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Chapter 790: Warmonger

A corner in Marie\'s huge lab was dedicated as a resting spot.

There was a large bed there that could accommodate three people.

I… I\'ll never forgive you.

Arizihana said, looking at Eren with expressions that screamed that she had been wronged.

Eren and Marie were sleeping on either side of him.

The butcher had both his folded arms used as a cushion to rest his head on.

Arizihana\'s voice sounded coquettish to Eren while he was smoking his Sativa Stick.

The three rankers were sleeping in their birthday suits.

Arizihana and Marie had been branded.

Marie had just fallen asleep after she was branded because of the emotional turmoil she was facing before Eren even initiated his Ability.

Arizihana was the only one who could understand what had happened.

She had been overwhelmed by feelings of lust under some external influence.

That led her and Marie to sleep with Eren.

And in a way that made it seem like their lives depended on them being with him.

Marie was snoring a bit as she was sleeping on her stomach.

\'I guess she was never **ed so much her brain would just shut off.\'

Eren chuckled and mushed the halfling\'s exposed buns and slapped them gently before responding to Arizihana.


It doesn\'t matter what you say, you are now loyal to me.

And that should be enough for me.


As he faced Arizihana, Eren spoke.

He threw his smoke away and used his free hand to trace the elf\'s shapely and curvy waistline.

Airzihana wanted to slap Eren\'s hand away from her naked body.

But for some reason, it reacted differently to his touch.

It welcomed his touch and wanted him to continue a while longer.

Eren had to admit that Arizihana Agnoth was a very charming snow elf.

Her snow-like supple skin would turn pink every time his fingers put gentle pressure on it.

The butcher would leave a trace of pink behind every time he latched onto any of her grabbable body parts.

Erne leaned over and kissed Arizihana and the latter was powerless to resist.

Once she felt her desires reawakening, even the resistance in her head melted away.

Eren broke free from the kiss and pulled Arizihana\'s cheeks before commenting.

See You can\'t fool me with your misleading words.

Arizihana didn\'t like that Eren stopped kissing her just when she was getting into the mood.

Eren had already addressed some of her questions related to what had transpired between them.

He also answered some of her more serious questions.

However, he still needs to answer some questions.

One of the good things about Eren\'s soul sense and the connection he shared with Arizihana and Marie was that she didn\'t have to voice her queries.

The butcher knew them as soon as she thought about them.

Hm I don\'t have any problem if you and Marie decide to get cozy with each other.

As long as you could accommodate me in the play when I\'m with you, all fine and dandy.

Eren said and caressed Ari\'s hair.

The latter nodded at her master before asking him another question.

Oh! Do you feel that you have seen me before Haha.

That\'s right.

You have indeed interacted with me before we met in this city.

Eren said and chuckled before lying flat on his back, prompting Arizihana to get on top of him from his right side.

Arizihana\'s puzzled expressions intensified when the confirmation arrived.

Instead of replying verbally, Eren morphed into Ron Damien in front of Arizihana.

Arizihana was shocked by what Eren could do.

And she was even more shocked by who he had changed into.

You… Ron! You were the one who had blackmailed me when I was in the city of Silvermoon.

Arizihana\'s mana signature fluctuated with agitation when she saw Eren had messed up with her long before she knew who he really was.

It looked like the guy had made a habit out of blackmailing and taking advantage of her.

What… what are you guys talking about

Marie woke up from her slumber when she felt Arizihana\'s agitated presence and her shocked and loud voice.

She looked at the man who she was pinning with her body.

The halfling remembered what had taken place between her, Ari, and Eren.

Unlike Arizihana, she quickly made peace with the fact that she had been branded by Eren.

However, the person Arizihana was pinning with her body weight was someone else.

And she knew that person very well by his face.

You… how the **…!

Eren laughed before explaining to the two ladies a bit about his burned identity, Ron Damien.

He only provided them with the information that was relevant to them.

And what happened to those two Adept rankers from Beast Bloods and Illuminati

Marie asked, still processing the shock she had received from Eren.

He waved his hand as if he were squatting a fly before saying casually.


I killed them.

Arizihana and Marie both looked at each other as if they were too stunned to even talk about it.

It took a while for Arizihana to voice what she was thinking.

You have started a war between two large cultist organizations.

Are you aware of that

Marie sighed when she heard the elf\'s question.

She answered the question for Eren.

Of course, this warmonger is aware of what he has done and lowkey proud of it.

We could safely say that this was not the first time him **ing us good.

Ari was visibly angered when she realized how Eren\'s interventions had affected her and Marie\'s lives.

He had basically made them both relocate to a different duchy and start things from scratch.

Ari couldn\'t control herself from biting Eren\'s neck in anger.

Marie chuckled before following her lead, placing a gentle bite on the other side of Eren\'s exposed neck.

Eren couldn\'t help but smile as he allowed both the ladies to try to bite him.

He lowered his natural mana defense layer just enough for their bite to leave a mark.

This was the least he could do to offer them some form of reparation.

He caressed both the ladies\' backs while commenting.

Heh! I\'ll start as many wars as I need to get what I want.

Eren said before engaging himself in another round of carnal play with Arizihana and Marie.

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