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Chapter 785: Lost Cause

Using spell synthesis arrays had a lot of limitations.

No matter how talented an array master was in their craft, the arrays they created would always fail to synthesize the spell outcomes as well as their original counterparts.

And the output was bound to deteriorate with time.

Therefore, the production line would only work smoothly when Lensa was there to fix the errors that would pop out now and then.

Mass production of anything is based more on quantity than quality.

As long as sufficient quality standards are met, the more products are produced, the greater the profit.

Provided there was a corresponding demand for them.

Eren explained everything to the old elf patiently while highlighting the nitty-gritty of two separate projects and two separate products using the same foundation that was Lensa\'s Ability named Radiant Destruction.

He also divided the roles between the two sides equally and offered a 50/50 profit sharing for House Carren.

Only now did Dan realize why Eren had been so successful in his endeavor to establish his own city.

The guy knew how to do business and how to pull people towards him with all his entrepreneurship skills.

However, Dan discovered one problem with Eren\'s plans.

Boy, you have planned far ahead.

But you don\'t realize that manufacturing alchemic bombs is not something the kingdom of Edinburgh would take a liking to.

The healing potions are no problem.

But you wouldn\'t be able to mass produce the alchemy bombs without the kingdom\'s approval.

They\'d shut us down as soon as they got the whiff of this thing.

Dan said after listening to Eren\'s speech.

Producing an alchemy bomb wasn\'t a morale issue for the old elf.

He even knew who to contact to make this setup a reality.

But it would be a dead investment if the project gets banned before the products hit the market.

Eren chuckled when he heard Dan\'s issue.

He reminded the old man of something.

Dan, this would have been a problem in times of peace.

But you are forgetting the fact that there are clouds of something sinister brewing on the horizon.


Forget about them banning the alchemy bombs.

I\'m expecting royal manufacturing contracts from Edinburgh.

Dan was puzzled at first.

But he opened his eyes wide when something clicked in his mind.

Dineria didn\'t understand what the two men were talking about.

So she asked Eren upfront.

Boy, what are you talking about

Eren looked at Dineria and smiled.

He held hands with Lensa confidently before speaking up in a slightly excited tone.


There\'s a war brewing between Edinburgh and Layos.

We will supply our products to the kingdom\'s army, mercenaries, and adventurers involved in the war conflict.

How the kingdom regulates these products in those groups would not be our concern.

There will be no responsibility falling to us at the time of signing these kingdom contracts.

So that we can avoid any trouble coming our way soon.

Dan wanted to say something after hearing Eren\'s speech.

The latter knew exactly what the old elf would speak about.

So he responded before hearing the question.

Of course, Edinburgh would be difficult to convince at first.

But if and when it faces enough pressure from Layos, it will eventually sign contracts with us.

This way, we\'ll make profits while the kingdom faces war.

Deepen our ties with the bureaucrats.

Plus, we\'d get to claim that we are doing this because we care about the safety of Edinburgh and the people inside it.

Good credit is always helpful for business.

I think a guy like you would be the perfect representative of our alliance to make this deal happen.

I\'m sure you\'d know who to use and who to approach to get the approval and manufacturing contracts.

I can already see it on your face.

Names are popping in your head.

Dan nodded at Eren.

He could indeed manage things on bureaucratic levels if the plan was to take shape for real.

He was just amazed by how far into the future the young man in front of him had thought.

On one end, it was visionary.

On the other hand, it was lowkey scary.

\'He… he is not bad.\'

Dan looked at the interlocking of hands Eren and Lensa displayed.

He then looked at Lensa and sighed.

Lensa, you had said that you didn\'t like your Ability because it was destructive.

And you were not comfortable with that.

Do you see what this man is trying to do with your Ability We are planning to bank on the kingdom\'s manufacturing contracts.

And make money on people\'s sufferings.

For this guy, war is a business opportunity.

Are you fine with all this

Dan asked, trying to take the final jab at Lensa to test her resolve.

Of course, the old elf didn\'t have any problem going ahead with the plan.

However, he didn\'t want his granddaughter\'s conscience getting affected in the process.

\'This old man wants to kick me out of Lensa\'s life.

It makes me want to get even closer to her.\'

Eren chuckled to himself before putting his left arm across Lensa\'s shoulders.

He then pulled closer to her and almost embraced her.

He scratched on her earlobe with his left hand and looked at her keenly.

Lensa had a bit of a blush on her cheeks when Eren tried to show signs of affection right in front of her Gramps.

But she suppressed her cocktail of emotions and answered Dan honestly.

Well… Eren had already discussed these things with me.

He says people are going to die in the war one way or the other.

Violence breeds violence.

But overwhelming violence keeps things from escalating any further by acting as a deterrent.

These alchemy bombs will soon be seen as a deterrent.

Even if they are not seen as a deterrent, these bombs would help outside a lot and would help save their lives at least.

Eren nodded at Lensa\'s words before encouraging her to speak some more.

Tell him about the healing potions.

Dan had black lines on his forehead when he watched how Eren influenced her point of view which was so different before meeting with him.

He only had one thought in his mind as he listened to Lensa say that Eren was right in saying that they were counterbalancing the alchemy bombs by manufacturing healing potions as well.

\'She\'s a lost cause.\'

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