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Chapter 681 Pleasure Paradise P1

Luna felt overjoyed.

Her body started writhing under Eren as he kissed and rubbed his body on her.

She could hear-- feel his warm breaths on her.

And she could hear her sister lying to her left, moaning subtly as Eren\'s hand explored her wet cave.

This carnal play had already been going on for hours on end.

The silvery white light of the waning crescent moon had entered the room through the large windows.

It passed through the thin curtains, which could not stay in place due to the intermittent gusts of wind.

Sharog was lying next to Luna.

Her already dripping pussy was getting soaked by Eren\'s hands.

He extended his arms in a non-human manner.

They had lost their definite structure and definite structure and were easily adapting to the tasks that they had been given responsibility for.

Eren was closer to achieving Adept rank at this point.

He had more effortless access to his half-blood powers than ever before.

And consciously and subconsciously he was making use of those powers in a variety of activities.

Luna could feel her lady mound being pressed against Eren\'s dick.

She pressed her hips upwards and adjusted herself before opening her legs to make her pussy more approachable.

Lord Eren… I…

Eren paused nibbling on Luna\'s nipples when he heard Luna\'s faint voice amid the moans and callings of Sharog and Lasha.

He got back on Luna once again while exciting Sharog and Lasha.

He looked Luna in the eye before whispering in her ears.

Don\'t be shy.

Drive it in with your own hands.

Luna would have had a pout on her face if she wasn\'t so ecstatic.

She wrapped her eyes around Eren and caressed his back all over before trying to pull him closer to him.

Something that wasn\'t possible since the duo had zero distance between themselves.

Luna bit her lips and spread her legs some more, keeping them over the Orcinas to either side.

That act excited the two Orcinas even more as her legs started brushing against their sensitive thighs.

However, Luna was too horny to know or care.

She took hold of Eren\'s rod by reaching her hands between them and felt it to be warm and veiny.

She stroked it a bit as Eren lifted his hips and facilitated her actions.

Luna tugged on Eren\'s dick to bring its tip closer to her wet entrance.

And to her surprise, she found out that Eren\'s dick had extended unusually while his hip was at a sufficient distance away from its required spot.


Don\'t worry.

It\'ll be accommodated to your needs.

Eren was in complete control of himself when he said that.

The post-nut clarity he had achieved after his time with Sharog was still there with him.

In a sense, he was now engaged in philanthropic work.

Luna didn\'t need to be told twice.

She adjusted herself before gilding Eren\'s dick inside her.

As his dick slid in, Eren closed the distance between them and brought his hips to their intended spot while adjusting his shaft\'s size.

Luna couldn\'t help crying out Eren\'s name in pure ecstasy as she felt his dick fill her entire pussy canal perfectly, just the way she wanted it.

Eren also increased the size of his middle fingers and drove them inside the two Orchinas sleeping on either side of Luna.

They were writhing in bed, driven by their desires, with their legs open wide.

Their moans synched and the trio of Orchinas moaned in various ways while taking their master\'s name in some way.

Eren extended his thumbs and used them to excite the two Orchinas\' clits.

Sharog guided Eren\'s hand in the direction she wanted it to go.

Lasha closed her legs up intermittently as she got used to the heightened sensation of a sexual high.

Eren slowly started to drive his dick inside Luna as she experienced his deep and powerful strokes with her entire body.

Her ample jugs bounced and shook as she met Eren\'s thrusts with her accommodating hips.

Eren activated Mist of Lust for the first time and the atmosphere started turning even more mystic and euphoric for the three Orchinas.

The ability only needed penetration to be released.

As soon as it was activated, it would work on those around Eren who Eren deemed fit.

Lasha started playing with her boobs, firmly pressing them and pinching them to satiate the new hunger she was feeling.

Sharog was desperate to find some sanity in the insanely ecstatic sensation Eren was making her feel.

So he altered the size of his middle finger and used it to penetrate her rear entry while fingering her in her pussy.


Eren… Lord Eren….


Even more energetic moanings and callings ensued as Eren took the game to a higher realm.

He kept on exploring for a few minutes as he increased the pace of his explorations step by step.



Luna was the first to yield.

She was even more of a squirter than Sharog.

She breathed heavily as the post-coitus fatigue overwhelmed her.

Under the mist of Lust\'s effects, she still wanted more.

However, Eren knew better.

He canceled the effects of the mist from affecting her too much.

Her hot juice gushed out of her wet cave and drenched the bedsheet under her.

Eren drove his dick into her again and nutted inside of her.

He kissed her passionately which she responded to by wrapping both her arms and legs around him while his dick was still inside her making rounds.

Lasha scored second place and her moan was the loudest as she came.

For comfort and intimacy, she hugged her sister and Eren together.

The fire snakes that were on Lasha and Luna dispersed in the air.

Meanwhile, the fire snake that was nibbling on Sharog\'s erect nipples intermittently changed its job designation and headed south.

Sharog experienced a new high as her clit was tongue-stormed by the forked tongue of the fire snake while both of her holes were getting fingered by Eren\'s exceptionally agile and unsurprisingly nimble and flexible fingers.

Sharog arched her back while spreading her legs and using them as support to lift her hips in the air as she came hard.

Unlike the young guns, this mature Orcina bit her lips and held all her moans together until only another \'Oooof\' sound escaped from her mouth.

Sharog, Luna… my treasures.

Take a break.


You need it.

Eren made Sharog and Luna take a break while he focused his attention on Lasha.

This young Orcina had been waiting for her turn for a long time now.

Her patience soon paid off.

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