golden earrings attracted the most attention after her cute face.

Luna had a large bust and a large derriere for her size.

Her orc lineage had also gifted her subtle muscle definitions that barely made themselves known.

She had also prepared herself for the meeting with their Lord after a considerable amount of time, just like her sister.

Lasha was a bit taller than Luna, measuring 5.9ft in height.

She had black hair that cascaded down her pretty face and fell on her sizable jugs.

Her ears appeared more elf-like than her sister\'s.

However, she didn\'t wear any eye-catching earrings like her sister, enabling one to focus on her other pretty features.

Lasha had defined abs that were visible because of her attire.

Just like her sister, she had worn a neat blouse and skirt, which had left her tummy exposed.

One had to find the similarities in their facial features to know that they were twins.

Otherwise, their individualities were prominent enough for anyone not to get confused between them.

Welcome, my treasures.

Would you mind joining the fun Let me treasure you to my heart\'s content.


Eren spoke flawless Orcish.

He had come to learn bits and pieces about the Orc culture from Baran and his tribe.

It was time he put that knowledge to use.

She gazed at Eren with awe before speaking in an emotional tone.

My… Lord Eren… did you learn our language and our culture for us

Lasha was mesmerized by Eren\'s way of greeting them as well.

She too was looking at Eren with metaphorical stars in her eyes.

Eren was speechless for a while before nodding in a serious tone.


It is only natural that I learn a bit of culture for my treasures.

Now come.

Eren thought of going with the flow and decided not to correct a pleasant misunderstanding.

The butcher\'s way of handling things had added a bit of romance to their session.

Even Sharog was impressed as she listened to Eren\'s statements while enjoying the carnal pleasure.

She stretched her legs some more and freed her hands from Eren\'s vice-like grip on both of them.

She took his hands in hers before guiding them on one of her bouncing jugs.

Luna and Lasha stood on either side of Eren.

They could see their superior was writhing on the bed under the effects of ecstasy while being **ed at a steady pace by their lord.

They could smell the earthen aroma that was lingering in the air even more prominently than before as they approached the couple indulging in fornication.

Sharog, Luna, and Lasha didn\'t mind finding themselves in the same room with their lord in this situation.

Every Orc chieftain had the right to have 25 Orcina treasures.

And in their minds, Eren was already much more than just a chieftain.

He was bound to become the king of all Echidnae in the Oni dungeon after all.

Eren welcomed both the girls in each of his arms and semi-hugged them.

The twins wrapped their hands around Eren as well, surrendering their nightly fates in the hands of their lord.

Eren grabbed Lasha\'s buns and squeezed them while turning his head toward Luna.

He planted a soft peck on her luscious lips.

Both the girls moaned a bit as they felt Eren\'s touch sending pleasure waves through their bodies.

Eren increased his pace to ** Sharog as he continued to explore the twins\' bodies.

He could feel that Sharog was close to her orgasm.

So he decided to push her over the edge and add extra spice to his activity.

Hatchlings of the Flame.

Stunning Speed

Total Control.

Eren cast his spells one by one and let them do their job.

Three small fire snakes appeared on the bed at that time– each was tasked with pleasure an Orcina.

These hatchlings stretched their forked tongues and voiced their snake voices before getting on with their job site.

With stunning speed and total control, Eren had better control of his strokes than before.

He had only used the mild variants of the spells.

Thus, Sharog was gradually driven to a higher realm of lust and euphoria while Eren was busy with the twins.

Little by little, the two Orcinas\' clothes were burned and disappeared in thin air as they felt the hatchling of the flame climb their bodies.

Eren soon got two Orcinas ready for action by making them wear their birthday suits– their gold-like pieces of jewelry still on them.

At this time, the twins looked like treasures by any definition of the word.

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