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Chapter 763: Radiant Destruction

Carren estate.

A glass greenhouse was erected in the forest created with the help of a wood-element array.

It was about 900 meters in length, 300 meters wide, and 100 meters in height.

Suffice it to say the greenhouse had its ecosystem.

The walls and the roof of the greenhouse were created with semi-transparent glass that had runic inscriptions over it.

They would shine from time to time, making their presence known.

If one had visited Minerva\'s Utopia, they would say that this greenhouse created by the House Carren was the replica of the one found inside the subspace.

The family had gone the extra mile in trying to get the details down to a T as much as they could.

The time was past midnight.

In its domain, the crescent moon spread its moonlight.

The runic inscriptions over the semi-transparent roof\'s surface were enhancing the potency of moonlight for some of the plants inside as well as a bunch of arrays that made use of it.

Moonlight was one of the raw ingredients in some potioning recipes.

Nonetheless, as with any raw ingredient, it must be added with caution.

Add too little, and the moonlight will not have any effects.

Add too much, and the moonlight will spoil the concoction process.

There was someone present in the greenhouse who was trying to balance between the two extremes.

You are adding too much.

Lower the intensity a bit and add two seeds of crimson fire flower plant to counter the excess of moonlight already emitted.

Eren said to Lensa as she was trying to concoct a simple wound recovery potion meant for the Ace rank.

She was standing inside an array next to a potioning platform.

It was a raised platform that was etched with various array setups.

These array setups were connected to a single array eye, allowing the person standing inside it to control the potioning platform with utmost ease and absolute control.

Lensa was creating concoctions using her own unique style.

By using her Ability, she created ice-element lenses overhead to add unique properties to the moonlight.

Considering she had just started a few months ago, the elf prodigy was doing better than Eren expected.

At least that\'s what he thought as he saw her trying to concoct the recovery potion with her unique Ability.

Eren was sure that if he was in her shoes, he would have failed the recipe long ago.

It was only with sheer persistence and tenacity could he obtain his current skills and expertise in potioning.


The butcher learned that Lensa was trying to pursue potioneering as her secondary path after talking with her.

She wanted to give the test in Minerva\'s Utopia another try.

With better skills and techniques.

Eren had asked Lensa why she wanted to pursue potioning.

The elf prodigy confessed to him that she didn\'t like the destructive properties of her Ability and potioning seemed like a viable option for her to try out.

Eren called Lensa stupid to her face when he heard the reasoning behind it.

It lowkey infuriated him that people with better resources and natural gifts would try so hard to ruin their prospects with their own hands.

In contrast, he had to work hard to achieve anything for himself.

Eren told her that she could combine her two pursuits in a way that they wouldn\'t create a conflict with each other.

Her potential as an adventurer would be wasted if she kept thinking like that.

Eventually, that ruination will also affect potioning.

Eren said these things from personal experience, which created a deep impact in Lensa\'s mind.

Eren made Lensa demonstrate her Ability.

After seeing what her powers could do, he was thoroughly impressed by it.

Eren admonished Lensa to look at her Ability as something to be afraid of.

He told her if she didn\'t like the fact that the Ability\'s effects don\'t distinguish between friends and foes, she should only use it as an ultimate move.

She could also find a way to use it in a way that doesn\'t create blasts.

Abilities would improve as their holder\'s rank rose.

Eren was fascinated by Lensa\'s Ability.

He compared it to the more potent potion bombs.

He also wondered if the projected beam could be harnessed and condensed into a vial so that it could be used as potion bombs.

With the right setup, Lensa would be able to mass produce some of the most lethal potion bombs.

And that too without raw ingredients or concoction time.

If she was a normal ranker, Eren would have hired her to be a member of his guild just for the Ability\'s potential alone.

The butcher told her if she didn\'t want to stay active on the battlefield, she could use her Ability this way to make profits instead.

In a way, that took away the Ability\'s negative impact of destroying her hands and allowed her to stay productive.

Radiant Destruction!

Eren named Lensa\'s Ability for her.

The elf prodigy was amazed by the fact that her destructive powers were a money-making factory in Eren\'s eyes.

She wondered if he had thought about the repercussions the potion bombs made from Radiant Destruction would bring to the kingdom.

Lensa also found it weird that she started liking her powers after witnessing Eren\'s appreciation for them.

It was weird for her because when her Gramps Dan and uncle Devon said the same thing, it was not enough to change her mindset.

However, Lensa was still unsure about following Eren\'s plans.

She didn\'t need more money than what she already had anyway.

All the ranking resources were available to her.

She didn\'t share the same drive to turn her powers into a lucrative business.


Eren hadn\'t forgotten the subject of convincing Lensa into making potion bombs from her powers.

He knew that he would be able to convince her eventually.

But he decided not to force her at this point after seeing her initial reluctance.

Instead, Eren told her to use her Ability this way to concoct specific potions.

Subconsciously, he was easing her into creating something out of her powers.


AN: Radiant Destruction was first described in chapter 651.

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