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Chapter 724 Creating a Homunculus P2

Kirin had never left the Oni dungeon ever since she was born inside it.

As such, she was very excited to see the outside world.

Eren needed to complete creating the body of the homunculus for him to take Kirin outside.

Kirin wanted to know everything about humans.

She had seen them as sacrifices in the Oni dungeon.

Now she wanted to interact with them on a personal level.

She had also been learning Edinburgh\'s official language from Eren for the same reason.

Kirin wanted Eren to consummate their marriage when they left the Oni dungeon.

She didn\'t want to start a new chapter in her life while staying in the same place.

Eren accepted her wish right away.

Sharog, Lasha, and Luna kept him busy nonetheless.

He also didn\'t forget to practice his ranking technique.

Layla had shared the Adept ranked Rootless ranking technique with Eren before he entered the Oni dungeon.

She knew he would try to break into the next rank in the subspace.

Thus, she gave him the half-blood ranking technique of her own initiative.

Layla knew that a stronger Eren was in the best interest of her master Eliza.

So the butcher was spared from finding an alternate option for his ranking technique.

Layla was the one who explained to Eren the procedure to create a homunculus.

She had already admitted to him that she was indeed a homunculus when Eren asked her about it after learning it from Alephee.

Layla also wanted to know why he was so keen on the procedure.

However, the butcher just told her that he wanted to experiment.

Eren also needed to digest all the experiences he had gained in the separate dimension as well as stabilize his ranking status.

He used these three months to do all that, solidifying his foundation once more.

Eren kept on talking with Kirin while quickly glancing at his current stats.


Name- Eren Elijah Idril (Verified)

Organizations- Edinburgh Army (Nightshade duchy) Lionhearts Adventurers\' Academy

Academic Status- Class 2/C

Ranked Status: Not applicable due to on-field assignment

Base Stats:

HP- 15.2 / 15.2

MP- 13.3 / 13.3

STR- 13.5

AGI- 15.2

INT- 14.2

BTP~ 71

BTP Visibility- Private

Ranking Status: D-Rank (Vapor Core State)


Ranking Technique- Rootless (Custom Name)


Eren observed that his body stat values were approaching the same level as each other.

As a result, his INT stat had received the biggest boost.

He wasn\'t sure if that was a positive thing for a close combat expert like him.

Nevertheless, he realized that his life was evolving into something more than just a close combat expert.

So these stats were the inevitable outcome.

Eren was just a step away from making his mana core enter the liquid core state of the Adept rank.

His bottleneck of the Ace rank and his unique way of advancing his ranking status had allowed him to skip the initial hurdles faced by normal Adept rankers.

Eren was happy with his progress.

And his happiness could be seen through his behavior.

Eren wasn\'t aware that there was a war brewing between the kingdom of Edinburgh and the kingdom of Layos.

Additionally, he was unaware that his enemies and his allies were slowly congregating in the same place that was his newfound city.

However, the butcher could always sense trouble coming from miles away ever since he was given a new lease on life.

He didn\'t take things for granted or leave them to chance this time.

Eren had already secured his team members\' survival in Monster Canyon by shifting Baran\'s entire tribe.

He had also told Agatha to only accept missions related to specific regions inside the Monster Canyon.

This was so that Baran would be easily able to tackle the problems heading his team\'s way while remaining in the shadows.

As for the threats coming at him from Demonmir and the likes, he couldn\'t do anything about them for the time being.

He could only rely on Levine and House Derringer for that.

And so far, they hadn\'t disappointed him.


Eren led Kirin to the sacred hall and Ror followed him.

He talked with Kirin while he was walking, telling her about stuff that she would find outside.

You know Kirin, there are lots of beautiful places to see outside the Oni dungeon.

From picturesque mountain views to bustling cities, there\'s so much you haven\'t seen.

The variety of food outside is nothing to be scoffed at either.

The mortal food is also something you\'d need to try.

And then the wines.

My darling, the monster ales are terrific.

But they are all the same.

You won\'t find...

Eren kept talking with Kirin and teased her every once in a while.

He would play with her big and sparkling earrings while he did that.

Every time he explained something, he would switch to something entirely different, keeping Kirin eager to listen to his discussions.

Eren also found it relieving that he had Kirin to try his flirting skills on.

The butcher felt like he was out of the game lately.

Sharog and others would find even his mundane talks amusing and something to listen to with utmost care.

However, Kirin was like a blank canvas that could be dyed with a range of colors.

Eren could try all his puns and one-liners on her and she would find them hilarious and intriguing.

Ror was impressed that his king had this characteristic in himself as well.

He couldn\'t have imagined Har Jahar talking about something like this.

And this was despite the fact that Eren was crueler and meaner than the Oni King.

It was like Ror was looking at a completely different person.

It\'s been a while since they reached the sacred hall.

But the Ogre Overlord didn\'t dare to disturb Eren when he was having some conversation with Kirin.

Kirin was mesmerized by the novelty of the outside world Eren had told her about.

She couldn\'t wait to get outside the confined place and see the world outside with her own eyes.

Eren was more than just the husband for Kirin.

He was also her guide in the outside world as she envisioned the world through his perspective.

The butcher had managed to secure a firm place in her heart and mind with all his actions so far.

During these three months, he talked to her every day, strengthening that relationship.

Alright, time to focus on the task at hand.

Eren finally stopped talking with Kirin and decided to finish the procedure.

He looked at the giant array that was laid in front of him and the people around it keenly before asking a question to someone in his mind.

\'Alephee, are you ready to receive a body\'

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