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Chapter 714 Spirit Beast Spell

A region near the Edinburgh kingdom borders.


Overcast skies with a chance of precipitation.

It was 3 PM and yet there was hardly any sunlight.

What are we supposed to do here

A soldier asked another who was standing beside him.

At the current army-controlled area of Badlands, a large number of soldiers were gathered.

These soldiers had signed up for this unique army-initiated program meant to bolster the rankers\' strength.

The program had been in the works for a while now.

However, it had recently been expedited for some reason.

We wait, I guess.

Let\'s see what the officer has to say about it.

The young elf who was asked the question replied casually and flashed a subtle smile.

His name was Arjun– Eren\'s squad member who had signed up for this project of his own violation.

He was one of the few rankers who wasn\'t stressed by the army\'s program.

Not because he had the utmost trust in the army.

But because he already knew what it was about.

People who had their reach and joined the army for its resources knew the inside story about the program and its reason for getting expedited.

Arjun was one such individual.

There was a possibility that a war with the kingdom of Layos was going to break out.

The kingdom was doing everything it could to prepare for that possibility.

Of course, it wasn\'t made public knowledge yet to avoid panic.

This project which had remained stagnant for quite some time had suddenly gotten revived for the same reason.

In a way, the war held many possibilities for rankers who were present here.

There were at least 300 soldiers present for the current program.

And the program was held in multiple locations throughout the kingdom.

The Edinburgh kingdom sought first to increase the strength of its army as well as its stationed guards before making this program available to the local population.

This way, it would be better prepared for the war and all the destruction-causing elements that get hyperactive during the war.

The kingdom had its own spy network to predict the flow of events happening all around it.

Through this network, it was made aware that the kingdom of Layos was trying to open a joint front against Edinburgh.

Edinburgh wasn\'t worried about other small kingdoms teaming up with the Layos kingdom to launch a campaign against it.

But it was worried about the Asikha empire\'s stance on the war.

Things would be disastrous if it stayed neutral in the war.

And they would get more complicated if the Asikha empire joins the war covertly or overtly from the enemy\'s side.

The Asikha empire had many treaties with Edinburgh.

Therefore, a frontal opposition to Edinburgh was virtually impossible.

However, the kingdom knew how the empire\'s stray forces liked to play spoilers.

The Edinburgh kingdom would be in a pinch if it turns out to be the case.

Things were not that serious yet.

There were a few skirmishes on the border.

But it wasn\'t anything new for either the kingdom of Layos or Edinburgh.

However, the spy network had informed the higher-ups that it was only the beginning.

There was someone named commander Saisha Goren who seemed to have been given a higher rank in the army and relocated to the Layos\' western borders.

The borders it shared with Edinburgh.

This man named Saisha Goren was leading a specialized squad that was supposed to contain all the exceptional rankers the kingdom of Layos had in its army.

The relocation of such a squad could only be considered a strategic deployment.

Edinburgh\'s higher-ups also knew that Saisha Goren was also well connected to Isen Osan– the betrayer baron of the kingdom.

But Isen Osan had vanished into thin air somehow.

Arthur\'s spy network, as well as the kingdom\'s, had not been able to track him since his sudden disappearance.

Thus, the kingdom was paying extra attention to Saisha Goren and his entire squad.

It knew about Isen Osan\'s battle prowess as well as his scheming behavior.

The authorities in Edinburgh did not want to be caught off guard.

Therefore, the kingdom launched various countermeasures.

It initiated talks with the Asikha empire as well as other small kingdoms.

But the kingdom also knew that schemes and diplomacy would only get it so far.

Might make right.

The concept applied to the relationships between two seemingly peace-loving countries as well.

But how would Edinburgh bolster its strength and prepare its citizens for the war This program was one of the answers it had found for itself.


My soldiers!

An authoritative male voice abruptly rang out in the surrounding area.

The spectators looked up at the source of the voice and saw that there was someone in the air.

This C-Rank army officer was walking on air as if it were solid ground.

His Way of the Wind had reached an exceptional level of attainment.

This man\'s name was Manas Reach.

He was one of the military officials who were chosen to lead this region\'s special program by high-ranking military officials.

He walked casually on air while looking down at the soldiers who had gathered up below him.

The man stopped walking and folded his hands behind his back.

He stood in a standard military stance before addressing his audience.

My soldiers, soon we might have to face some difficult challenges.

To oppose the enemy, who is glaring at us with schemes in his mind, we have to have strength.

We need strength to protect what is rightfully ours.

And we need strength to deter any other force that might be eyeing us like hyenas.

Manas Reach spoke with a serious expression on his face.

A smile spread across his face as he spoke his next words.

But worry not.

Edinburgh has been through many hardships like these and came out on top.

We will make the enemy understand why it hadn\'t dared to attack us all this while.

Manas said and raised his hands.

In the next moment, a giant array lit up on the ground on which the rankers were standing.

Upon activation, the array made a scroll appear in front of every ranker in Manas\' audience.

The soldiers took hold of the scrolls that suddenly appeared in front of them.

But they didn\'t open it up.

They looked in Manas\' direction, waiting for his order.

Manas confronted all the glares directed at him with a cunning smile before speaking.

The kingdom of Edinburgh had decided to strengthen all its forces using a very unique spell.

A spell that might harm your soul if you are not prepared.

A spell that can make you a lunatic if you and your soul are not strong-willed.

But if you manage to integrate it into your power, it might prove to be your trump card in battle.

Because it would turn out to be almost the same as having a demon beast companion by your side.

Spirit beast spell!

Each of you can be considered one of the lucky ones to participate in this program.

Those who don\'t want to take risks can quit right now.

But quitting mid-way after the process starts won\'t be allowed.

The decision would affect your future for better or worse.

Now choose.


AN: Arjun talks about the army\'s Spirit beast spell program in chapter 585.

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