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Chapter 726 Putting a Face to the Voice P2


Alephee called out as she got up from her lying position.

Eren smirked when the latter kept on looking intently at him with a smile on her face.

Alephee stood up and stretched her arms.

Her posture was about 5.10 feet.

Her attractive figure was a sight for sore eyes.

Despite this, the monsters refrained from looking at her for fear of making their king angry.

Alephee didn\'t mind her newfound body being seen in its most natural form by any of her spectators.

But she didn\'t want to make things awkward for them either.

She just swayed her arms and in the next moment, she was seen wearing a sophisticated dress.

She had created the most exquisite fabric from nothing using the soul spell.

Alephee was seen wearing a black dress.

It had a bodice-like pattern for her torso, highlighting her bust in just the right way.

The dress exposed her delicate shoulders.

The black dress had flounces sewn over it below the waist with layered petticoats, giving the wearer an elegant touch.

Alephee also wore a butterfly-like pattern around her neck.

Her hands were tucked inside gloves that reached to her elbows.

Her voluminous black hair grew a little more and spread behind the dress like a waterfall, accentuating her gothic black looks.

This was Alephee.

The only person who knew Eren for the majority of his life.

As such, the butcher was glad that she had appeared to him in whatever form she was in.

Eren wouldn\'t have admitted to Alephee but he was still doubting her existence in his head.

Was it a real existence or was it some residual consciousness mixed with his own feelings and memories to create a cocktail known as Alephee

Eren knew Alephee had proven so many times that she was as real as the second chance of life he had gotten for himself.

Still, since he couldn\'t put a face to her voice, there was always this doubt he had in his mind that he couldn\'t get rid of.

However, all his doubts were put to rest when he saw Alephee standing in front of him in an elegant-looking black dress.

She was looking at him as well.

It seemed both of them had too many thoughts swirling inside their minds as neither of them talked for a bit.

Alephee was the first to break the ice.

How do I look

Alephee sounded more human and a bit different to Eren than when she was talking to him in his mind.

It was as if a large part of her consciousness and personality were slumbering when she was only able to talk to him in his head.

Just as charming as I had thought.

Eren said and smiled before adding, maybe more.

Alephee didn\'t have to breathe because of her current homunculus body.

But at this point, she felt like taking a deep breath.

She then surveyed her surroundings and observed everything that was there to observe.

Alephee then looked at her hands and stretched her palms.

She then turned them into fists before stretching her palms once again.

She then felt the skin of her face using both of her hands and felt her current countenance with her hands.

Don\'t worry.

The array worked perfectly.

You are not ugly.

Eren walked toward Alephee and said.

The latter chuckled before walking toward him as well.

Soon they were standing only a foot away from each other.

Alphee spread her arms wide and hugged Eren and he hugged back.

He patted her back before separating from her.


It\'s good to see you in person, Alephee.

Alephee nodded at Eren before responding to Eren.

Heh! Right back at you.

I didn\'t think this day would come this soon.

Forgive me for underestimating your capabilities.

Alephee said and smiled.

The butcher chuckled before shrugging his shoulders and responding.


no hard feelings.

I wasn\'t sure things would fall into the right places for me.

Alephee chuckled and was about to say something more.

However, Kirin suddenly appeared beside Eren like a ghost before asking him.

Lord Husband, who is this girl Or what is she

Kirin was just curious because she hadn\'t seen a homunculus before.

As a result, she did not feel like any of the creatures she had encountered.

Alephee didn\'t have heartbeats.

She didn\'t need to breathe.

She also did not have any ranking status.

Kirin\'s monster senses, however, told her she was not a simple being at all.

She just wanted to keep Eren safe.

Thus, the butcher smiled and was about to introduce Layla to Alephee.

But turns out, he didn\'t have to.

I know all about you.

Nice to meet you.

Alephee said to Kirin before looking at Eren once again.

Let\'s find a more apt place for ourselves.

Eren liked Alephee\'s decision.

So he called out his demon beast.

Argo came flying from some unknown direction soon after.

He had residual blood on his eagle beak, which spoke volumes about his activities inside the subspace.

Eren disbanded all the monsters inside the sacred hall, enabling them to get back to their usual routine.

He then jumped on his demon beast\'s back before gesturing to both the ladies to do the same.

Kirin could walk on the clouds she made for herself.

So, she didn\'t need a flying demon beast to achieve the same results as a flight.

However, she didn\'t say no to Eren and hopped right on.

Alephee had already climbed over Argo\'s back.

The trio flew in a distant direction from the sacred pyramid.

Ror looked at Argo and the three blurred figures on his back with keen interest.

He had so many questions in his mind.

It was not like Ror did not know about the procedure to create a homunculus.

He was from Echidna previously.

He had seen many bizarre events.

But there was one thing that bugged him ever since Alephee had opened her eyes.

\'Why didn\'t Anfang\'s Will create a disturbance\'

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