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Chapter 733 Importance of Spell Creation

I\'ll pay the price to gain anything and everything worth having.

Eren said while looking at Alephee– his eyes reflected the determination he carried in his heart.

The homunculus smiled when she heard his words before nodding her head.

That\'s what I wanted to hear, Eren.

I\'ll personally start your training.

But that can wait for now.


Let me beat you some more so that your determination turns into madness.

Alephee said before casting her spells.

The mana pulse she gave off was unique as well– something Eren hadn\'t felt before but was recognizable to some degree nonetheless.

Eren could only laugh bitterly at Alephee\'s stance.

He prepared himself to put up the toughest fight possible.

Use your Beast Contract spell, Eren.

Alephee said, giving Eren a heads up.

At this point, the spar had become more of a show-and-tell than an actual spar.

Alephee was showing how Eren\'s existing spells can be taken to a new level while keeping their core execution principles unharmed.

She cast a summoning spell.

A summoning spell that uses red lightning.

And her choice for the summoned beast was the red lightning bull.

This was almost the same spell Eren was used to casting with Ertaur\'s soul, thanks to the beast contract spell he had acquired from one of his victims.

Eren had decided that he wouldn\'t get shocked by anything Alephee showed him at this point.

He couldn\'t help doing exactly the opposite when Alephee made her summoned beast look as lively as his Ertaur at first glance.

The beast used Adept-ranked mana, so it could be considered D-Rank.


A summoning spell that was on the same level as the beast contract spell! Alephee, I don\'t know about you but I call this showing off.

Eren snorted when he looked at the red lightning bull.

Incidentally, the beast released a gust of air from its nose as well.

It mimicked his actions in response, looking at him menacingly.

Well, the beast contract spell leaves a mark on one\'s mana core.

Since I cloned it, this spell came easily to me.

Eratuar\'s mark helped me use the summoning spell in this way.

You want me to show you what else you can do using your beast contract spell

Alephee asked but didn\'t wait for Eren\'s response.

She spread her hand and seven more balls of red lightning mana appeared all around the red lightning bull.

Soon, those fiery balls of mana started taking the shape of red lightning bulls.

Alephee had created a herd of red lightning bulls with her summoning spell.

These red lightning bulls each showed a distinct behavior from each other.

But they all had one thing in common.

They were looking at Eren as if he was the target of their charge.

Alephee wasn\'t done with her summoning spell.

She smiled at Eren before casting another spell on top of the existing one.

Eren saw with his eyes as the red lightning bulls\' limbs started getting coated in purple lightning.

He first thought that it was aspect fusion.

But then he shook his own head in denial before looking at the limbs of the red lighting bulls carefully.

The aspect fusion was only one part of the effect Alephee had shown him.

The real beauty of the added effect came from the fact that she had used another combination.

Blitz Bolt!

Alephee had granted her summoned bulls the power of Blitz Bolt.

Red Bull Rush in conjunction with Blitz Steps would be a very effective weapon for the bulls to use during their charge attacks.


Eren couldn\'t even comprehend the complexities that would arise if he decided to do the same.

He would need to modify the manifestation of the beast contract spell and change its execution while including the mnemonics of Blitz Bolt.

This wasn\'t something Eren could do with his current expertise.

Eren also appreciated the fact that Alephee had started showing him these things when he broke into the Adept rank.

It was neither too soon nor too late.

Just the right time for him to start thinking about these things.

Alephee had decided to give Eren one more shock.

She cast another summoning spell.

A blue and a red ball of mana were manifested in the air before changing forms.


Two distinct eagle cries were heard as the red and blue lightning balls assumed the forms of two flying griffins.

They looked eerily similar to Argo\'s hybrid form.

Eren was quickly reminded of how Altashia was able to use summoning spells and conjure two crow-type demon beasts.

She was a demon beast tamer of Roo Roo– a crow-type demon beast.

He had wondered how Altashia was able to cast the summoning spell so easily despite being a warrior class.

He got his answer at this point.

It didn\'t take Eren long to figure out that the beasts and the beast souls he was in connection with could be used in summoning spells.

Alephee was showing him that he could make use of his connections with Ertaur and Argo to make his summoning spells more potent.

And with his class change into a summoner, the spell\'s potency would be shot to another level.

Alephee chuckled a bit before adding up.

The demon beast you bonded with and the beast contract spell.

Both make you able to access the consciousness of real beasts.

That\'s because their souls are real.

You would be able to cast summoning spells more easily by using the connections you share with your beasts as a medium.

You have a summoning class.

But since you don\'t have many summoning-type spells, you decided not to use it for the time being.

But it\'s time for you to start investing your efforts in this direction as well.

As you can see, you don\'t really need the summoning spells of other beasts.

You already have what you need to make full use of your other class.

That is if you know how to make use of your connections with the beasts while using the summoning spells.

Ertaur, Argo, and your preferred summoning spell Fire Snake give you all that you need to be a successful summoner.

Your current Adept rank is perfect for you to start putting your efforts into these endeavors.

I hope you don\'t waste time chasing after spells that are not meant for you anymore.

And start perfecting the spells you already have.

Or start creating the spells that are apt for you by yourself.

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