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Chapter 619: Beginning of a Legend

Drin, what do you think Are we making the right choice by coming here

Bianka Bluedust asked Drin with a voice laced with doubt.

Drin was ranked second in the Titus tournament.

So his opinions mattered to them.

Drin Dawn, William Shanks, Lily Geist, Wayne Wilder, Ketsu Hasu, Bianka Bluedust, Ray Rhinehart, and Silvera Rehrook.

All of the top Titus tournament finalists had come to the White Raven to check things out under Tuan\'s suggestion.

They were led by Katalina Reich who seemed to have been already familiar with the place.

Unlike her group, Katalina wasn\'t in doubt about her enrollment into the guild.

She had already joined Eren\'s guild.

Drin looked at Bianka and then the rest of the rankers who seemed to be looking at him as well.

He pursed his lips and started thinking out loud.

Let\'s see.

White Raven potions seem like something you\'d want to keep on hand in case things go south.

The guild seems to have the backing of two famous houses.

Tuan and Katalina have joined the guild and seem to be very pleased with it.

And then there\'s that…

Drin looked in the direction of the guild land that was supposed to feature the entrance to Minerva\'s Utopia.

It was located in a cave that was inside a small hill.

Almost conspicuous.

Yet, now that it had appeared, it would send distinct mana signatures in the vicinity.

And the guild\'s building was within reach.

Ketsu nodded at Drin\'s statements before speaking up.

That\'s right, guys.

Owning a Utopia shouldn\'t be underestimated.

The guild is bound to see a sudden rise to prominence if they make effective use of the resources that they are rewarded with.

A growing guild like this gives us more chances to grow ourselves.

We just have to endure the initial hardships that are part and parcel of being part of a new guild.

Ketsu was walking about a new guild being targeted by established guilds.

This was a common practice to decrease competition.

Even though White Raven was protected by two big houses, this only extended to preventing high-ranking entities from interfering.

Their presence acted as a deterrent against such rankers.

But the two big houses would not normally get into the affairs of Novice and Ace rankers.

So nobody in the Titus group was foolish enough to think that they would only get to have all the benefits by being part of a budding guild.

Kitsu\'s words implied that White Raven members would face challenges in completing their missions if they come across parties of well-established guilds.

But every big and small guild would have rivals of their own.

And risks were everywhere, no matter where one looked.

So Ketsu\'s words didn\'t deter anyone from thinking about joining the guild.

But then there was Silvera who was still unconvinced about something.

There\'s one thing you guys are not paying attention to.

Minerva\'s Utopia and potion manufacturing.

This guild had its hands full dealing with potions and other activities related to it.

Will it be able to focus on normal rankers who are not potioners

Silvera said while speaking softly.

Her silver hair had been tied behind her head.

This question was well-placed and valid.

So almost everyone nodded at the statement.

But then there came a voice opposing it.

This was spelled confidence.

This voice spelled ambition.

Potioneering is a tool for White Raven.

A means to make money.

Our business will never impede our rankers\' growth here.

On the contrary, it would support them.

The group then saw a black-haired young man making his way towards them as he spoke using his voice imbued with mana.

Plus, you will be able to take White Raven potions at a discounted rate.

You will get priority entry into Utopia when we figure out a few things.

I believe these should be enough to make you think favorably about our guild.

Eren said while being led towards Bianka\'s group by Tuan.

This was the guild\'s master that had come to meet them personally.


Katalina rushed in Eren\'s direction as soon as she saw him.

The butcher smiled at her before taking her into his arms the next moment.

What in the world…

Bianka voiced everyone\'s thoughts.

It was the first time they saw Katalina acting cozy with someone other than Tuan.

They were of the impression that she was with him.

Eren didn\'t pay heed to the questioning gazes and reached the group before continuing where he had left off.

White Raven won\'t prepare your path for you, but it will prepare you to walk on it.

Knowing the difference between the two would make the difference.

Eren said and smiled looking at the Titus group.

He had fought with them and against them.

So he personally knew almost each of them.

Eren\'s words struck a chord.

Their meaning was simple and something that highlighted how alone the ranker was in their ranking journey.

Ultimately, it all came down to how well prepared a ranker was for their ranking journey regardless of how many resources were made available to them.

The group members also felt that Eren\'s presence was somehow known to them.

But they couldn\'t put that feeling into words.

Drin and the rest then processed to meet with Tuan who greeted them the way he should.

He had already been briefed by Eren for that.

Eren stayed silent for a bit before being introduced to the group one by one.

Katalina still held his hands in hers.

Eren cleared the remaining doubts of the group by speaking up once more.

The White Raven guild takes its name from a fairy tale legend referring to a mythical beast named White Raven.

They say that it is as large as the sky itself.

And yet, some stories depict it as a regular bird.

Eren chuckled before lighting his Sativa stick.

With his wind-element mana, he shaped a miniature white raven out of his smoke that flapped its wings in front of the group.

The butcher continued to work after marveling at his impromptu art.

The beast is unique even among the mythic tiers because they say that it can control all the elements.

They say that it is so unique that it travels from one world to another.

Without any restrictions placed on it.

An entity that is not bound by one world.

That\'s why the legends depict it as a form of higher existence.

Something that is not understood by common sense.

Eren\'s White Raven flew through the sky before disappearing into thin air before the group.

The butcher sighed and spoke his final words.

Obviously, the guild and I, as its founder, don\'t expect this to be treated as the truth or anything like that.

I just wanted to convey that the guild will remain all-inclusive to rankers of all backgrounds, irrespective of their past.

Legends originate from humble beginnings, just like ours.

So consider this as a prediction.

White Raven guild would one day earn its name.

With or without you, the guild would rise to unprecedented heights.

Now the ball is in your court.

Do you want to be in the spectators\' seat Or do you want to be a part of this process

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