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Chapter 680 Less is More*

Sharog was in bliss.

The carnal waves of pleasure kept on washing over her as her body was pushed by Eren\'s deep strokes.

Then all of a sudden, her master decided to increase his pace.

He stretched her pussy walls with the shift of his pace as well as altering the size of his rod.

Sharog wasn\'t an Orc Lord for nothing.

She clenched his hot member inside her with her vaginal muscles and tried to hold it inside.

Her way of keeping up with Eren\'s pace.

However, the more she clenched, the more aggressive Eren became.

Her pleasure receptors were soon overloaded as her eyes rolled behind her eyelids.

Aaaaaah… lord Eren… I… I am… oof!

Soon, a gush of pleasure nectar was released from Sharog\'s wet hole, drenching Eren\'s cock, balls, and thighs in it.

Yet, he continued to plow unfazed by what had happened to what he was plowing.

Eren couldn\'t be blamed.

He was too busy with the twins by his side.

He pressed Lasha\'s jugs and twisted her nipples with his fingers while kissing Luna\'s neck.

Her shoulder length was getting in the way before.

Realizing this, Luna had tied her hair with the help of her golden hairpin, allowing him seamless access to one of her sensitive spots.

Sharog\'s pussy had gotten sensitive after her third release in a row.

Her desire to have Eren\'s company and his sole attention on herself had made her selfish.

That\'s why she only informed the twins after she had come for the second time.

However, she thought that maybe she should have used the twins to share the burden with.

Because Eren seemed like he had been with a lot of Orcinas at once before this.

This session didn\'t seem like his first adventure with multiple partners.

And yet, Sharog didn\'t ask for any break.

She watched her Lord pleasure all three of them with equal enthusiasm and doesn\'t want to be left out.


Take this.

My latest invention.


This potion shall be the savior for all of us.

Eren had indeed kept tabs on Sharog.

He had gotten a bit rough with her in the previous two sessions because that\'s what she wanted.

However, he could understand her predicament.

Therefore, he offered her his latest creation Pleasure Paradise.

It was the latest creation Eren had crafted after studying the potion recipes of various kinds, including the recipes found in the book he had received from Purgatory.

Pleasure Paradise was a simple potion that would boost the libido and drive of those who consumed it, irrespective of their gender.

Eren had already tried this potion with his other Orcina treasures as well as on himself, successfully testing the potion\'s authenticity.

The Pleasure Paradise was going to be another White Raven success story.

He had already shared the recipe with his potion manufacturing team.

This team was busy creating its stock before releasing it in multiple places at once.

A simple marketing strategy to generate hype in the market.

Eren could always use Mist of Lust on his already branded women, making them experience the ultimate form of sexual pleasure.

However, he had decided not to make his subordinates feel crazy by experiencing that sexual high over and over again.

It could be detrimental to their mental health and their growth.

Plus, he could test his newfound types of potions on them.

Of course, humans and monsters had slightly different constitutions than each other.

So the potion\'s effects were not that potent on monster girls.

Yet, the effects they did generate gave Eren the confidence to launch the potion in the new market of the City of New Beginnings.

Eren hadn\'t stopped on Pleasure Paradise.

The White Raven had various ranges of products lined up for launch and mass release.

Even in his absence, his projects were taking shape.

The Pleasure Paradise vials he had with him were just one of the early batches he had made himself before streamlining their process for mass manufacture.

Sharog consumed the potion right away after Eren offered it to her.

In the next moment, her body felt re-energized and her vaginal oversensitivity faded away, being replaced by waves of pleasure once again.

Get on your fours, Sharog.

Eren said to the Orc Lord before moving a bit away from the bed.

The potion Shargo had consumed had not only given her increased libido, but it had also gotten rid of any fatigue she might have had, rejuvenating her.

She quickly assumed the position her Lord wanted, stretching her ass out for easy access to her holes.

The fire snake that was on her thighs immediately climbed up and started licking Sharog\'s clitoris with its forked tongue.

It also generated a pleasant warm sensation where his mouth and body were, making Sharog moan some more.


Lord Eren… you… more!

Sharog moaned while keeping her head pressed against another pair of pillows.

Her voice sounded distant because of how she had hidden her face.

Sharog was busy being pleasured by Eren\'s fire snake spell which shared a mental connection with him.

The control he had over the summoned spell beasts had increased to another level, thanks to the passive effect he received from having a summoner class.

Eren now understood that the quality of the summoned beasts was more critical than the quantity.

His experiences in various fields had made him wiser.

Three snakes were more than enough to please three ladies.

Plus, he could always count on himself to act as a spoiler whenever he pleased.

Sometimes, less is more.

He had also used the same philosophy with his dick size– adjusting it to the pink petal box it was in instead of increasing its length and girth without putting any thought behind it.

Eren\'s rod could be as big as his ladies wanted it to be, enabling them to enjoy their sessions with him to their fullest.

While Sharog was busy with Eren\'s summoned snake under his control, Eren focused the better part of its attention on Luna and Lasha.

By now, he had them face him– embracing them both with either of his arms.

Eren kissed and smooched both the monster girls intermittently while exploring their bodies with his restless hands.

The bed still had a lot of space despite being occupied by Sharog.

So, Eren just lifted both the girls up in his arms and carried them.

Eren dropped them on the bed– making them sleep side by side.

Tonight\'s the night.

The festival starts early for the three of us.

Eren chuckled before getting down to business.

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