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Eren didn\'t look stressed about striking a deal with the Master ranked entity at all.

This wasn\'t his first rodeo dealing with rankers of that caliber.

He chuckled before adding further.

Hehe! This potion will serve as a bargaining chip between me and your Gramps.

I guess we have a lot to talk about.

Eren said before shrugging his shoulders.

He then looked at Lensa and smiled.

He reached for her face and planted a kiss on her cheek before whispering something into her ears.

Lensa darling, I need to know about Elven ale\'s concoction process.

Lensa, who thought this was Eren\'s romantic gesture, frowned when she realized the move on her was just a cover to convey his real intention.

She hmphed before responding.

Hmph! I don\'t know anything about it.

And humans are not supposed to know this anyway.

It is beyond your capabilities.

Eren pulled Lensa\'s cheeks when he noticed she was a bit angry at him.

It looked like he was using her for his own gain.

And partially, it was true.

However, he had come to accept Lensa as his people at this point.

And he felt there was nothing wrong with asking for help from people one considers as one of their own.

Thus, he chuckled before responding.

I just want to know about the process so that I can use it as a reference, Lensa.

You guys allow the elven ale knockoff to run free in the market right Consider my attempt as one of those endeavors.

Eren said caressing Lensa\'s things.

He played with her hair before tucking the long bangs behind her ears and replied.


I\'m trying to create a concoction that is as close to elven ale as possible.

As such, it should have properties such as stimulating one\'s elemental attainment or other random effects that elven ales are known for.

So I\'m fine with my White Raven ale appearing lacking in comparison to the real thing.

But it should be the closest knock-off of the elven ale that is out there legally and illegally.

I\'m fine with House Carren taking some of the credit for the distillation process that I\'m developing on my own.

I\'m even fine with offering your clan a fixed single-digit percentage of revenue.

But it needs to share the elven ale recipes it has with me.

Arrange a meeting between me and old man Dan, Lensa.

I\'m sure he will be back after learning about the greenhouse incident.

At that time, you can tell him what I told you just now along with the potion we have developed together as well as previous dealings we discussed.

Eren said and got up from his seat.

Lensa wanted to cuddle with him some more.

But she decided otherwise after seeing his serious expressions.

Alright, Eren.

Lensa stood up from her seat as well.

After getting close to him, she kissed him on the lips.

Now that I recall our first meeting and compare that Eren with what you are right now, the difference between the two of you is astonishing.

And just by being with me for these past few hours, I have realized the reason behind it.

Your dedication also gives me the strength to walk the path I chose for myself.

So wherever you are, you need to know that I\'ll be right behind you.

Eren smiled when he heard Lensa\'s caring words.

He locked his hands into hers before kissing her passionately.

For the time being, both of them dropped what they were thinking and enjoyed being together with one another.


Eren felt a cluster of mana fluctuations surrounding him and Lensa when he was lost in his thoughts kissing her.

It took him a while to realize what it was.

\'Deja vu!\'

Eren said to himself and smiled.

Afterward, he ended his liplock with the elf, addressing her in a commanding manner.


close your eyes.

And concentrate.

Eren said and made Lensa sit on the ground with her eyes closed.

He then got away from her a bit before watching another Adept rank breakthrough taking place in front of him.

Eren wondered if his involvement with the women had anything to do with the breakthrough.

Altashia and Lensa were both close to the Expert rank, so he could only drop the subject.

Lensa didn\'t know what was happening to her at first.

Her subconscious mind had only followed Eren\'s orders blindly.

But she quickly realized her breakthrough had arrived earlier than she had anticipated.

she let go of all her stray thoughts and focused on using her ranking technique.

Dense Adept-ranked mana was summoned all around Lensa.

She felt her mind getting connected to the higher consciousness with her closed eyes.

Using her ranking technique, she started processing all her gains while under the influence of the mysterious state.

Lensa progressed through her ranking journey even more seamlessly than Altashia.

It was only a few moments before the process got completed for good.

Ice-element mana was released with Lensa as the center and spread outward.

It froze the ground and chilled the air around it.

The frozen ground was immediately covered in snowy ice before snow-covered flowers bloomed on the ground.

When these ordinary-sized ice roses bloomed, they each had a sparkling seed inside them.

Sparkling seeds made of light-element mana display a bright brilliance that comes from breathing.

Eren was observing this phenomenon from a distance with stoic expressions.

He could tell that Lensa\'s elemental attainment had progressed leaps and bounds after her breakthrough into the Adept rank.

He could only smile bitterly after finding out yet another natural prodigy had almost outclassed him just by being herself.

Still, he wasn\'t too downhearted.

He had his own way of progressing.

Something the prodigies didn\'t have access to.

Eren wondered how much Lensa\'s Ability had improved after her breakthrough.

But he didn\'t rush to her seeing that she was still seated and busy stabilizing her gains.

Eren couldn\'t postpone his plans in wait.

He decided to leave.

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