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Chapter 796: Slaughter And Absorb

What are you doing here, brat

Rey Remus answered, spreading his mana sense all around him.

Janos did the same.

Still, they both thought that it was highly unlikely that Eren would come to meet them to take care of them.

To kill you of course.

Eren said and smiled.

He was holding two Katars named Diceros.

Alephee had paid extra attention to reforge all his weapons.

Except for his transcendent-grade Labrys, she had revamped all his weapon sets for good.

He didn\'t have to worry about them getting disintegrated in the middle of a fight anymore.

Rey and Janos both glanced at each other before looking at Eren.

They looked around and confirmed that there was nobody else around except for Eren.

the old man started laughing when he realized Eren had come to kill them all on his own.

Old man Rey started laughing, making his colt uncomfortable in the process as it started neighing.

Hahaha! Brat, I didn\'t take you for a comedian.

But you are better than most clowns I\'ve come to see all my life.

Do you even know what you\'re talking about

Jason looked at Eren and again at Rey while the latter was saying all those things.

Eren\'s gaze caused him to feel uneasy for some reason.

It was as if he was being watched by a hungry beast who hasn\'t eaten for a long long time.

Eren didn\'t like to talk much when he was out on a hunt.

Lightning cracked and the ground split.

In the next moment, a fountain of blood erupted.

As soon as Eren\'s lightning-infused Katar sent Purple Reaver point blank, one of the colts died.

Lightning-element flying slashes cut the horse in half vertically.

You are quick on your feet, Rey.

I\'m surprised, to say the least.

That\'s phenomenal agility considering your age.

Eren said and swung his katars around him.

He liked playing with the Diceros set now that it had been upgraded.

The other colt freaked and ran away after realizing what had happened to its brethren beside it.

If it could talk, it would have told three rankers to leave their kind out of their mess.

Rey and Janos appeared a few 20 meters away from their position just when Eren was done cutting the colt in two.

The vertically chopped body parts fell to either side, enabling Eren to see the two opponents appearing at a distance.

Eren had shielded himself with his mana defense layer to prevent any blood on his body.

After his lightning mana converted the colt\'s meat into charcoal, the bleeding stopped.

Brat, are you crazy This is broad daylight.

Eren tilted his head to his side and looked puzzled.

And he asked, looking at Janos as if expecting a better explanation from him.

Janos coughed before answering.

Sir Eren.

I think there\'s been some kind of misunderstanding.

We had only come here to talk.

And the things we were saying were all hypothetical.

You still own White Raven.

I suggest you don\'t do anything to jeopardize your current position.

In response to Janos\'s explanation, Eren disappeared from his position and launched another attack.

This time on Janos.


\'This guy\'s crazy as **.\'

Janos had the random thought before using his space artifact again to get him and Rey out of harm\'s way.

They appear to be at a safe distance from him once again.


That explains it.

Eren carefully observed Janos and Rey figure out how they had managed to escape him.

They had run away from him without any movement spells.

He had seen Janos touch the ring in his right hand\'s middle finger with his thumb.

You… Do you even know what you are doing You are only giving my House a valid excuse to come for you.

We were trying to do things in the shadows.

But here you are.

You\'ve thrown away your most precious chance of survival by attacking us in broad daylight.

If you attack us one more time, then don\'t blame my House for hunting you down out in the open.

The scholarly old man spoke while looking at Eren angrily.

He couldn\'t believe that a brat more than a century younger than him had come to kill him all by himself while Janos was with him.

Rey Remus was in the last stage of the Adept rank himself.

He had run out of potential to break into the next rank.

So after he was sure that there was no way to safely get to the next rank, Rey dedicated his life to the House Remus\' auctioning business.

Although he was old, Rey Remus was confident in standing against Eren because of his class.

It was just that he was out of practice and Eren had caught him off guard.

Rey could also rely on clan member Janos.

He was an Expert ranker in the vapor core state of the C-Rank.

With Janos around, he saw no threat coming from an Adept-ranked Eren.

Eren shrugged his shoulders before answering.

I don\'t know what was so wrong about killing you in broad daylight.

Do you think you\'d feel less pain and frustration at night A kill is a kill.

Nothing more nothing less.

Plus, since we have identified each other as enemies, let\'s **ing act like it, shall we Our diplomacy and politics between us ended when you stepped your wrinkly asses out of my city.


Janos objected to Eren\'s statement.

The latter pursed his lips before correcting his mistake.


when you stepped your wrinkled ass out of my city, Rey.

Janos looked at Eren keenly before shaking his head in disappointment.

Sighing, he said.

I think I overestimated you a bit, Eren.

I thought you could keep your cool the way you handled lord Rey.

Turns out I was wrong.

You are just another youngster who is high on their success.

Do you even know how powerful House Remus is compared to you

Eren didn\'t try to get close to his enemies this time.

He decided to wait for the right time.

Smiling, the butcher responded.

I think you are misunderstanding something.

My decision to kill you guys isn\'t because I\'ve given up on diplomacy.

Or that I let my emotions take over me.

You have a B-Rank summoner, two C-Ranked summoners, and five D-Ranked summoners in your fold, right I want to enter into open hostility with your House because…

Eren smiled graciously before continuing.

Because I want to slaughter and absorb them all.

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