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Chapter 750 Domination

Eren smirked as he fixed his gaze on Tumko who was in midair due to being affected by Sedating Gaze.

His body wasn\'t reacting the way it should be.

Still, it wasn\'t like gravity itself had been affected by Eren\'s Ability.

As such, he was bound to come down soon.

Eren cast his movement spell and jumped.

He approached Tumko while readying his swords for his next attack.

Cognitive Control!

Tumko had concluded that he could not escape Eren\'s incoming attack while he was in midair with his perception compromised.

Plus, Eren was too fast for him to run away from.

So he decided to use another of his class-specific spells.

Tumko\'s class as a Mentalist allowed him to decipher the emotions of those around him as well as influence them to some extent.

The spells he used worked on the same principles and enabled him to partially control his opponents\' movements.

As long as his opponents were within the spell\'s range, Tumko would be able to affect them using the spell.

As such, Eren\'s enhanced speed didn\'t provide him a clear advantage against Tumko.

Eren was approaching Tumko in midair when he realized that his hands had suddenly lost their grip on his swords.

He also felt that his legs weren\'t in his complete control.

Both the rankers had managed to incapacitate one another in midair.

As a result, they both canceled their Abilities, quickly getting away from each other.


Bhaa Laah was not having as much fun as she had thought she would.

Her class as a spear saint was weapon centric, allowing her to fully unleash the powers of her Adept-ranked weapon.

She had a moonlight ice element, allowing her to freeze her opponents from the inside.

Plus, she was also a user of dagger arts at close range, which made her a capable fighter at mid and close range.

However, despite all her advantages, Bhaa Laah found it difficult to dominate Kaal the way she had hoped to.

The guy was as strong as a bull.

Her attacks failed to injure him even slightly.

Kaal\'s mana defense layer seemed inhuman to her since she didn\'t deal any damage with her most precise and well-timed attacks.

Bhaa Laah\'s brute strength didn\'t work against a real, Ogre-like brute.

So Bhaa Laah decided to play mind games.

However, no matter how many mocking words she used to throw him off balance, he wouldn\'t talk to her.

Kaal couldn\'t be affected by Bhaa Laah\'s mocking because he didn\'t get half the things she was saying.

So when he tried to understand her using the limited vocabulary he had, the meanings he derived were completely different from what she had intended them to be.

And those meanings kept on making him more confused.

For example, when Bhaa Laah said I\'ll ** you up with my spear all Kaal understood was I\'ll make love to you using my rod.

Therefore, instead of getting intimidated, Kaal started looking at Bhaa Laah with a doubtful look in his eyes, as if her appearance as a woman was deceiving.

This wasn\'t Kaal\'s fault, to be honest.

He had tried to learn the language using the books, which had toned down the meanings of the usual words.

Therefore, the word ** was interpreted as making love by him.

It didn\'t help that Bhaa Laah liked using the word **.

She kept on addressing him using the same word, making Kaal think that the rankers outside the Oni dungeon were pretty weird.

Kaal couldn\'t bring himself to attack someone like Bhaa Laah with a clear mind either.

She only wanted to be intimate with him.

He couldn\'t bring himself to punish her for her open invitations no matter if Bhaa Laah was sexually compatible with him or not。

\'My king… this elf wants to make love to me.

How should I say no\'

Eren was staring at his opponent while maintaining a safe distance when he heard Kaal\'s message over his voice channel.

His expressions twisted and he almost lost focus when he received the message.

\'What… what do you mean\'

Eren asked Kaal with a voice coated in vigilance.

The latter kept on exchanging moves with Bhaa Laah as he explained what was going on.

The stress lines on Eren\'s forehead increased when he understood what was going on.

Kaal had interpreted Bhaa Laah\'s words wrongly.

Something he had also done when he was trying to learn the Orc tongue.

Eren sighed in his head before clearing things for Kaal.

You doofus Ogre, that elf lass is not inviting you to have good times.

She is just trying to mess with you using cuss words.

Deal with her quickly without opening your mouth to speak.

Clearly, you are not ready to speak the kingdom\'s language yet.

Kaal stopped running away from Bhaa Laah when he heard Eren\'s words over the voice channel.

He looked at Bhaa Laah with cruel intentions as if it was her fault for not stating things clearly.

Kaal finally got serious.

Almost like jelly, he solidified the winds around Bhaa Laah to prevent her from escaping.

He then charged toward the night elf using his exceptional movement spell that was bolstered by his mastery over the wind element.

The next thing Bhaa Laah knew, she had been punched in the face with Kaal\'s punch coated in wind-element mana.

As a result, the punch carried a powerful vector force that acted on the night elf\'s body as a whole.

She was thrown a few meters into the air before crashing to the ground.

Bhaa Laah was incapacitated in one punch by Kaal\'s Ogre strength alone.

He had been unable to use his powers to the fullest because of the moonlight-ice element spells she cast on him.

However, they weren\'t enough to take over his incredible vitality as a monster.

Bhaa Laah\'s spells on Kaal had failed because the former didn\'t know about the latter\'s Ogre physique.

Thus, Kaal became the first in his group to score a victory and free himself.

Kaal got back to his job quickly after seeing that Bhaa Laah was not trying to get up from her position even with her open eyes.

The elf girl was so busy processing the pain that she had forgotten about her current task.

Kaal attacked the defenseless Teer Maar and Jaad Ugar after he found the array eye located at one corner of the isolation zone.

The two were forced to lose control of the array-eyes, enabling Kirin to break free from her runic bindings.

She quickly disappeared from her position and appeared right beside Eren.

Meanwhile, Alephee had taken care of her opponents for good.

And she didn\'t need anyone\'s help.

About two minutes into the conflict and it was already settled.

Eren\'s team had managed to completely dominate Tumko\'s team despite the latter\'s careful setup and calculated moves.

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