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Platinum Equipment, Attribute Increase

Not only did the 100 Iron Skin Boars give them a lot of experience, but they also gave them all kinds of equipment.

The quality ranged from iron to gold, and the professions ranged from combat professions to support professions, and even lifestyle professions.

“How many do you have” Su Bai ran over and asked Wang Yu.

“58 pieces. What about you” Wang Yu asked after counting.

“70!” Su Bai patted Wang Yus shoulder. “Thats just the number of equipment. It doesnt include the materials dropped by the Iron Skin Boars!”

“Old Wang, youve really struck it rich this time!”

Wang Yu had already given him so much experience. No matter how thick-skinned he was, he was too embarrassed to share Wang Yus equipment.

“So many” Wang Yu was surprised to hear the number.

The drop rate of equipment from killing monsters was completely random. Sometimes, killing dozens of monsters might not even result in a single piece of equipment.

128 pieces of equipment, that was equivalent to one piece of equipment dropped by each Iron Skin Boar!

“Here!” Su Bai put all the equipment in front of Wang Yu and even picked out some.

Wang Yu picked up the equipment and examined it carefully.

[Name: Sunset Ember]

[Class: –]

[Level: 15]

[Rank: Gold]

[Type: Staff]

[Attribute: 300 Magic Power]

[Skill: Fireball]

[Fireball: Summon a fireball to attack the enemy. The fireball will explode when it hits the enemy, causing 1,000 ( 20%) magic damage. [Cooldown time: 10 seconds]]

[Name: Steel Belt]

[Class: –]

[Level: 15]

[Rank: Gold]

[Type: Belt]

[Attributes: 2,000 Health Points]

[Skill: Steel Shield]

[Steel Shield: Congeal a steel shield that can block 2,000 damage. [Cooldown time: 5 minutes]]

[Name: Anti-Magic Dagger]

[Class: Assassin]

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[Level: 15]

[Grade: Platinum]

[Type: Weapon]

[Attributes: 250 Attack, 10% Armor Penetration]

[Skill: Backstab]

[Backstab: When attacking an enemy from behind, an additional 20% damage will be dealt.]

“It actually dropped a platinum equipment” Wang Yu was a little surprised.

It was a pity that this equipment was for Assassins, so they had no use for it.

Ill keep it for a fishing map... Wang Yu thought about it and put the Anti-Magic Dagger into his inventory, while he equipped the Sunset Ember and the Steel Belt.

These two pieces of equipment were not bad either. The Steel Belt could increase his survivability, and the fireball skill that came with the Sunset Ember could allow him to be a mage.

After putting on his equipment, Wang Yu decided to spend all 60 omni points he had gained from reaching Level 16 on constitution, greatly increasing his health.

[Player: Wang Yu]

[Profession: Fishing Master Rank 1]

[Level: 16]

[Basic Attributes: Strength 9, Spirit 10, Constitution 119, Agility 59, Luck 10, Charm 10]

[Combat Attributes: Attack 9, Magic Power 510, Health Points 13,900, Mana Points 700, Defense 0 (Damage Reduction), Movement Speed 13.5 (m/s), Attack Speed 1 (att/s)]

[Equipment: Goblin Ring, Sunset Ember, Steel Belt]

[General Skills: Inspect Lvl 1, Identify Lvl 1]

[Class Skills: Fishing Lvl 1, Ice Body Lvl Max, Ice Army Blade Lvl Max, Frozen Moment Lvl Max, Ice Two-Pronged Spear Lvl Max, Ice Berserk Beak Lvl Max, Ice Path Lvl Max, Frozen Time Capsule Lvl Max, Ice Ball Lvl Max, Frozen Space Lvl Max, Ice Aeon Lvl Max]

[Pet: None]

[Omni Points: 0]

[Skill Points: 10]

Su Bai looked at all of this. He would be lying if he said he wasnt envious.

Wang Yu rummaged through the pile of equipment, picked out two pieces of equipment, and threw them to him.


