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Chapter 723 Creating a Homunculus P1

The barren mountaintop.

Ottoman de Montmorency\'s place of residence.

The cloudy sky was blocking the afternoon sun.

Yet, its blaze could still be felt in the air.

A giant condor-type demon beast was seen flapping its wings, stabilizing his flight a few meters above the ground.

A man jumped from the beast\'s back and landed on the ground.

The beast screeched at its master before flying away, leaving the man on the barren mountaintop.

The man walked towards a lone swordsman practicing his weapon arts all by himself.

Lord Demonmir, I have received a message from the royal court.

They are inviting you to attend the meeting.

It is going to be conducted in the capital city in a few days.

Ottoman stopped his sword movements when he heard the man speak.

He didn\'t look surprised that the summons had arrived for him.

Haah! The war seems inevitable.

That old man Isen is out for blood.

Demonmir chuckled and stored his dual axes in his storage.

He already knew about the disturbance between the two kingdoms.

Therefore, he was expecting this summons.

It\'s a shame that I won\'t be able to meet my dear cousin before the meeting.

I was looking forward to it.

Said Demonmir and sighed.

He then started walking toward the small house to get ready for the journey to Edinburgh\'s capital.

However, Demonmir stopped in his tracks as he thought of something.

Taking no time to turn around, he asked his subordinate who was bowing his head in his presence.

Nico, did the Escalon guild do what we asked them to do

Nico pursed his lips at Ottoman\'s question.

He cleared his throat before responding with a careful voice.

Not really, Lord Demonmir.

Oslo tells me that three of their parties had been almost wiped out trying to target the White Raven team members.

It\'d be a while before they began the attack for the fourth time.

Oslo is currently staying with the Escalon guild, overseeing things.

He\'d inform us with the latest news if and when the job gets done.

Demonmir chuckled when he heard Nico\'s report.

He couldn\'t help thinking it was Levine\'s setup that wiped out Escalon\'s forces.


Tell Oslo to build pressure.

If messing with them in Monster Canyon is not possible, tell them to cause a bit of a ruckus in the White Raven city.

I don\'t care if the entire Escalon guild gets eradicated while achieving what we have told them to achieve.

I guess I\'ll run into Paladin of Pain at the meeting.

I\'ll be sure to convey my intentions during our meeting.

Also, find that brat Eren.


He is as crafty as I was when I was his age.

According to the official report, he has been dispatched on a military mission.

But he is nowhere to be found on the site.

I want you to handle him personally when you find him, Nico.

Demonmir said and disappeared.

Nico nodded to nobody in particular before calling out his demon beast telepathically.

He needed to prepare for Demonmir\'s departure to Edinburgh\'s capital.


Oni Dungeon.

Sacred Pyramid.

Two giant doors were parted as a green-eyed, black-haired man stepped out of a lavish room.

This man looked fresh and full of vigor.

It was as if he had a peaceful sleep last night.

There was a subtle smile on his face.

My king, the preparations are complete.

Ror addressed Eren as soon as he stepped out of his kingly room.

It previously belonged to Har Jahar.

Eren had occupied the room after renovating it a bit.

You work really fast, Ror.

Did you ask the emissaries from outside to help you as well

Eren asked while stretching his arms wide.

It\'s been three months since he entered the Oni dungeon for the second time.

This subspace was where he was preparing something.

It had all the resources he needed.

Plus, it offered a secure environment for him to conduct the procedure.

And that\'s why he stayed.

Eren was using the subspace\'s resources to help him complete one of his tasks.

And so far, things were on the right track.

When he first found out about the procedure, he was doubtful if he could get all the ingredients anytime soon.

Thus, he asked Ror for his assistance.

The Ogre Overlord simply put all his subordinates to work to expedite Eren\'s task.

It took three months.

But Eren was glad it was finally over.

After all, he had first thought that it would take him years to complete the task on his own.

Yes, my king.

They don\'t know that Har Jahar is no more and you have taken over his place.

Thus, they all think the resources they are offering to us are part of the process for the next Oni festival.

They assumed on their own that the orders were from Har Jahar.

I didn\'t think you\'d want me to clear their doubts or let them know that you have been made in charge of this space.

So I let them think like that.

We also made use of rare ingredients we found here to complete the procedure from our end.

It only needs a final step from your end to conclude it for good.

He said this while bowing to Eren.

Since he knew that his son Kaalmaahen was going outside with Eren, he was especially careful in handling things for him.

Eren looked impressed when he realized how perceptive Ror was.

He clapped his hands in appreciation before speaking up.

That was a wise call.

You can simply say that you have usurped Har Jahar using various means if that is enough to shut their mouths for the time being.

Eren knew that the emissaries still active outside would find that something was off about the Oni dungeon one day.

That\'s why he had brought forth Ror as the monsters\' leader so it would be easy for them to accept him.

Eren had made sure that everybody living in the subspace was loyal to him.

Thus, the rest of the monsters were on board with any of the actions Eren asked them to take.

Eren was about to ask Ror some more questions.

But he suddenly felt a known presence near him.

Lord Husband, will we finally go outside

Kirin appeared right beside Eren when he got out of his room.

She had a starry look in her eyes as she asked Eren the question.

The butcher laughed and crossed his arms before responding.

Don\'t worry, Kirin.

We will go outside together.

I\'ll show you a broader world that is not this subspace.


I\'m sure you\'d like it.

But first, let me create a homunculus.

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