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A New Dungeon Appears, And the Crowd Gathered

Wang Yu and Su Bai packed up their loot, got up, and went to join the team of No. 1 High School.

After they had advanced for about ten minutes, an unforeseen event occurred!

Behind them, a huge pillar of light shot into the sky. The dazzling light illuminated the entire night sky, dyeing the entire sky with a bright red!

“Whats going on” Looking at the huge light beam, Su Bai was dumbfounded. “Are there high-grade professionals fighting”

“No!” Wang Yus face was solemn. As the top student of No. 1 High School, he had a wide range of knowledge. He recognized what it was at first glance.

“What is it” Su Bai was also confused.

“Strange phenomenon! Its the sign of a new dungeon!” Wang Yu explained.

“A new dungeon” Hearing that, Su Bais breathing became heavy.

There were two ways for professionals to farm monsters – instance dungeons and monsters in the wild.

Among them, the resources in dungeons were much more than the monsters in the wild.

Whether it was the number of equipment, quality, or the probability of rare items dropping, they had all increased by a large margin.

The first clear of a dungeon would be when the resources of the dungeon were the most abundant!

There were many powerful skills and items on the market that were dropped when the dungeon was first cleared!

There might even be a rare class advancement certificate!

Hence, once a new instance dungeon appeared, it would definitely attract a large number of professionals.

“No wonder there are so many Iron Skin Boars moving there like crazy. It turns out that they have sensed the arrival of the dungeon in advance!” Su Bai suddenly realized.

“The entire Extreme Darkness Plains must have seen such a huge commotion,” he said to Wang Yu. “Im guessing the people of G City must have noticed it as well.”

“Itll definitely attract a large number of professionals. Should we go and join in the fun”

Su Bais words revealed his eagerness to try.

New instance dungeons meant a lot of resources, and it was also very dangerous. That was what Su Bai was worried about.

The new instance wasnt like the old dungeons that had already been cleared.

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In old instance dungeons, the mechanisms, monsters, and environment had all been explored by others, so they could know what to pay attention to in advance.

In a new instance dungeon, all of this was unknown.

Therefore, the slightest mistake or encountering any new mechanism would put them in great danger!

If there was no Rank 6 Priest to cast the Resurrection spell, then death would be true death!

“Go!” Wang Yu nodded.

He had been worried about not having a place to farm for high-level equipment, and now, a pillow had appeared.

The location of the light beam was at the border between the Goblin Tribe and the Iron Skin Boar Tribe. It was more than five kilometers away from the two of them. The two of them ran wildly and reached the place in a short while.

Along the way, they also encountered many monsters with the same purpose as them.

The strange thing was that they didnt attack each other, and were very harmonious.

Only after they entered did the two of them realize how thick the light pillar was. Wang Yu roughly estimated that it was no less than five meters!

Assassins. The periphery of the light pillar was already packed with demons. There were Goblins, Aardwolves, Iron Skin Boars, Green-Feathered Eagles, Dark Ring Earth Dragons...

These monsters had surrounded the light pillar and were greedily absorbing the light emitted by the light pillar.

There were two teams of professionals outside the monsters.

It seemed that they were not the first people to arrive here, and there would be more and more in the future.

“What do we do” Su Bai asked Wang Yu. With so many monsters, if they were to charge in, they wouldnt be able to pass the dungeon in good condition.

While they were talking, the other two teams had already moved.

The first team consisted of two Assassins, one old and one young. After turning invisible, the monsters couldnt find them at all, and the two of them swam in like fish.

The other team was simple and brutal. Two middle-aged men lifted two young girls on their shoulders and stepped on the heads of the monsters, hopping into the dungeon.

Each step landed on the head of a monster, and before the monster could react, they jumped away.

Su Bai was about to do the same, but before he could jump up, Wang Yu pulled him down.

“What level are you at” Wang Yu glared at Su Bai.

The two middle-aged men were Rank 2 experts. Even if they stepped on air and fell into the pile of monsters, they would be fine. The monsters would not be able to do anything to them for a while.

But Su Bai was only Level 15. With so many monsters, even if he was a tank, he could be torn apart in a moment.

“Then what do we do” Su Bai asked. After Wang Yus reminder, he also realized what was wrong.

Ice Path!

Wang Yu stomped his feet and two lines of ice appeared under his feet. They quickly spread toward the light pillar.

Along the way, all the monsters that it touched were frozen!

The monsters beside them were so shocked that they immediately retreated. A passage appeared in front of them.

“Lets go!” Wang Yu said and rushed out of the tunnel, followed by Su Bai.

The two of them walked past, and the ice path melted instantly. The path was quickly filled with monsters that surged up, as if nothing had appeared.

Under the light pillar, there was an empty space in the circle of monsters.

Wang Yu noticed that other than the two teams from before, there was also a chubby little boy waiting below.

“Theres a newcomer again!” The little fatty chuckled.


Wang Yu found a place to stand. At this time, the most dangerous thing was not the monsters outside.

Instead, it was the human professional in front of him.

“This is a Level 15 four-man dungeon.” Seeing that no one was speaking, little fatty took the initiative to speak.

“A word of warning,” he said, “theres already a group of people who went in before you.”

“I saw it with my own eyes. As for whether there are others, I dont know.”

“So, for every minute we delay, the probability of them getting the first clear will be higher.”

Wang Yu used his detection skill on the light pillar, and the information was just as the little fatty had said.

[Name: Dark Old Forest]

[Level: 15]

[Difficulty: Hell]

[Limit: 4 people]


This was a Level 15 dungeon, and it looked like an old forest.

A Level 15 dungeon meant that the first four players to clear it had to be above Level 15 and below Level 20.

After the dungeon was cleared, there were no such restrictions.

There was nothing much to say about the difficulty. The instance dungeons difficulty was divided into four levels: easy, hard, nightmare, and hell.

The first clear of an instance dungeon would definitely be the most difficult, hell mode. This was also the reason why new instance dungeons were very dangerous.

The problem was the number of people.

Since there was a limit of four people, only four people could enter.

In other words, Wang Yu still needed two more teammates.

On the other side, the four-man group that had just come in had a short discussion. Then, a middle-aged man walked out of the open space with a little girl. Their target was the monsters that had gathered.

Everyone was confused at first, but after seeing her level, they came to a realization.

She was only Level 13.

Level 13 was not the minimum requirement to enter the dungeon.

“There are only five of us left now,” the little fatty said as he looked around.

“In order to better cooperate in the instance dungeon, I think it is necessary to let each other know their classes.”

“To show my sincerity, Ill go first! Wu Haoyan, Light Priest, Level 15!” the little fatty said.

“Weng Lianxue, Elementalist, Level 15.” The one who spoke was the only girl in the room.

“Cheng Zhi, Assassin, Level 15.” This was one of the two Assassins who had entered stealthily.

“Su Bai, Earth Shield Bearer, Level 15,” Su Bai said.

Wang Yu was the only one left.

Under everyones gaze, Wang Yu slowly said something that surprised everyone, “Wang Yu, Fishing Master, Level 16!”



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