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Chapter 705 Lensa vs.


Everyone was disqualified.

This was the first batch of participants in Minerva\'s Utopia since it was opened to rankers that got out without anyone clearing the test.

It was bound to create waves when the news of it spread in the future.

The participants in the test were bound to tell the aspirants what the objective of the test was, as well as the stance of Meeli, the caretaker of each separate dimension.

The participants would then begin preparing to give tests in which they were expecting some kind of interference.

They would also start training for multi-layered concoctions and multi-front processing of raw ingredients.

This one disqualification of an entire batch was bound to take all the tests of Minerva\'s Utopia to new heights.

Lensa sighed when she found herself outside the greenhouse.

She was disappointed that she didn\'t get to finish the test.

Her inability to grasp the true objective of the test made her realize how incompetent she was.

\'Potions and processing of raw ingredients! Guess I\'ll study these fields a bit more before coming here.

I\'m sure Grandpa Dan is pretty experienced in both fields.\'

Lensa considered studying both fields seriously for the time being.

Only then would she visit the separate dimension once again after this trip.

She had come here to meet with Eren.

But after doing some inquiries, she found out that he had been out on some mission.

And that it would be a while for him to come back.

But it was not like she was in a hurry anyway.

So she decided to check out Minerva\'s Utopia.

Her uncle Devon had brought her to White Raven city.

Dan Carren was staying in New Beginnings.

Just like every other renowned house, the House Carren also ran a business in the city of New Beginnings.

Dan Carren was overseeing the business now that they were in the Duchy of Nightshade.

It was you who complained to the caretaker, didn\'t you

Lensa was lost in her thoughts when she heard a voice from behind her.

She saw Sienna walking towards her with a bunch of rankers in tow.

It looked like she hadn\'t come alone to take the test.

Hm I just reported your uncalled-for actions.

You expect me to let it slide off

Lensa wasn\'t afraid of Sienna even when she was with a lot of rankers.

She didn\'t like to brag about her house.

Even so, she was more than willing to use the card if and when it made sense to do so.

Lensa\'s bold stance irked Sienna some more.

The illusion spell that was cast on her made her forget the painful memories.

But it didn\'t change her from who she was.

Thus, when she forgot about the incident that had happened to her, she became the same person she always was.

She always believed that her family had her back.

That\'s right.

I\'m sure you must have known who I am at this point.

But in case you don\'t know, I\'m Sienna Slughorn of the House Slughorn.

I would change that tone if I were in your shoes.

Sienna spoke with an evil grin on her face.

They were the rankers assigned to Sienna under the house of Slughorn.

They had already prevented her from causing too much trouble.

One of the rankers who was walking behind Sienna was an Adept ranked old man named Regan.

He was way too old to be allowed to take tests.

His potential as a powerful entity was on the verge of being exhausted.

So he was only allowed entry inside Minerva\'s Utopia but he couldn\'t take tests.

The only thing he could do was to explore the separate dimension and hunt for resources himself.

However, Regan couldn\'t really do that either since he was in charge of taking care of Sienna.

So he had waited outside the greenhouse for her to finish her test.

Regan saw that Sienna\'s rash personality was still acting up and he had a headache.

He then looked at Sienna, who appeared to be a seemingly normal elf.

Or as normal as an elf could be with no background.

\'Maybe this time she\'ll just scare the girl without causing anything serious.

I should create an exception for this.

Allow her to blow some steam off.\'

Regan kept his thoughts to himself and maintained the silence.

It allowed Sienna to be bolder in her attitude.

Lensa wasn\'t impressed even when she had an Adept ranked bodyguard in her entourage.

Sienna Slughorn I think I have heard that name before.

Anyway, does being a member of House Slughorn give you a free pass to mess with anybody Do you think I\'d be scared into saying sorry to you for the wrong deeds you committed yourself just because you have your goons with you

I\'ve had it.

Now I want some kind of apology from you.

Apologize to me and all the other participants who are gathered around us who have been disqualified.

I don\'t want to create a ruckus here inside Sage Minerva\'s space.

But that doesn\'t mean I would be afraid of you or your house.

Regan frowned when he heard his statement.

He thought that the young elf girl would retreat after hearing the house Slughorn\'s name.

But instead, she had retaliated more wildly than he had anticipated.

Regan realized that the elf girl\'s background wouldn\'t be so simple.

Regan stepped forward and held Sienna\'s hand, preventing her from approaching Lensa than she already had.

He then pondered a bit before using his mana signature to apply pressure on Lensa.

His purpose was to calm the potential conflict between the two girls and avoid unnecessary trouble.

He also telepathically told Sienna to stand down and not say any more words.

But in doing so, he had ignored the low-ranked members of House Slughorn who were assigned to her detail.

Lensa suddenly found herself in a pinch because the other rankers in Sienna\'s entourage treated Regan\'s actions as giving them a go.

This was to suppress the elf that was troubling Sienna.

They surrounded the two girls and Regan in the next moment, waiting for Regan\'s orders.

Lensa was suddenly very angry because of the way things were progressing.

She had thought that she was already being lenient by not trying to cause trouble with Sienna.

Sienna had technically disqualified everyone because of the stunt she had pulled off.

But it turns out some people were just born to create trouble.

\'Have it your way then!\'

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