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Chapter 765: Branding Lensa P1

Almost there…

Eren said to himself as he watched Lensa restart the potion-making process using her Ability for the seventh time.

He was standing behind her, taking control over the array eye and stabilizing the process whenever it looked like it would become haywire.

Lensa had also gotten used to using her Ability to concoct potions.

Through Eren, she learned that there were many ways she could incorporate Radiant Destruction in other potion recipes as well.

There were many ways to achieve the distillation of elemental mana.

Radiant Destruction could be considered the last stage in the same process.

It meant that as long as a few steps were altered or added, she could use Radiant Destruction for a range of potions.

In theory, everything made sense to Lensa.

It was just that she wasn\'t sure what kind of result it would bring to the potions she concocts.

However, Eren told her not to stress over the result of any process before she even started it by herself.

He told her to concentrate on the task at hand.

And that\'s what she was doing– concocting another healing potion using his help.

Lensa was also a bit conscious around Eren.

he was standing right behind her.

There were only about three centimeters of distance between their bodies.

As such, she could feel his warm breath over her right shoulder.


The shapeless concoction floating over the potioning platform without being contained by any vessel started solidifying once more.

Lensa\'s minute distraction caused another anomaly in the process.

The girl couldn\'t be blamed because she was still in the Ace rank.

This time, Eren was ready.

He quickly took over the array control, enabling Lensa to only maintain the exposure to the moonlight beam through her Ability.

In doing so, he stepped forward and took Lensa in his embrace.

He quickly added the neutralizer that was floating around not far from the concoction.

He added it in just the right quantity to not spoil the potion or make it turn into another ice-element bomb.

The concoction stopped getting solidified after Eren\'s timely intervention.

The moonlight beam falling over it also started delivering consistency, indicating that Lensa found it easier to control her Ability now that there was a division of work.


Don\'t worry.

I don\'t find it disappointing.

I wouldn\'t have been able to do what you are doing right now had I been in the same rank as you.

Eren chuckled and expressed his thoughts as he oversaw the final phase of the concoction process.

The latter opened her eyes wide when she understood Eren had again read her mind.


There\'s no way that\'s a coincidence.

Are you a mind reader, Eren

Eren chuckled before answering the elf with a question of her own.


I guess you could say that.

I can always read the minds of stunning beauties around me.

Lensa tucked the strands of her hair behind her ears when she heard Eren\'s compliments.

But then she scrunched her nose and made dissatisfied expressions before mumbling her next set of words.

Stop reading a lady\'s mind without her consent, you rascal.

Lensa said and pressed herself ever-so-slightly against Eren.

They could both feel each other\'s body warmth at this point.

Eren had a light smile on his face as he focused on the task at hand.

Meanwhile, he pushed his groin forward and let his little guy make contact with the elf buns in front of him.

Eren soon found out that the contact wasn\'t right.

So he lifted her with one hand and aligned her properly before resting his semi-erect dick in the right place.

The process didn\'t require involvement on Lensa\'s part at this point.

The concoction was almost complete as well.

Eren simply wanted to improve its grade by removing most of the impurities.

Lensa was too shocked to say anything when she felt something touch her from behind.

She knew what it was.

But before she could process her surprise, or verbalize her thoughts, Eren wrapped his left hand around her.

You… what are you doing

Lensa mumbled in a trembling voice while remaining still in his embrace.

Her urges that she had been holding at bay for a very long time surged all at once at this point.

This made her pussy wet just by feeling Eren\'s dick getting rubbed behind her over their clothes.

It was as if she could feel the warmth of his dick through the sheer set of fabrics that were in between.

What am I doing I\'m just reading your mind, my dear.

Doing what it asks me to do.

Eren mumbled into Lensa\'s ears as well.

The latter realized that Eren\'s reading of her mind wasn\'t a bluff.

Or that she was very easy to read for him.

Either way, it was her desires that were being answered by Eren.

She stopped thinking for a moment.

But that didn\'t work.

So she started thinking of random events and memories to throw the rascal off and stop him from living inside her head.

Eren chuckled when he sensed Lensa\'s predicament.

He whispered into Lensa\'s ear once again.


The ability to read your mind should prove useful to you, Lensa.

Don\'t fight against it.

You can use it to your advantage, you know.

Eren said and placed Lensa down.

He then used both his hands to control the array with his gestures and fine-tune the potion before retrieving an empty set of vials.


After the concoction was completed, a peculiar mana pulse was released.

This was the sign that the potion was stabilized.

And judging from the mana pulse it had released, it was safe to consume as well.

Eren guided the shapeless concoction floating over the potioning platform and let it get poured inside the set of empty vials one at a time.

He and Lensa had managed to make more than 40 vials of the unique healing potion.

Eren sealed the potion\'s effervescence inside 39 vials at once.

He then stored them inside his storage space.

The butcher let the last corked vial land in his right hand\'s open palm before speaking up.

So this one\'s taken care of.

What else are we supposed to do now

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