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Chapter 755 “Satisfaction is the Death of Improvement”

Eren laughed when he saw Agatha fuming.

He only extracted the meaning he wanted to extract from her words– Agatha needed for there to be some sort of balance in him spending the money on his women.

He slapped Agatha\'s table before disappearing from his seat.

There was a distinct smell of ozone Agatha felt around her when the lightning cracked in the front.

In the next moment, Agatha found herself lying flat on her back on her own work desk.

The likes of scrolls and array disks were suddenly thrown off everywhere.

Her arms were pinned to her on either side.

Her eyes were staring right into Eren\'s emerald green eyes.

His shoulder-length black hair reached for her.


You broke into D-Rank!

Agatha was shocked when Eren revealed he was an Adept.

The latter just smiled before looking at her with a playful gaze.

But of course.

Fifty thousand Extols is nothing.

You are in charge of my entire wealth, Miss Manager.

I don\'t think I need to defend myself anymore.

Eren said before kissing Agatha.

The latter was just flabbergasted by the whole turn of events.

But that didn\'t stop her from responding to Eren\'s advances.

She just felt weird that Kirin was looking at them with keen interest.

Eren realized that Agatha was conscious of Kirin\'s presence.

So he broke the kiss and spoke up.

Kirin darling, you should check up on Kaal.

He is gearing up to enter Minerva\'s Utopia, which I had told you about earlier.

You can join him if you want to.

Kirin perked up when she heard she would be able to explore something more.

She nodded at him before disappearing from her spot.

Now, where were we

Eren asked with a smirk on his face.

Agatha responded by pulling his face towards him and continuing their lip lock aggressively.


Evening 4 PM.

A large balcony was attached to Agatha\'s private chamber.

A young man was occupying the balcony at the time, allowing him to observe the entire city view.

Eren was watching the ever-changing cityscape in front of him while enjoying his smoke.

He marveled at the sight of his own creation.

He felt a sense of achievement filling up his near-empty heart.

Impressive, isn\'t it

Agatha came up from behind Eren and offered him a hot cup of brew.

She was holding one for herself.

Agatha had taken a day off from all her work.

Eren had gotten rid of all her complaints out of her system with their intimate session that lasted for hours on end.

Agatha was wearing a loose-fitting gown made of silk.

Eren had changed back to his previous clothes.

It seemed he was ready to go somewhere.

Agatha had looked at Eren\'s back for a significant amount of time before approaching him.

She remembered the healing scars she had seen all over his body.

The flesh wounds had left their residual marks。

This was a shocking site for Agatha when she first saw it.

The only reply she received from Eren was that he was undergoing special training.

And that the scars she was seeing all over his body were temporary and would heal one day.

Agatha could only give up after Eren brushed off his injuries like they were nothing.

She could also see in his eyes that he wasn\'t regretting the training he was subjected to.

As a result, she had walked an extra mile to please him.

Eren stared at the cityscape as he took the cup from Agatha\'s hand.

He smiled before he added.

It is indeed impressive, Miss manager.

But I want more.

Agatha narrowed her eyes at Eren before speaking neutrally.

Not satisfied with what we got so far, are we

Eren chuckled when he understood what Agatha was trying to imply.

Yet, he didn\'t shy away from replying with his honest answer.

Satisfaction is the death of improvement.

And men who don\'t improve are left behind.

By women.

By society.

By time itself.

I\'m not complaining.

Just something I observed.

It\'s easier to make progress than fighting off the system that\'s ingrained into our very existence anyway.

I won\'t have to hate the system if I know how to take advantage of it.

Eren said and took a sip of his brew.

The taste of bitter coffee gave him the jolt he needed to get out of his reverie.

I understand that you\'d want more from this place than what it has to offer right now.

But you should celebrate your achievements so far all the same.

This was your brainchild, Eren.

And I helped raise it.

As a co-parent, I\'m happy with the way it is turning out to be and where it\'s heading.

Agatha said with a tone of contentment after resting her folded hand over the balcony\'s ledge beside Eren.

Feeling nostalgic, she soaked up the city\'s reflection with him.

Eren smiled in response to Agatha\'s words.

A short period of silence that was followed was the sign of the agreement they received on each other\'s thoughts.

It seemed like yesterday for Agatha when they arrived at the barren place.

Right after arriving, Eren had proclaimed that the White Raven city would one day be as noteworthy as the city of New Beginnings.

At that point, Agatha thought that Eren was just trying to encourage them all by saying things like these.

However, as Agatha looked at the city that was in a constant state of building itself, she realized that Eren meant every word he had said.

Agatha also contributed greatly to this city.

To honor her contribution, a permanent marker was erected inside the city.

Eren had tasked people to create a statue of Agatha in one of the most crowded parts of the city.

It was placed in the middle of an artificial pond.

The water inside the pond would swirl all around the statue from time to time using a simple array mechanism– paying homage to her bloodline powers.

Agatha was pleasantly surprised by Eren\'s gesture when she found out about the statue after it was made.

By then, Eren had already left for the Oni dungeon.

Until this day, the half-blood Ace ranker hadn\'t conveyed how grateful she was for his non-verbal gestures of appreciation.

So she made sure to thank him for it in her own way today.

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