[Steel Round Shield, Gold-Grade.]

[Armor of Steel, Silver-Grade.]

These two pieces of equipment had good properties and were suitable for Su Bai.

“Old Wang, what are you doing” Su Bai asked.

“This is for you. Just take it as a reward for luring the monsters,” Wang Yu said, waving his hand.

“How can I accept this No!” Su Bai subconsciously wanted to refuse. “You saved me.”

Wang Yu rolled his eyes at him and said, “You dont want it If you dont want it, then give it back.”

Wang Yu pretended to retrieve the two pieces of equipment.

“Then Ill be impolite to refuse!” Su Bai quickly changed his words: “Thank you, Brother Wang. A good person has 108 babies in his life!”

“Have some moral conduct!” Wang Yu looked down on Su Bai.



On the other side, the four men who had escaped from Wang Yu were on their way to G City.

The two middle-aged men spent most of their time in the Extreme Darkness Plains and thought that they were like fish in water.

As for things like robbing and stealing, they were the only ones who could do it. They didnt expect that a wild goose would actually peck them in the eye!

“We cant just let this matter go!” The more the middle-aged warrior thought about it, the angrier he became.

If he didnt take revenge, he wouldnt be able to die in peace!

The two of them had been frozen in the cold wind for an entire night!

Ever since they started cultivating, they had never suffered such humiliation!

“We cant just let it go like this!” The Shield Specialist chimed in.

Hearing that the two of them were going to deal with Wang Yu, Wu Qi and Luo Hongyang looked at each other and were secretly happy.

If the two middle-aged men did not make a move, they really could not do anything to Wang Yu.

“But how should we deal with him” the middle-aged Warrior asked the key question.

Wang Yus attack was too strange, and they were frozen before they could see his movements clearly.

To be able to ignore the huge level gap between him and Wang Yu, no matter how Wang Yu did it, it was not simple.

In fact, they werent even sure if Wang Yu was the one behind all this.

“Invite people! If he enters the city, we wont be able to do anything.”

“Who is it”

“One-Eyed Dragon!” The Shield Specialist slowly spat out a few words.

The One-Eyed Dragon was a professional who spent most of his time outside the city. He was at the peak of Rank 2 and was about to reach Rank 3. He had done many things like blocking the road, robbing, killing, and burying corpses.

The One-Eyed Dragons methods were much stronger than the two of them. Of course, the price was also high.

“How can we have the money to invite him” The Warrior was frustrated.

If they had the money, they wouldnt have to do something like helping little wimps level up, not to mention that Wang Yu had just robbed them of a sum of money.

“Whether its equipment or items, or the fact that he has such an ability as a profession holder, I believe that there must be a lot of curious people.”

“Including the One-Eyed Dragon!”

“And...” The Shield Specialist pouted and looked at Wu Qi and the other man, saying, “You guys are willing to pay for it, right”

Although it was a discussion, his tone was not so kind.

“And the losses of us brothers!” the middle-aged Warrior added.

Luo Hongyang cursed in his heart.If the two of you had not acted on your own accord and tried to snatch their camp, would Wang Yu have to deal with us like this

He was just about to say something when Wu Qi spoke first. “No problem!”

He wasnt stupid. Now that the enemy was stronger and he was weaker, if he didnt satisfy these two peoples requests, even if his life wasnt in danger, he would inevitably suffer.

After all, they had a stomach full of anger.

Besides, if he could teach Wang Yu a lesson by spending some money, it would be worth it!

Just as the four of them were thinking about how to capture Wang Yu and deal with him, they crossed a mountain.

Then, they saw the most unforgettable scene in their lives.

Dozens of Goblin Tribes were gathered together. After hearing their movements, they all looked over!

A rough estimate showed that there were at least a few hundred Goblins staring at them!

And they were currently unarmed...

The four of them couldnt help but have the same thought at the same time.

Im finished...



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